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    Quote from leblondieee


    IGN: leblondieee
    Age: 15
    Skype Name (optional): send me a PM if you wanna know.
    Location (Optional): Australia

    Why do you want to join the server?: As a fairly new Minecraft roleplayer I have been searching for an adequate server for quite a while now. My previous server has been temporarily shut down and barely any news of its reopening has been given out, so I've decided I may as well move on. A friend of mine (abinness14) applied here a few weeks ago, and they suggested this server to me.

    What do you want in a RP server?: The number one thing I want in a RP server is definitely a good, friendly community. I hate joining servers where, if you're new, you get treated like dirt. I'm also looking for a server that that has a rich, interesting lore and full of well-developed characters - where you won't be randomly killed if you happen to go away from the computer for a few minutes.

    IC INFO:

    Name: Rosilyna
    Age: 17 elven years.
    Town: Traveller – town unspecified
    Caste/Ethnicity: Boeraenne-Mansreli
    Appearance: Long, straight dark brown hair; lightly tanned skin; bright, blue eyes
    Skin (Optional): To be made
    Backstory (More than 5 sentences):
    [Just so you know, for every RP server, the backstory of my characters normally are similar. I've written this from and OOC perspective, and I've kept it quite “brief”]

    It was last in spring when the baby was born, and her mother called her "Rosilyna" for her roses had begun to bloom that very day. Word within the town was that a merchant, one of the finest of the land, had been travelling from settling to settling searching for an apprentice of whom he would teach all he knew, and to carry on his own business when he grew old. He had been searching for a child, no older than three; so whom he would pick would leave their family and have no knowledge or memories of them, as this was a lifetime commitment. The merchant had been looking for preferably a boy, one of great heritage; however, most men did not want their children to be sent to become a merchant, and would rather have them to become hunters, butchers, and other professions alike. Slowly, the merchant grew to accept that he may need to begin searching for a girl.

    Rosilyna's family was never well off, and when the news of the merchant came to them, they saw it as a great opportunity. A girl would never be able to supply the family as well as a boy would, and Rosilyna, at this dreadful age, did nothing but use up precious resources which would better be used for other means. When the merchant arrived in the town, the parents of Rosilyna took her to him, as did few other families with their own infants. The moment the merchant laid his eyes upon Rose's mother, he fell deeply in love with her for her immaculate beauty. Knowing full well the life of a merchant did not involve love, and that this beautiful woman had already a husband and many children, he was left utterly heartbroken. He made the rash choice in his sadness to take Rosilyna as his apprentice, in hope that the girl would grow up to equal beauty of her mother (and that she did).

    That day, Rosilyna left her family with nothing but the fine baby clothes she wore, and the golden bracelet around her wrist, of which her mother gave her secretly, hoping that one day Rosilyna would remember her family, and return to them. For the many years to come, Rosilyna was taught everything the old merchant knew, until the day came he passed away, leaving Rosilyna on her own;

    And that is where her story begins.

    RP Example:
    [Rosilyna is now in her late teen years (elven), as a merchant on her own. She has grown into a fine young woman, of course.]
    Rosilyna: *beckoning out to a young man* Ho, sir! May I interest you in a range of goods?
    Man: And what goods may these be, my lady? *smiling and tipping his head slightly*
    Rosilyna: *making full eye contact with him* Bread, paper, books… things like that. *tilts her head to the side*
    Man: I’ve needed some bread. How much are you selling a loaf?
    Rosilyna: 25 (currency?) *smiles*
    Man: 25 (currency?)!! Are you kidding me
    Rosilyna: Oh no sir! I don’t think you understand. This is the finest bread of all the land – guaranteed to make you strong and healthy.
    Man: *thinking about it* I don’t know…
    Rosilyna: Alright, sir, I’ll make it 20. But only for you! *smiles*
    Man: *smiles* Alright, I’ll take 3 loaves.

    Q&A: Lore:

    1. Name each of the Elven ethnic groups in their native tongue.
    • Cezdemorii’ Magisters
    • Barkuarrefe Hussaurs
    • Boeraenne-Mansreli
    • Varvas’kii Cilveki
    • Dezmorii’ olken
    • Halfling’s
    • Orai'stanne-Kyrifi

    2. What happened to the old ruling caste?
    Despite the collapse of the Elven Kingdom, the casting system continues to exist within the society of elves, which in turn hinders advancement of elves as individuals, as such preventing them from rising in social status.

    3. What is the taxonomic term for Elves?
    After searching throughout the lore I concluded that Elves do not have a taxonomic term, unless "Elves" itself is their name.

    4. What is the average wind-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    What do you mean? African or European swallow? Licentia & Locatio.

    Very nice, (it's alright with the similar application, you did a very good job at editing it to fit this server's lore) Question #2 is actually they were overthrown by another caste and eventually become what are known as "Dark Elves". Otherwise, this is a superb application.
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    Quote from abinness14

    WOOT! Someone not bashing me for trying to help Emoattack. Thanks Darkness. IOU X3

    No problem, Also,

    Quote from KlamathTom

    As the official server troll, it's my sworn duty to put everyone down - the best positive thing I can do is a backhanded compliment.


    Me and Tyler agreed, this is how we argue - with Everett eventually butting in.... ):<

    Try to guess which is which, or who is who.....
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    Quote from KlamathTom

    You're just blinde Zelnok :P

    To be honest, the most optimal day would have been the 1st of April, but that simply is not the case. Until Everett can finish things on his end, production is stalled - for now atleast, Everett usually goes AWOL for 1-2 days at his dads soooo.... It'll be back up soon :D

    Edit; Just to add, we refer to Jungle Biomes as 'Extreme Swamplands' and Deserts as 'Battlegrounds' for realism - I don't think they had either in Europe during the Renaissance period. It's easy to understand why Jungles might look like Marshlands/Swamps, but with Deserts it's referred as a Battleground because we can state that it was a site of a major battle during the Great War where elven mages torched the field to glass and sand. Aren't we smart? :-3

    No, me stupid *scratches head*
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    Quote from Fan1Chelsea

    Not to be rude, or anything, but ugh..I am getting a bit impatinet here :P Is there any actual ETA, except "a few days", or should we wait "a few days" more? :P

    Again, not trying to sound like a little fag. :/

    A few more days....................jk
    Our owner Enady is currently at his father's house and so we have not finished coding the classes and maybe one other misc. plugin.\
    So I'm afraid to say that we do not have a specific date, other then that whenever these things are done we can. One thing we learned from the last few is that we rushed. We opened too soon and had to go through some difficult problems and put our players through some annoying problems. We want the server as good and problem free as possible before opening, and hope to offer a fun and serious RP environment. We are sorry that it is taking so long, but we are just being careful.
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    Allright, If your going to make the High Clerists Tower, You are obligated by the laws of sorcery and minecraft to make Solace (Or atleast Olek's tavern... Inn Of Last Homes or sumtin'), Pax Tharkis (Where Fizban/Paladine "died"), Godshome (Where Flint died), Palanthas (Tower included, and make it directly after the War Of the Blue Lady (When the Flying Cititdel attacked during Test of the Twins)), And Dargaard keep (I don't care if it's while Soth is still alive, or dead)
    If you don't do atleast one of these Raistlin shall rip out your organs with his mind. :P

    EDIT: I JUST now realized this is from october... Sorry bout' that.

    Nah, should be fine. You know though, with all those structures you mine as well make a whole MC Dragonlance RP server.
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    Quote from EMOATTACK

    Also who is to say that both her parents or grandparents are from the same group? Maybe she got the oddities's from a part of her blood.

    Such things would be detailed in the lore, so the final judgement on such a thing would come from there and the staff. As it is a caste system, your parents being from two different ones would be next to impossible as all elves follow and live by the caste system and would enforce such things. Not to mention what sort of half breeds that would come of such things. There were a few other things wrong or just inaccurate with your application, but it demonstrated that you could indeed RP well. I will point those mistakes out now.
    - There are no orcs in existence, therefore you cannot fear them. (There are however giants and other such beasts)
    - Demon/Life Giving also is not mentioned in the lore of this server whatsoever. While it may help with a character it has no place in this such environment.
    - It will be hard for you as Orai’stanne as they are gifted magic users who have been put down by the other castes as servants and by humans as prostitutes.

    Otherwise most everything is directed and detailed in the lore. Any further questions can be directed to the staff.
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    Quote from MrCourtesyBear

    Really good application! At last we have someone to live in Ashburton, almost thought we were going to have an empty city!

    Don't worry, you won't be.
    Also, hello everyone, nice to things are active on our thread. I've been away in Pennsylvania for this Memorial wekend and will be back home later today, so don't worry Klam, you can yell at me for your mistakes then :P
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    Quote from abinness14

    Off topic: I redid the RPG personality test and got the same result. Yay for consistency ^_^
    It might have just been b/c of the question: "What would you do if there was an intruder?" I selected "Wait to hear the cleverly placed bear trap snap my opponent's femur". God I wish I could do that IRL @[email protected] ...

    Ya, it's a tough one. The one that always marks me is the "How would you use magic?"
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    Quote from Zelnok

    Should I make a bio thing for my new guy then?

    You can if you want, the older players are just doing it for fun or to show other people.
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    Quote from ZombieElmo

    Thank you, you guys. Yes, I was afraid it would sound cliche so I put a lot of work and effort into it. >.>

    Edit: I was just rereading my app and noticed I forgot to place Licentia & Locatio at the end of it. I will edit that in right now. Sorry. :/

    No problem. It was noticed by another admin, but I chose to ignore it.
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    Quote from ZombieElmo

    IGN: BlackWidowZombie
    Age: 15
    Skype Name (optional): zombieelmo
    Location (Optional): West Virginia, United States
    Why do you want to join the server?: I have been looking for a really fun, active server where everyone is really nice. I have recently joined a RP server for the first time and really enjoyed it. Too bad it is slowly dying and it is pretty boring now.
    What do you want in a RP server?: I have always like RP things. Whether they be on forum websites, mmorpg's or, recently, Minecraft servers. So I guess it was just natural that I would seek a RP server over a boring server that has no backstory and no character development.

    IC INFO:
    Name: McKenzi Lialin [Lie-uh-Lynn]
    Age: 17
    Town: A Free-Elven State of which I do not know the name.
    Caste/Ethnicity: Halfling between human and Boeraen
    --McKenzi has long black hair that is almost blue and bright green eyes. She is most often see with a single strand of hair in her eyes. Her favorite outfit is a dark purple long sleeved shirt with a black peasant corset. To go with her shirt she wears long black pants and dark grey shoes.
    Backstory (More than 5 sentences):
    --McKenzi's father,Eric, was a human farmer from the small city of Visahelm. He was raised in one of the few families who were taught tolerance and occasionally acceptance. McKenzi's mother, Skylar, was a Boeraen elf who was poor and lonely ever since she was little. One day, she was walking through Ashburton when she saw him, trading in a small store. There was Eric. After running away together, Eric and Skylar were blessed with a baby girl. Fast forward 11 years. McKenzi is 11 and innocent. When walking through a meadow searching for medicinal herbs, she finds an injured human. She runs back to Skylar and leads her mom to the man. The two tend to his wounds without checking if he was an ally. Once he was healed, the man became angered and killed Skylar. McKenzi was just able to escape the clutches of him and return to her dad. Eric has since drank himself away in despair, leaving McKenzi to fend for herself. 5 years later she is still trying to find herself and a place to fit in.
    RP Example:
    • McKenzi- "Where do I go from here.? I am stuck." -Spots a traveler walking the opposite way on the path- "You there, are you a friend or foe of the elves and halflings.? Will you help me find my way.?"
    • Traveler- "I am a friend, a halfling myself indeed. Where do you wish to go.?"
    • McKenzi- "I intend to find the closest Free-Elven city. I need to find a safe place for me to go. I can no longer withstand the life of a nomad."
    • Traveler- "I know of a good Free-Elf crafting guild not far ahead to the north. If you follow this path, it will take you there."
    • McKenzi- "Thank you very much kind sir. I wish you luck to travel on your way."
    • Traveler- "And from I to you too madam."
    Q&A: Lore
    1. Name each of the Elven ethnic groups in their native tongue.


    2. What happened to the old ruling caste?

    The "old ruling" caste is still in affect today. Just because the kingdom was destroyed, that doesn't mean the ways of life were destroyed too. Also, the caste system makes it extremely difficult to gain any status in life. You are born into your caste and you pretty much stay there.

    3. What is the taxonomic term for Elves?

    Well, there is not a taxonomic term for Elves and if there is one for them and it was in the Lore, I couldn't find it.

    4. What is the average wind-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    African or European.?

    Very nice grammar and spelling. I think you will like it here, and we are glad to have you here with us. We hope to be open soon.
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    Quote from TomiMaFox

    I suppose I better start writing my own characters backstory ^^

    Name: Ser Milten Festung of House Festung


    Ethnicity: Adelbrechtens

    Backstory: Milten was the firstborn child and only son to Lord Rhobar of Festung Castle and its surroundings. Lord Rhobar had served the king as a commander of the first Adelbrechtian army for 16 years until he decided to retire to his castle. When he retired Milten was 12 years old and had been serving and training in one of the local knight orders as a page. When Lord Rhobar came back he also took his son back to their castle, where he teached Milten about running a county. At the age of 17 Milten accompanied his father to the summer tournament in Visahelm, Milten had been trained in how to fight with a lance and sword. He was challenged to a joust by a son to a rich minor noble, Milten eager to fight, accepted the offer and the next day he won his first jousting tournament. Milten then decided to travel the lands and maybe one day fight in the greatest tournaments of them all, the royal tournament which was only held once evry 20 years by the king in the capital. The years passed by and Milten soon became a rich man thanks to all the money he had won. At the age of 20 after three years of travelling around the kingdoms he decided it was time to return home.

    Festung as the village was called is an old mining settlement to the north of Visahelm. The village has been ruled by House Festung ever since it was founded by Lord Tom the older who was the youngest son to the legendary King Heinrich the 5th king to rule the Adelbrechten Kingdom. He had later lost thecrown to his crown to his step brother in a long and bloody civil war which ended the Festung reign.King Heinrich was killed during the siege of Visahelm. After the siege the newly crowned king Ludwig stormed the innerkeep and killed three of Heinrich's sons. Instead of chasing down the last and only heir to the Festung dynasty, Ludwig decided to try and get the young Lord Tom on his side. He gave him a piece of land to the north of Visahelm. Lord Tom accepted the offer in return of giving up his claim on the throne.
    House Festung is an old dynasty which has it's seat in castle Sten, an old and mighty fortress that has protected the rich mines of Festung ever since its founding.

    hm.. That will do ^^

    Sorry, you can't give yourself noble rank and land. You'll have to work your way to that kind of thing. I'm afraid you'll have to start as a peasant.
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    Tarnus Folset

    Ethnicity: Casterian
    Town: Ashburton
    Rank: King
    Age: 48
    Speicalties: Warfare, Politics, Economics,

    Tarnus Folset is the only son of the old king, Jacob Folset, and was raised for the title of king. When he was a child he went through much schooling and had to learn everything that there was to know. His time as a teenager was one of few regrets. He did whatever pleased him at the time and caused quite a bit of trouble, some he would have to deal with the rest of his life.

    As time went on he settled down, and finally began to act as a prince should. He started to deal in the business of the kingdom and started taking on tasks for his father. When his father passed away peacefully from old age in his bed, Tarnus assumed the throne as king at age 27. He married a woman from one of the minor Casterian houses and had two children, Radcliffe and his younger sister Catherine.

    He has ruled his people well, and will do anything for them. He is not a cruel man, to his own people, but he will do anything to his enemies if it benefits his people. So far he has ruled most of his subjects fairly, but even he holds some enmity for elves and gnomes. He has good relations with most of his lords, but is worried about a few of them, as tensions rise between them and the gnomes. Nowadays with things being as peaceful as they are, he holds feasts and tournaments in Ashburton at Folset Castle.
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    Quote from abinness14

    lol i waited 3 weeks to play on CH. Between this and Aeonis, it looks like a repeat xD

    Ya, we are being really careful with this server. We believe we opened the other two too soon and that led to quite a few problems. Hopefully everything will be very good with few problems once we open.
    Quote from MrCourtesyBear

    Just a little background on my character : D

    Lukas I. Emberton

    Ethnicity: Adelbretch
    Town: Visahlen
    Rank: Lord
    Age: 34
    Speicalties: Writing, Warfare, Politics, and Farming
    Backstory: Lukas Emberton is a Semi-Short Tempered man, who has been wokring
    as a lord for most of his life. Since his parents died when he was 14, he had
    to lead Visahlen with the help of Tarnus. Lukas can be one of the most
    protective people to his friends, but will stop at nothing to kill his enemies.
    Since Lukas spends most of his time on Politics, he secludes himself from the
    rest of the population, the only times he comes out is for short breaks and
    during the Great Harvest.

    He does not want anything to do with Warfare, but is not afraid to
    fight for the Humans. Since he was 5 years old, his father trained him in
    horseback riding, swordmanship, and hand to hand combat.

    Since Lukas hides most of his personal life, many people don't know
    what he does... At all. He is not friendly to people trying to get into his
    personal life. People around him feel... Odd when he is around, like he is
    trying to hide something. When he is invlolved with meetings, he does not
    like to talk, he just seems to sit back and let the meeting go on by itself.

    "Three can keep a secret if two are dead."

    -Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

    Hey, this looks fun. I think I'll make one for Tarnus.
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    Originally, elves began as simple nomadic folk who treaded the Iron Mountains that divide the Great Western Desert and the greener regions of Darkahlen. After the Dezmorii’ olken’s learnt the ways of magic from the gnomes, several clans of elven magii assembled together and pushed the giants back to their homeland past the Northern Hills. This resulted in the elves migrating to the forestlands – later followed by the plains after the discovery of agriculture, which allowed the elves to build and support towns and cities.
    The Elven Unification Pact was an established trade agreement among powerful city states during the later period of the elves ‘iron age’. These municipalities would eventually combine their efforts to enforce land acts and create the First Elven Council, a body of representatives from each state that would govern over the newly formed Elven Kingdom. With close political tweaking, the people of the Dezmorii tribe eventually occupied all seats of the Council and introduced new laws that dictated the breeding ethics of all elves. As time passed, elves evolved – creating new ethnic denominations within the boundaries of the new laws, which were later consorted into the ‘Castes’ by the Council; Boeraenne was the name of the common elves who were designated to work in the fields as farmers, or as merchants and craftsmen. Others include the Barkuarrefe, whose principal role was to protect the Kingdom from external and internal threats – the governing caste was recognized as the Dezmorii, but after they were usurped by an unknown rival caste via subterfuge means they were rebranded as the Cezdemorii’. Tribes like the Orai’stanne were forced into the Caste system by the Second Elven Council due to their ability to use magic – which, at the time was a threat to the political doctrine enforced by the Cezdemorii’ Magister’s. Dezmorii’ who survived the rebellion migrated to the Great Western Desert, but most elves refer to them as the ‘Dark elves’. Anyone who isn’t considered a part of any of these Castes is considered, per say as Varvas’kii.
    After the Elven Kingdom was defeated in the Great War, the governing body collapsed overnight. Today in society, a majority of human settlements have elven alienage’s and segregated ghettos. Most elves are treated harshly by their human overlords for the terrible war crimes committed by the Second Council. The few who do not reside in the human kingdoms are a part Free-Elven States where racial harmony is a prime –although as the years come more elf-controlled land tenures and fiefdoms fall to humanities military might. Others run off into the forests and take up arms, creating freedom-fighter factions who strike fear and terror into major population zones.
    While elves share a broad sum of features with humans – power is mostly inherited, not earned. It’s possible to make something of yourself – but the olken feudalistic structure is much more extreme than humanities one. It is noted that, despite the Elven Kingdom being totally wiped out from history, the social hierarchy that the Dezmorii’ and Cezdemorii’ enforced during the golden years of the Kingdom still remains in high-tastes today. Elves were, originally Varvas’kii, but after thousands of years of evolution – each designated elven Caste (or ethnic denomination) has changed differently according to their role in elven society before the humans arrived.
    ‘The following olken feudalistic structure is based on the teachings of Elrand, the great gnomish philosopher

    • Cezdemorii’(Not open to the public, have the ability to use magic)
    • Barkuarrefe (Not open to the public)
    • Boeraenne (Open to the public)
    • Varvas’kii (Open to the public)
    • Dezmorii’ (Not open to the public as of yet)
    • Halfling’s (Open to the public, may or may not have the ability to use magic depending on background)
    • Orai’stanne (Open to the public, have the ability to use magic)
    (The bottom paragraphs are not in hierarchy-order, while the above ones are - but are presented as general information nonetheless)

    Boeraenne-Mansreli – (Bore-ran-e Mans-rel-e) (Boeraen)
    Boeraen’s are the descendants of the Varvas’kii Cilveki which make up the standing majority of Elves left on the continent. During the early unification days of the Empire, most of their kind shared each other’s ancestral anatomy with the Folk Elves, but after the Caste Reformations were in effect for radical periods of time different types of Elven social classes created their own distinct ethnic identity within the limits of Elven Councils’ Breeding Laws. Today, the Boeraen’s make up the bulk of the Elves that are still alive after the Great War that transpired several hundred years ago. This ethnic group of Elves have the easiest time breeding with outsiders (Humans) and share a large amount of facial features with them to when compared to other Elves, but this ceases to erase the fact that many Humans still have racist tendencies towards there kind in modern society, sparking pogrom’s and massacres across the Human realms - the likes of which haven’t been seen since the dark days of the Great War.
    Orai'stanne-Kyrifi Courtestors – (Or-res-stan-e Ky-rif-e Core-tes-tors) (Orai’stanne)
    The Orai’stanne (formerly) were a sectarian group of Varvas’kii whose culture revolved around Horticulture and Entertainment. The Second Elven Council enslaved there Clan and forced them into the Kingdoms control because the Orai’stanne were one of the very few ethnic denominations on the continent who were born with the ability to use Magic (Which, at the time was a threat to the Empires current political doctrine) Many were forced into the Courtesan-trade due to the Orai’stanne’s high level of facial symmetry (Beauty) which in turn would open several financial gaps in the economy, therefore allowing everyone to benefit from there ‘intrusion’ into Society. In modern times the Orai’stanne take up ¼ of the current Elven population. A majority of these Elves are still prostitutes thanks to strict breeding laws enforced by Humans which didn’t want the quality (Beauty) of there ‘products’ to be dimmed down due to interbreeding. Those who are lucky enough to escape are eventually caught by the authorities and given back to their slavemasters. The very small percentage who do manage to flee the brothels limits either run to the forests or head to the Mages College, since the laws don’t apply to Mages.

    Barkuarrefe Hussaurs – (Bar-car-ree-fee who-sars) (Barkua) (Bah-cow)
    The Barkuarrefe were the men and women who sought to protect the Elven Empire from foreign threats during its time on the continent. Originally, Barkuarrefe were Boeraen who had enough courage and strength to serve in the Kingdoms armies, but after the Breeding Laws were put in place by the First Council a majority of soldiers were pushed into the Warrior Caste (Which would now act as the official military force of the Kingdom) Eventually, with selective breeding, rich protein diets and magical experimentation the Elves of this Caste became ‘Physically Enhanced’. After the Great War many were hunted and lynched – somewhat in spite, but mostly in fear of their power. In modern times a sizeable number of Trevor’s are still alive (However in the last census conducted on the Elven population it was hypothesized that the smallest minority remains to be the Barkuarrefe, still) The few who survive now act as vassals under Human Kings and Lords of Free-Elven States or serve as soldiers of fortune.
    Cezdemorii’ Magisters (Sez-de-more-rii Ma-gis-ters) Cezdemorii’/Demorii’ (Sez-de-more-rii/De-more-rii)
    Dezmorii’ are the distinct Tall-Elves who united there brothers and sisters under one nation before Humanities arrival on the continent. In the past, Dezmorii’ coexisted with the rest of the Varvas’kii as simple mountain folk distinguishable by their excessive height, but after the Gnomes taught them the ways of magic their travelled to the more fertile regions and scared the Giants off to the Northern Hills in order to make the land habitable. Eventually these Elves became members of the Elven Unification Pact, and with close political tweaking over the years – befitted the role as members of the First Council, creating the Breeding Laws to provide order and class clarity in the Empire. Despite this simplicity of rule, It didn’t come to last - the police styled Caste which the Curtis’ made to serve them usurped the Elven Leadership overnight. The many Cezdemorii’* who didn’t breed into their Caste were either disposed of or migrated to the Western Desert (Which led to the creation of the ‘Dark Elves’ known as, still the Dezmorii’) this leads us to the modern day Cezdemorii’, who’s height and platinum blonde hair make them noticeably different compared to other Elves. Like the Trevor’s, after the Great War a majority of Cezdemorii’ were hunted down – or became Lords of Free-Elven States and senior officials at the Mages College (Which granted immunity) that the Gnomes created after the Human peace treaty.
    *It should be noted, that after this point in history Dezmorii’ became Cezdemorii after the new leading Caste took over. It was a combination of their name (Which, to this day remains unheard of) and Dezmorii’.
    Varvas’kii Cilveki – (Var-va-skii Sil-vek-e)
    The Varvas’kii Cilveki's are the original Elven tribes-people of the continent that were not involved, did not choose, or were not absorbed/forced into the (Elven Kingdom) or the Elven Unification Pact. Many Varvas’kii tribes have different takes on religion, language and culture - some retain the state of traditional nomadic ideals that have been incorporated into the Elf ideology since the time of the Giants, while others settled down in lush fertile lands and became Hunter-Gatherer's. Before the Great (Elven Kingdom) came into being, many Elves were simple travelling folk who dotted the mountains bordering the area of the grassy regions and the Western Desert. Some would go down the slopes of the mountain during the warmer months and allow their herds to graze the fields before going back up the hills in the fear that the Giants would steal their cattle. Aspects of life didn't change for centuries until the Curtis’ decided to learn the ways of the Magic from the Gnomes, scaring off the Giants to the Northern hills. After that most Elven-Tribes moved into the lands below them and became Hunter-Gatherer's.

    Varvas’kii Cilveki involvement on the Continent –
    • When the Giants are scared away from the forestlands, Elves migrate in coves to their new homes among the trees.
    • After the Elven Unification Pact was passed, a large sum of Elves move to the more civilized societies on the continent. Natural selection takes it course amongst the citizens of the Elven Kingdom, while the Varvas’kii keep to their old traditions - evolution, and bigotry begins to slowly root among these two major ethnic groups.
    • Over the years, some tribes remain in relative peace in the outer regions – but for others, banditry and raiding is common. This changed with the arrival of the Humans.
    • In the aftermath of the Great War, nothing changed for the tribes. A mix between City-Elves and Tribal-Folk orientated guerrilla factions now direct there attacks on the lands new masters – Humanity.

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