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    Quote from Crazshamo

    Im sorry but I'm lazy. Can you please put up a TLDR?

    more then half of the modders here are stuck up their own asses, threaten legal actions they cannot make, claim legal rights they do not have, are self absorbed attention whores, and use all of forementioned to break this community apart, and make it nearly inacessible due to an elitist view.

    Im saddened because I know this is why the modding community will be held still, Im saddened because of the things modders have said to others while on their high horses. The few shining examples of good modders, good community members, and generally mature contributors, is ignored in favor of blame throwing, obsession with stupid copyright ­ that doesn't exist or even really being infringed apon if it were, and above all else, used as the main means of starting ­storms and arguements with each other.

    Theres alot of good mods out there. ITs just a shame most of the makers will find any reason to ­ and moan to bring the spotlight to them, an endless drama of ­ that has utterly ruined this game for me, I just can't come back to all these beautiful mods because Ihate to see the drama attached to it. Was fun when it was minimal. Toodles.
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    posted a message on A statement to, and a request of, the modding community.
    (Note to Moderators: If theres anything wrong language wise thats bannable, I can only ask that you edit them/star them out. I know thats not really my place to ask, nor is it something you're keen to doing, but this something I feel strongly about, and something I feel everyone needs to hear. At the very least, if your going to kick me for anything, fix whats wrong and lock the topic. Leave it here for people to read, or link to, which I can only hope someone does.)

    For a long time, I've been playing minecraft hitting it off and on. Its a fun game, but it gets dull. Modding has made it last so much longer for not only me, but my friends. I will admit, I got into mods through technic; but at the time of discovering it, it had no server. So, I had to mod the server my self, and then add the mods in myself for my friends, who just aren't that technically inclined to do so. It was fun, real fun; I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the mods, we all did. It got easier when there was a way for my freinds to install things easier via the modpack. Modpacks of all sorts help friends be sure they're running the same thing.

    some of you can guess where this topic is going, but I beg you, to read everything before you walk away.

    Fast forward to today. I haven't touched minecraft in at least a year, and a few times I've thought about it, but my stomach wrenches every single time I start looking at the mods. Are they bad? Not at all, theres alot of creative stuff here; brilliant I would say. What disgusts me so very deeply and makes me sad to heart, is how the modding community acts. When did we lose ourselves? When did pride devouring our spirit, desire consume our souls, leaving nothing but a husk of self-entitlement and witchhunts for "copyright"? I hate to break it to everyone, but saying copyright doesn't make anything copyright. Theres a legal process behind that. And more importantly, Copyright is there to protect, -NOT- harass, thats a whole other can of worms though that I haven't the desire nor will to open up.

    Where I am going with this, is this community kills itself. Might not look it now, but it going to. Elitism has alienated the less technically inclined, self-entitlement and people getting so anal over "permissions" and "copyright" that we'd destroy ourselves over it, that we'd deny anything, any attempt to make modding acessible to everyone; because like it or not, everyone deserves to get a taste of the great things the minecraft modding community has made. I would say thats what most modmakers would want anyways, yes? That brings me to my next point.

    Why did you make a mod? You don't make money off it, at least, you don't make much if you do at all. Thats not why you made it, and everyone knows that. I can't code, but I have something myself I offer to the world, and I dedicate alot of my time to it. I can't speak from experience, but it seems mod makers do it for the same reason I do it. Its expression. Its a calling, its a sort of knowing of your role, as an actor in the grand stage of life. Some may not understand that. Some may argue against it. But I know those of you who dedicate so much time into mods know exactly what I am talking about. I know you also hate to have your work sullied, to have it smeared or abused. But this copyright whoring, this, this travesty over trivial things, is not smearing. Half of the mod makers here don't have time to go through all there pms to check for mod packs. To go out of your way to deny packs, or really any method of getting mods to the community is horrible. Its downright horrible.

    Forge is a great example in both ways. Firstly, it did the right thing to begin with. It made a the modding community come TOGETHER, instead of SEPERATING itself. the whole thing with forge and bukkit is quite the opposite; just another example of this community having way too much pride, and all sides calling the other side bad and wrong. Immature children screaming at each other. Is it offensive to you to read this? You might want to ask why.

    An authors wishes should be respected. I will never, say they should not. An author should make reasonable wishes to be respected, if they're going to give something to the community. I would understand, if you had given this to a handful of freinds, and then one goes to release it, and gives all credit to you. But when everyone can acess it anyways, people are still recognizing you(This part saddens me, credit is important but it seems almost attention ***** level the way some mod authors have tantrumed) and nothing really changes besides someone making something available.

    Mod authors, technic people, mod enthusiasts, mod pack makers, everyone who even uses the word copyright when dealing with mods...

    Stop killing your own community, stop being so arrogantly prideful, show some damn humility. Apologize when you make a mistake or overreact. Accept an apology when someone else does the same. Be jolly, be happy, lets make this community a community and not a ­-flinging contest over who has the best circlejerk.

    Some closing statements I'd like to make, before you reply or leave this thread;

    Not all mod authors are bad. not all of the community is bad. Theres some I like alot, personally.This is the majority, everytime I come back, something dramatics goin' on.

    I don't think mod authors should be background. I don't think they are bad for wanting credit. I think some of them are bad because they destroy so much for recognition they already get.

    Any posts here should be about the topic at hand, I most likely won't be responding. I don't care to retort. That's just feeding the beast that gnaws at the inside of this community.
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    posted a message on 1.9 server not working. Any Solutions?
    Quote from PlaidMustache

    this is gonna sound dumb but i dont know if your smart or not but are you using a bat file to launch it...

    Not. Using a jar. At least, Im sure its a jar.
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    posted a message on 1.9 server not working. Any Solutions?
    I have pretty much ran this entire thing fresh, I moved everything off the server and made a fresh install. Is this a common problem? Do some servers have issues running the current pre release? Thanks in advanced.
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    posted a message on 1.9 server not working. Any Solutions?
    Quote from Jordan9980

    Mine is stuck on the update screen, is it like this for you too?

    Server, not client.
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    posted a message on 1.9 server not working. Any Solutions?
    Hi, I just cleared everything to make a fresh install after backing it all up, for 1.9, and its still not working. Any help folks?
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    Quote from steelfeathers

    This is a very presumptuous and ignorant rant.

    If you had made your own pack and/or used adfly (which you obviously have not), you would realize that even the most popular packs are only generating pocket change. I can't think of anyone who would create an entire Union in order to protect $0.18, but hey, maybe that's someone's cup of tea. Not ours, though, which you would have realized had you bothered to read the many pages of this thread (which, again, you obviously did not). 98% of the content here relates to art and its betterment, not on how to get more money, and certainly on not how to get more money and use it for something other than supporting art.

    Secondly, many of the artists' whose work we are protecting do not use any means of money collection. Yet obviously we still strive to secure their freedom from piracy and plagiarism. Why? Because the Union is about standing up for the rights of the artist, whether that be the right to not have their textures copied and pasted somewhere else or the right not to have someone else use adfly on their pack.

    Please kindly keep your opinions to yourself in the future until you have some legitimate basis for them besides the desire to troll.

    Out of all the responses, I am impressed that someone whose trying to head this organization of artists is so offensive. Instead of discussing things, we'd rather come right out calling me ignorant, and end with calling me a troll. Thats not very nice.

    Then we open with "You don't know anything because you haven't done it" routine. My points still stand, and I find it strange you open straight up about adfly, and its monentary gains being low.

    Im all for artistic protection. I believe that this section should have community picked moderators, because such a task of reviewing these would be not something the current team could do, not in a million years. They need far more people.

    Just because I have no avatar, just because I have no links, no texture pack, doesn't mean I don't know the value of artwork.

    But if you want to convince me that it isn't based on adfly, which is a point in the OP, then you'll have to show me the value of who you are. comming out responding to any critism with insults, only further turns me away and makes me question this whole scheme.

    It should also be noted that in a union, its not the workers motives that should be questioned, rather the leaders.
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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union
    The only real reason this exists is when adfly was discovered. It went from making texture packs to making money.

    Doesn't it irk you? Doesn't it make you wonder? Im all for respecting rights, and respecting an artists work, but after reading the OP, I am well aware that is not the goal of this group. The primary goal is to make sure adfly revenue goes to the author above all else.

    I like the asking for donations, when running a website really isn't all that expensive, espically for a smaller community as the texturers. Personally, I just seem another scam, like a million others. I also like the communist imagery, dispite communist having no apperent point in this.

    All in all, its about the money. This group will petition this forum to hell and back, as long as it results in higher revenue.

    At first, I thought adfly was nice, a little way to give back to someone for giving me something. But now? Now its just a tool, to make money. This "Union", as it calls itself, isn't around to protect art, just protect money.

    Im all for making money, but I really don't think Im for a group of people petitioning and trying to seize control of one section of the forums, for it.
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    posted a message on GIANT MUSHROOM = too easy?
    I'd like to harvest mushroom blocks, but in all honnesty, I believe soup just needs a nerf. Theres no need for it to be the best food in the game anymore
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    posted a message on Please remove EXP until its properly implemented
    Quote from Hanz Ketchup

    There's no reason for it to be there at the moment, true.
    However, there's also no reason to remove it at this point.

    You missed the part about it crashing servers like mad
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    posted a message on Mac OS X 10.5 Crash
    Quote from Nueheart

    All i know is that if this doesnt get fixed i WILL get refunded..Not trying to complain but this..this is stupid!

    A) Your not getting a refund, thats not how it works
    :cool.gif: You should be asking for a refund for your Mac
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    posted a message on Exp Orbs are Out Of CONTROL
    Quote from Microbots

    I don't know how, but Jeb actually fixed this

    the orbs are now stacked in groups of prime numbers

    Apperently not, because I'm still having this issue.
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    posted a message on Expierence Orbs causing massive lag in the server.
    Currently having severe problems on my freindly little server, not a really big server, but its affordable and its for freinds.

    Does anyone have any solutions to how when someone dies to grinds the everyone nearby to a grinding hault?

    Does anyone else have this problem?
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    posted a message on Thank A Moderator Week!
    Thank you, Sabbykat, for cleaning the 1.8 boards. I see the error in my ways, and can't wait to see the future.
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    posted a message on I think a mod got hacked
    Quote from SabbyKat

    I'm still here and quite fine. You'd be surprised how much praise I received via pm over my deeds last night (though it did get silly - I had no time to post why I was doing this for real, as it was flooding so damn fast >.<)

    'No one follows the rules, so why enforce them?'

    Brilliant logic there, *golfclap*

    The Rules will be enforced. Abusers will be punished. Those who defy, and rally under a fake sign of rebellion will be swept aside.

    The rules are there for a reason, to keep structure, peace, and civility. I, like other Moderators, will not stand by and watch order turn into Anarchy. Some may fear the flames of hatred, but I embrace them, and will continue to push through them until Peace and order is restored. :smile.gif:


    Yes, I Stalked Angel here as i knew he was going to cause trouble, and I thought best to defend myself rather then let others sit there confused and pondering of the truth. :smile.gif:

    Tsk tsk, its not nice to stalk.

    Shame on you, being so adamant about rules you've broken, like harassment, and duplicate threads, sorry to be causin' trouble, just not the type to get pushed 'round.

    Nice rounding my statement up into a general statement. Pretty kind of ye.

    Takin' it a bit seriously aren't we? Flames of hatred? Rebellion? This isn't D&D, thats sunday nights. This my freind is real life, and moderation is no joke.

    Also, if Im going to be your pet project and stalked, at least refer to me correct. The name's Dusk, snowflake.
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