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    Quote from SeaWarrior

    To what expansion/part/something do those belong then?
    BTW. Can't say enough how much I love the blocks :D

    They are a part of the machines module.

    Quote from sondrex76

    will xycraft come out for minecraft 1.4.2,1.4.4 or 1.4.5, i hope it will be 1.4.2 so i can have the cool blocks there :)

    It will not be out for 1.4.2.
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    Quote from Bellaabzug21

    That... is amazing, what mod is the tank that holds the liquid from, is that from xycraft? Or some other mod that i'm not yet familiar with, because it looks awesome!

    The tanks are from Railcraft (http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Iron Tank (Device) and http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Download (Info))

    Quote from GrammieFi

    Liquid dyes? Hmm. Will we be able to turn them into vanilla dyes? Or will other mods be able to use these in place of vanilla dyes? Because that would be awesome!

    Plus, pretty.

    They will will be able to be put into place of the vanilla dyes in recipes. If you know of the oredictionary, it works like that.

    Quote from SeaWarrior

    Does that mean that gauntlets and energy and the engineering table are not in the release?
    I'm really looking forward to seeing those in my own minecraft :D .
    The blocks are SO COOL!

    Gauntlets, energy, and the engineering table will NOT be in the release. They will be out when they are ready.
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    Hey guys, Andrew2448 here (PR man and beta tester :D ) Its been a while since we have checked our the forums here so im going to answer some questions and give some spoilers at the end of this post.
    Quote from ColeTheQuibbler

    Hello. I was wondering if once the mod (Or at least the Core and Worldgeneration) if I could test this on my Modpack that will be a hosted server soon. I currently have almost all the Mods that Direwolf20 has and a few more. I have already made the server-side files and the client. I also have an installer.jar that will safely and easily install the mods. This pack is 1.3.2 and I was wondering if you could hand me the Xycraft files to test on server and also on single player. Please Message me with any problems/issues. Thanks :D

    When released, no modpacks will be allowed except for the FTB pack (http://www.feed-the-beast.com/) Sorry!
    Quote from Bwblazerkid

    :( i hope we get an ore release by the time the FTB pack comes out, Gotta have this one my server. Well, I could always use mystcraft.....
    Looks freaking AMAZING!!!

    Very soon now! :)
    Quote from MackieDrew

    Hello, I understand that it takes time to produce your mod, and I am in no way suggesting you should hurry, or compromise quality. However, I would like to incorporate this mod into my server. The issue is that I would like to run the server now, I am however, forced to wait for your world generation to be out so that my chunks are up to date.

    Would you be at all willing to just release a preliminary mod that will just prime worlds for the generation? The ores don't need to do anything, or even need textures. Thanks, I am looking forward to your mod regardless.

    Again, very soon now! :) Also please note that when released, you are not allowed to distribute the mod yourself to your server players, they must go download the mod itself. No packs!
    Quote from jte132

    you should realease the world gen so we can generate the stuff and use he bricks been dieing to use those they are soo awesome

    Again very soon!
    Quote from reignofpain

    Soaryn, i was wondering how your 19 liquids are coming along? I also have a few questions about them, what would they be used for and will they look amazing like all of your other blocks?

    Done... see below :)

    And now the spoilers:
    First off: 19 new liquids :) . 16 of which are liquid dyes, which will essentially eventually be renewable dyes. No more flower searching. The other three are nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, and primer. Primer will eventually be used in the creation of said liquids:

    Also, here is everything that SHOULD be in the first release coming soon :) (Structures come from the liquid dyes):

    I'll try to check this thread quite often for the next couple of days so if you have any questions, ask away!
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    Quote from SgtMathias

    ZPM like Zero Point Module from Stargate Atlantis? :D

    Exactly :)
    Quote from bking1138

    Watched Ep. 11 of Direwolf20's Season 3 server LP where you two were discussing the ways to work with corn.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to craft corn into seeds (since the kernels are the seeds) and then smelting corn in the furnace gets you cooked corn, and cooking the seeds gets you popcorn? Of course, you could cook the corn in a cauldron to get cooked corn (right click on a cauldron with a corn ear?), then you could use the furnace to get popcorn.

    And just so you don't think I am only here to pick nits, I do want to say that I really like where you are going with Xycraft, looks excellent so far.

    Getting a little corny eh?
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    Quote from JoachimVampire

    well this could be hard to explain.. :\

    looking at this picture:

    why are these power nets "blue" and "red" ? i mean, this is purely aesthetical purpose?

    if no:

    why? *-*

    if yes:

    the machines can detect (with some upgrade or the base one) the color of the nets?
    can this color affect items?
    can be used for make this suggestion alive?

    The different colors represent the amount of power going through. Blues are low voltage, purples are medium voltage, reds are high voltage. When you connect different types of voltages together, you get the color blending that you can see in that picture.
    Quote from okok111

    I'd love to try this out. Are there any beta/alpha tester spots left?

    Unfortunately no.
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    Quote from NLZ

    Do you have a list with the features already implemented?

    World Gen -
    - Xychorium Ores (Blue, Red, Green, Light, Dark)
    - Xychorium gems and bars
    - Aluminium Ore
    - Crystals
    Decoration -
    - Xychorium Blocks
    - Xychorium Plates
    - Sulfur Torches (Also sulfur goo which drops from these torches, can be used as bonemeal or red dye)
    Plants and Food -
    - Corn Seeds (Kernels)
    - Henequen Seeds
    - Corn plants, and corn food
    - Henequen leafs (not edible)
    - Popcorn (Corn in furnace)
    - Bread and Toast
    Tools -
    - Gauntlet
    - Xyenergy tool (debug energynet tool)
    - ZPM (energy storage)
    - Variant armor (full set)
    Machines -
    - Upgrade system using engineering table
    - Crusher, not used yet
    - Energy net parts (posts, relays, cores, refer to album - http://imgur.com/a/Fi33g)
    - About 10-15 planned machines
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    There will be no beta, only to be released when it is ready.
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    Quote from chezzjoe

    have fhought about a sword that changes depending on the gem

    If you give me some more details about this idea I will mention it to him.
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    Quote from Pelirow

    For people who follow the live streams: do you know what exactly the goal is with these energy nets/power systems? They look neat and all, but I still have no clue what they're supposed to accomplish other than being nice and shiny. The only use I've been able to see is for mob/player traps since I managed to see parts of a video that had that. But otherwise everything I've seen is just throwing down those orbs and connecting them without any real idea of how power is typically supposed to be supplied and for what purpose (they were using a debug tool to power the orbs from what I saw).

    I can't follow any audio commentary, so if things were explained verbally, some tidbits on the mechanics of the mod would be appreciated.

    There are currently 10-15 machines in progress that will use the power/supply the power from the power network. Just wait and see :)
    Quote from BCSNIPERSHOT

    Hey, I have a idea for a armor system, allow us to make a base suit (no special property's) then allow us to "install upgrades" to it, so that I can (for example) use a industrialcraft jetpack, redmatter boots, a void ingot chest plate, and a xycraft leggings with a faster running modgule, and a extra energy storage modgule.

    Already done.
    Quote from kol999

    Hello there, Soaryn.
    I am a quite good coder, and would like to join you in developement of XyCraft!
    I was bored lately, and i didn't have ideas to implement in minecraft....
    I can do lots of cool things, like GUI's, 3D rendering, good, expandable APIs, different crafting systems and NPCs!
    And i made an .obj loader for minecraft! It can load .obj models from resources folder, and render them.

    A model, loaded from .obj:

    A mod made by me(I stoped developing it, because it became borring.):

    Sorry for bad english, i am from Russia.

    Currently Soaryn does not need any new coders but we will keep you in mind if he ever does.
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    32 more spoiler images of the upcoming power system! :) http://imgur.com/a/Wetv4
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    Quote from __Darklord__a

    what about the forum as like computer craft and ict have wikis but they also have forums and websites

    Like I said, at the moment we really have no need for a website.
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    From looking at the spoilers, all I have to say is HOLY COW :o ! This is looking epic, but I have a question. Will all these HD textures and visual effects create lag on lower-end machines? And could I compare this to a tech-version of Thaumcraft?

    Keep up the good work!

    There will be no lag for any machines are these are very optimized. Don't worry :)

    Quote from __Darklord__a

    Sorayn I'm currently working on a website and forum for your mod and would like your permission to continue.
    If you would like me to I would be happy to host and design the website just no buy the domain.
    Please email me at [email protected] with a reply.
    Many thanks
    big fan

    We already have a wiki that we are in the process of writing and have no need for a website. We appreciate your enthusiasm but we will have to deny this oppurtunity.
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    Two spoilers of the upcoming power system. :)
    Also check out www.twitch.tv/soaryn as he has many recorded streams of beta testing, including information about these.

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    Quote from Deva12

    I cant wait to see this mod I love tech mods especially ones adding in multiblock structures (atleast I think you got some multiblocks going up from the example). Can you elaborate more on the engineer table it has an awesome model but I kinda dislike the name mainly cause engineering table doesnt mean too much, engineers mostly use drafting tables or black/white/glass boards (or computers lmao).

    *Edit* Also what server is your irc on you just said #xycraft on the wiki the server info is needed. I may jump on for a bit later :D

    Its irc.esper.net
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    Looks awesome! Can't wait to use it.
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