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    The fact that he said "Yes, but good." in response to my question if it would be Elite-style threw me off, because Elite and the games that have spawned as a result are great. So if it's better than that, it must be amazing.

    It must be...

    :iapprove: NOTCHIFIED :iapprove:
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    You're winner!
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    Back in early July, shortly after a new Friday Update had been released (or shortly before, i can't remember), Notch was talking to those present in the IRC and answering our loads of questions.

    Remember - even if this is the game Mojang is working on, this is info from July. The specifics might've changed by now.

    At one point he mentioned the new game idea he had and planned to work on under Mojang. He said it would be based off of Minecraft's base, and it would be in space. The rest I was able to snag a screencap of.

    Although we're all looking forward to the new game, something like this appeals to me more than anything (I think), being a Freelancer and EVE fan.



    Sorry it took me so long to tell anybody about this. I posted in on my community's Minecraft boards way back when it happened and forgot about it once the thread died down. Whatever, still something interesting.
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    posted a message on [CC] Survival RP - Ready for some REAL roleplay?
    [b]Brief Summary[/b]

    The Cheeto Community Survival Roleplay is a project of sorts that was started back in August after SMP went public. It is a serious roleplay, a true roleplay, with In-Character and Out-Of-Character systems, anti-metagaming rules and the necessary but little-known New Life Rule.

    Of course, we don't want to be buzz-killers. We at The Cheeto Community have a knack for making our roleplays serious yet accessible even for newcomers. It's just a different way to play.

    As for the server itself, the system utilizes an EVE Online-inspired social system. Players can start organizations/factions as they please, own any land they please (with the exception of admin territory, which is considered permanently un-take-able) and in general do whatever they please without being flat-out griefers. In our world, players run the economy. There is no "the server says use x as money" or plugin-based currency. Instead, we encourage players to form the economy. If players start using an item as a currency and it catches on, so be it. If instead they resort to just pure trading, so be it. The world is formed naturally and dynamically, much like our own society was formed.


    Of course, to accomplish this kind of world, we need rules. Here's a brief summary (and I mean BRIEF! Our full rules have an entire board dedicated to them and could make a small novel. But don't let that scare you, it's quite an interesting read) of some key restrictions:

    -To type out of character, type "//" followed by a space, followed by your text. This text is broadcast with an [OOC] tag to everyone in the server. Abuse of this to metagame is not tolerated, of course.

    -To type in character, just regular text. Because we were too lazy to code it ourselves in our CheetoPlugin, we use the local chat plugin for hey0 which restricts this text to a 35 block radius.

    -You are restricted via invisible wall within an 800 block radius from spawn, thanks to the BorderLands plugin. This is because on an earlier iteration of the server, we found that the limitless expansion not only ruined economic development, but also caused server performance issues. Trust me, 800 blocks is A LOT. I've made sure.

    -Raiding, or otherwise attacking the land of other players' factions is limited to some minimum requirements:

    [li]You must have a party of at least 3 people.  This includes you.[/li] [li]You must have an IC reason to raid the place.[/li] [li]The area is owned by a faction/alliance/org (whatever you want to call it) that is enemies with yours.[/li] [li]You have no personal/OOC reasons for the raid.[/li] [/list]

    -Raiding/attacks on Cheeto City aren't tolerated at all. It's unconquerable, anyways.

    -And of course, as our server is whitelisted, we require you to make a thread in our Character Registration boards, which will be followed up with an interview with most likely me. This is to filter out most potential griefers/poor rule-followers.

    [b]Cheeto City (Admin Territory)[/b]

    Cheeto City is a highly protected admin-owned city in the center of the map. All players spawn here their first time connecting. It is layered with adminium in the wall and below the ground to make sure no sneaky griefers could blow holes in it. It's made to be the starting place of all newbies to the server. Staying in it assures safety, but at the same time limits your success. It's like any noob-area in MMOs. Since it's admin-owned, admins have the right to use teleport commands and other commands they could not use otherwise in an IC manner to punish you. Think of it as the gateway from OOC to IC.

    [b]The Cheetonian Language[/b]

    In our server, the land is Cheetonia. Denizens of the lands are Cheetonian. The Cheetonians use an ancient language in many spiritual signs and sometimes everyday speak. I'm not exaggerating, this actually happens. To learn the constantly-growing Cheetonian language, you can find it in our info boards on the site. And that brings me to my next point.

    [b]So how do you get in on this?[/b]

    1. Click here [url=http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/blog/]http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/blog/[/url] and click "Forum".
    2. Register an account on the forum.
    3. Once registered, we'd like it if you introduced yourself here, but it's not necessary - [url=http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/forum/index.php?board=29.0]http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/for ... board=29.0[/url]
    4. Go here, read starting with the bottom thread and ending with the top one. [url=http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/forum/index.php?board=78.0]http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/for ... board=78.0[/url]
    5. You're ready! Register a character here and await your interview over xfire! [url=http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/forum/index.php?board=85.0]http://cheetocommunity.xsjefkex.com/for ... board=85.0[/url]

    [b]One final note[/b]

    Our player population on the SMP server has dropped recently, after we paused the RP until PvP was implemented. That's why I made this thread.
    List tags are malformed.
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    Quote from DeathScytheBR »
    Secret friday update anyone? I've seen one yesterday, then i googled it now and found this. it just appeared after a block of dirt being destroyed (near the entrance of a cave, in a mountain) and i looked into it, it was all green, snakeshaped (i know that ie seen it because there was a snake on the brown of the sidegrass) and then it destroyed a few more blocks and fastly entered the cave. there is a video with the noise it makes when destroying blocks:

    Lol, I'm the guy who recorded and uploaded this. There's nothing. I was just recording this after the secret friday update that added snow back in early July. I was showing off the neat map generation, then when I ventured into the cave I heard the ambient noise. Thinking "Heh, here's some content for my dried up second channel!", I edited it sort of to look like camera footage and uploaded it.

    Suddenly some fool "saw" something behind the waterfall and now everybody believes there is a cave dweller behind the waterfall, effectively shifting focus from the audible groan to something that wasn't even there.

    So that's how I effectively created, or at least helped create a popular minecraft myth with a simple for-fun upload. Now I feel dumb for bursting your excitement over this herobrine-like myth. But hey, I figure the myth will continue and this post will only get linked enough to believers so a small percentage of players know the real truth.

    I'll try to get some more "Cave Dweller" footage soon if any of you are enjoying this hoax.
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    posted a message on Beds - Set spawnpoint, heal, pass time, all in a day's work!
    Sorry, missed it.

    Alright so this thread crashed and burned, moderators can lock/move it at their discretion.
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    posted a message on Beds - Set spawnpoint, heal, pass time, all in a day's work!
    There's a search function.

    I used it.
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    posted a message on Beds - Set spawnpoint, heal, pass time, all in a day's work!
    Sorry in advance if this idea has been suggested before, or even if Notch has mentioned it here and there. Just let me know. :iapprove:

    So had this idea about beds. Now I'm guessing beds have been talked about before, but I still wanted to express my own idea about how beds would work. First, the recipe:

    :wood: :|: :wood:
    :wood: :White: :wood:
    :wood: :White: :wood:

    Now, let's say you placed it and did nothing else, then right-clicked it. Your player model would then switch to you lying on the bed, with only first-person view available. You would not be able to move your view, and you would only face up. Time would speed up so an in-game hour (not an actual hour) becomes five seconds. Each "hour" (so five seconds) would replenish one heart. Mobs would stay away from you during the sleep period. After four in-game hours have passed, you would spawn next to the bed again and the game would save. Where you are standing when you exit the bed would become your new spawnpoint after death. Let's ignore the thought of what would happen if blocks were blocking any free space next to the bed.

    Now, in anticipation of this Sunday's Halloween Update, let's say you were carrying a watch in your hand when you right-clicked on the bed. This would place a little clock (guessing the watch id redstone, so redstone clock) on the head of the bed, obviously removing the watch from your inventory. Now, whenever you right-click the bed, a little box will appear first asking "in how many hours would you like to wake up?". There would be a little box with a static number in it, with up and down arrows next to it. The minimum time would be 1 hour, and the max would be 24. Then a Sleep and Cancel button. If you hit Sleep, then it would go through the same sleep process described above, just instead of 4 hours, for the amount of hours specified. At the end of the sleep, you'd do the whole wake up and save process, but this time the alarm would also go off, just to add to the experience.

    *SMP Adaptation*

    For multiplayer, the bed system would obviously require some adaptations. There are essentially two changes necessary.

    1. Removal of time acceleration. Yes, that means sleeping in real time.

    2. If your bed is destroyed by another player, you spawn upright in its place as what happens when your boat is destroyed, and your sleep process is obviously interrupted. Any health you had replenished already would stay, though.

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    Answer: It's going to be friggin' terrifying.

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    Quote from Enjay »
    We all know it will be released on Oct 31st but do you know what time it will be released in that date? If not, the page is pretty pointless no?

    We just set it up to say "It's coming out sometime today!" when the 31st arrives.

    Make-shift thinking ftw. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Map (MM) SMP Player Map 0.4.3 - Bukkit Plugin
    Epic, wanted one of these forever.

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    Lemme describe my situation quickly.

    Random nameless guy got into our server, which is mostly private (this is during the server's lack of name verification) and I'm looking to ban him. We aren't usually accepting of random players as we run a very serious roleplay.

    Problem is, I'm not the host, I can't check is IP to my knowledge.

    Any ideas?

    (Literally, his name is NOTHING. When he says stuff, it appears as "<> blah blah". When I do /list, his name appears like "player 1, , player 2". You get the idea.)

    So, any help would be appreciated, as he's in our server as I type this.
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    Hey guys, I was just wondering - this won't be a grief-ish thing, am I right?

    I run a community which in turn will be running a very uniquely designed RP in a private SMP server. In short, it's meant to be a "naturally forming" world where everything from the economy to battles for sovereignty to factions of Minecraftians is controlled by the players, just like the real world. It will most likely end up that in some way or another, the players end up using a common currency. This way, if we let everything form and change naturally, we really do have a living, breathing world.

    Now, although I am fond of this A.C.o.M. idea as it is very refined and I like the sense of RP thrown into it, my only worry is that it will be seen as more of a plain-ol' griefing clan by serious RP servers like my community's. Let me put it into perspective for you.

    Notch forbid that some day along the line when we have actually started the RP, some tool decides to leak the IP/password to the server and coincidentally A.C.o.M. gets in. There's the first problem - users have gotten in without reading the texts we have written explaining how the server works. Users who have gotten in without knowledge of how the server works are seen as third-party interference to us, as they are not a true part of the living world we have set up. So basically, we have this out-of-character faction of players with third-party motivation and ideology mingling with the true denizens of our world. I hope you see the issue here.

    I just want to know - will A.C.o.M. respect the situations of servers such as ours?
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    posted a message on "Killboards"
    Quote from Camewel »
    This will turn Minecraft into a game based solely around PvP and nothing else.

    So no.

    Nothing would be forcing you to put killboards on your server.
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    posted a message on "Killboards"
    *Pokes his head in the thread quickly to see if any Minecraft coders want to do this.*

    Nope? Oh, alright. Well, I'll be back. Oh, was that somebody? Nope. Alright.
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