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    This map is a racing game that uses the new swimming mechanics of 1.13. This includes sprinting underwater, magma blocks, and soul sand. The course itself is calk full of different and imaginative obstacles, twists, twirls and turns. Before beginning, there are also many custom settings to optimize the experience. The more the merrier in this game as races are always more fun with more friends. Vie for 1st place, then do it all over again! Everything is possible, but some challenges are more daunting than others. Clear the walls, tubes, tricks etc. Then prove how much better you are than the competition!

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    1.) AmazingRman

    2.) 16

    3.) AmazingRman2001#5737

    4.) Pacific

    5.) I have not really been building for a that long, I recently rediscovered building in survival so I began building both in creative and survival. So I have not yet tried a lot of building styles, but I have so far done underground bunker, temple, and a mall.I can do long projects, or short projects and still add lots of detail to them. I'm also fairly good at using command blocks and redstone to accomplish things.

    6.) I can bring commitment, reliability, good builds, and an open mind

    7.) Strengths: I can usually stay on task for long periods of time, I'm a good problem solver and I'm creative. I will generally be pleasant to talk to unless sarcasm offends you and I take pride in my work and in those I work with.

    Weaknesses: I tell it like it is (I'm brutally honest) so sometimes I hurt people's feelings. I am quick to say no to suggestions unless they are paired with solid reasoning. Also I struggle with lighting rooms up so that no mobs spawn

    8.) I'm not sure how good I would be at teaching people to build because I've never tried it

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