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    Hey guys, here is a project that has been revived by one of the staff. He started it a while ago, and I am now helping him finish it. We may use it as a survival-games map in the future - that would be interesting. Mainly we have to finish the interior, which is the frustrating, time consuming part.

    If you would like to play on my server with this build, here is the server thread with the IP address on it.

    Feel free to join, we would appreciate you, as we are just getting off of the ground. We will also need testers for the survivalgames on this build so we can change/remove/add things as needed!

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    posted a message on Would Gun Control even help?
    Quote from Chapatrap

    Gun control WILL help. Why?

    In the UK, we have fairly strict Gun Laws. You have to register, mental health checks, etc. You can't just walk into a shop and buy a gun.

    You know how many people were shot with handguns last year compared to the US?


    I think this sums it up.

    I can agree with Americans on most things but when Gun Laws are brought up, you all get very stubborn. Why is that?

    I am completely fine with more background checks and mental health checks, but guns should not be outlawed. They were originally intended for the mentally stable, law abiding citizen. People will obviously obtain guns illegally, yes. But with more trusted, sane people armed with guns, they would do much less damage I believe.
    Quote from HempKnight

    Tobacco has only one purpose, to kill, albeit in less direct way.

    Oh lordy is this guy crazy.
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    Quote from Rustex_The_Great

    Other games have a whole team of professionals, not just 2 people. Thats why Minecraft isn't finished yet. Also, please, please dont post sentences like that. It makes people who understand just how bad the current gen. is very, very angry.

    Oh my god does it get on my nerves when people bring up this sort of thing. Minecraft is an INDIE game. You do not NEED to have a force of 200 people to work on it. The amount of people working on Minecraft, whether it be ten or only one, is just fine.

    As was said in the Minecraft documentary, after you get over twenty or so people working on a game, you have to hire another LAYER of people to almost look over, or supervise that layer. Then, it becomes messy.

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    posted a message on A better system for placing logs?
    Quote from Mulan15262

    How about the direction of the log being perpendicular to the surface it was placed on?

    That's also a very good idea. Thanks for posting it.

    Much better than the current system
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    posted a message on A better system for placing logs?
    I dont know if im the only person having an issue with this, but its extremely annoying.

    With the current way you place logs, its hard to place them vertically unless you are directly above them.

    I have a problem with this because it takes an unnecessary amount of time to place multiple vertical logs in a horizontal line.

    My proposal to fix this is to be able to set the orientation of the logs to make every log after be placed in that fashion. You could place a log, and right click with your fist to rotate it into the direction you want, then every log (until you change it) will be automatically placed in that specific orientation.

    I think that will will be a much better system, and will allow for faster placement of logs in a specific direction, and it wont be too difficult to operate, since you can just rotate a block you need, then every block after will be in that direction also.

    Thanks, and I hope you guys like my idea!
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    posted a message on I need some megabuild ideas!
    Build a real life city, like Rome, or LA.

    Build Yellowstone National Park.

    Build a video game stage/level.

    Build a functional computer

    Build a nude sculpture of yourself, exaggerating the size of your private parts ten fold

    Build minecraft

    Build what you think you looked like in the womb

    Build what you think you would look like if you were a dead fetus in a china man's soup bowl.
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    posted a message on How 1.8 has affect my views of Mojang
    "Notch is "taking a break" (as if he hasn't had enough) from Minecraft"

    "This man has gotten *RICH* off of an incomplete game and is not only content to just let it putter along while the money keeps pouring in, he's trying to figure out ways to make MORE money from it."

    If you have ever read Notch's blog, he states that Making games isnt a JOB for him, its a hobby. Honestly, he just wants to make games, as do I. He wants to make people happy, yes. But he also wants to satisfy his own craving to make a game.

    You also criticize the fact that he participated in the Ludum's Dare. Just let him have his fun. The way you are criticizing him is like this;

    You like to fly kites, but you also make kites for people. You take some breaks from making kites(even though it isnt a JOB, its a hobby, and you enjoy doing it.) to go fly some kites for a bit. When you get back, people are criticizing you for having fun doing your own thing, because they are selfish and only want you to do things for them.

    Lay off the guy, he makes games for fun. Let him enjoy his life.

    And BTW, if you dont like the way 1.8(or any update/feature/problem with minecraft) is folding out, you cant do much about it, because you've already bought the game.

    Again, let him live his own frigging life and stop bitching at him for doing something he loves.
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    Yeah.. Square wheels. Sounds fun.
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