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    posted a message on Add space dimension?

    It already has the space dimension, it's called the End. Awful topic.

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    posted a message on The issue with phantoms

    LAYING down in a bed at night is enough to reset the phantoms clock. You don't have to pass the night on a server.

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    posted a message on Random Mobs Add-on

    Resource Pack Download

    Features: This add-on utilizes many different skins either personally made, or edited/taken from Nova Skin. The random mobs are possible with features from the latest Optifine, including biome specific mobs. Just add it to the top of your Selected Resource Packs and it will work with any other texture pack. Make sure Random Mobs are turned on in your options, under the quality tab.

    List of mob supported:


    1 Bear

    7 Cows (1 Mooshroom)

    11 Chickens

    2 Pigs

    3 Bats

    1 Squid

    52 Villagers


    26 Slime

    9 Endermen

    40 Creepers

    22 Skeleton (5 Wither Skeletons)

    16 Spiders

    75 Zombie

    6 Guardian

    4 Witch

    8 Blaze

    12 Zombie Pigmen








    Desert Biome Slimes: Mummy Slime, Sand Slime, Cactus Slime


    Swamp Slimes: Leaf Slimes, Mushroom Slimes

    Leaf Slime

    Icy Endermen: Found in Cold Biomes

    Desert Endermen:

    When a pig get struck by lightning it turns into a Zombie Pigman. So what happens to wolves or cows? Duh! Werewolves and Minotaurs, that's what!

    Zombie werewolves: Found in Forest, Taiga, Cold Taiga, Cold Taiga M, and Mega Taiga


    Zombie Minotaurs: Found in Birch Forest Hills M, Birch Forest Hills, Savanna, Extreme Hills Edge


    What other nasty creatures can be found? How bout the nasty reptiles of the swamp?

    Gator Zombies and Skeletons:

    Desert Biome mobs: Mummys, Pharaohs, Undead Pirates, and other scary monsters.

    Nether mobs:

    The Devil

    Plenty of other overworld mobs like Snowy Biome Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons. Slimes that look like Melon and Pumpkin Blocks. Skeletons that look like Robin/Link, and more, like lots of different villagers.

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Does optifine allow a different gui for each color shulker box?

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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)
    Quote from KazunariAkito»

    Seems like we're getting parrots

    Great! They can join the Useless mobs wing of my museum with Bats, Llamas and Polar Bears.
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    posted a message on Update the Villager Trades

    New items come out and instantly become completely irrelevant in villager trading because it's ignored by developers. They also overlooked some obvious trades from old items too when they added new professions.


    Add a Beetroot for Emerald trade

    Add Poisonous Potatoes (3-8) for Splash Potion of Poison trade

    Add Bucket of Water for Emerald trade


    Add a buy Prismarine Block trade

    Add a buy Sea Lantern trade

    Add a buy Pufferfish trade

    Add Prismarine Shard (15-22) for Emerald trade

    Add a Clownfish for Emerald trade


    Add a buy Tipped Arrow of slowness trade

    Add a Feathers (14-18) for Emerald trade

    Add a buy random Tipped Arrow trade


    Add a buy White Banner trade

    Add a buy Black Banner trade

    Add a buy Bed trade


    Add a buy Armor Stand trade

    Add a buy Shield trade (with possibility of having random pattern?)

    Add Bucket of Lava for Emerald trade


    Add a buy Item Frame trade

    Add a Rabbit Hide for Emerald trade


    Add a Raw Mutton trade for Emerald trade

    Add a Raw Rabbit trade for Emerald trade


    Add Spider Edd for Emerald trade

    **New Brown coat Profession**


    Tier 1

    Buys String (15-20) for Emerald

    Buys Bone Meal (36-40) for Emerald

    Sells Flower Pot (1-3) for Emerald

    Tier 2

    Buys Fern (15-19) for Emerald

    Buys Cactus (15-21) for Emerald

    Sells Sunflower (1-3) for Emerald

    Sells Lilac (1-3) for Emerald

    Sells Peony (1-3) for Emerald

    Tier 3

    Buys Poppy (36-40) for Emerald

    Buys Chorus Plant (16-24) for Emerald

    Sells Orange Tulip (1-3) for Emerald

    Sells Pink Tulip (1-3) for Emerald

    Sells White Tulip (1-3) for Emerald

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union
    Quote from AmazingMCza»

    So I've been playing around with the path blocks, and I haven't seen many people's attempts at the new block.

    This is what I've got :)


    My idea is to make the path block a 3D model so the pebbles are flush with the ground and the surrounding path is recessed. It would like similar to this photo, except the grass part would be lowered, instead of the stone bits raised.

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    posted a message on WAY TO OP SKELETONS IN MINECRAFT 1.9

    If the goal of the update was to make things harder, I wish they would just make all these combat changes for the Hard difficulty instead of forcing everyone to deal with this nonsense.

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    posted a message on Models changing colors with biome
    Quote from KnightMiner748»

    Any faces that you want biome shading on need to have the tag "tintindex": 1 added.

    So if you remove the tintindex from the leaves.json, you won't have to worry about editing the foliage colormap?

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    posted a message on [Resource Pack Request] Decaying Swords!!

    I heard this bad idea may be an upcoming 1.9 feature.

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