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    First off, I am new to the forums, so hello everyone! :smile.gif: I have been playing Minecraft for quite a while so it is about time I joined the community I think.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share a project me and a friend started just before Christmas last year which we have been building off and on. With many creeper explosions and skeleton arrow's in the process. We actually started this project after we accidentally burned down our previous one... oops! Mostly my fault... building the portal incorrectly and putting it right next to a wooden wall. But I didn't light the fire :wink.gif:

    In all honesty, this build was built 95% legitimately.

    First off, here is a picture from the very beginning of the build:

    Full view from sightseeing platform:

    Pathway from the sightseeing platform towards the building.

    Another view:

    This is the gunpowder/arrow/egg production facility. Yes, spawners were hacked in and placed at the top (except for chickens):

    Main floor inside:

    Structure underneath the "bio-dome":

    More Interior views:

    Misc viewing angles:

    Inside the "Bio-Dome":

    View of our redstone playground:

    To the left, a working single-cycle minecart dispenser, and to the right, a never ending minecart dispenser. We were mostly experimenting and playing with redstone in this area. We fenced it up because creepers would not leave us alone. :tongue.gif:

    Furnace Room:

    and under it all is:

    We got pretty lucky on the location as there was just endless and endless amount of tunnels and resources below us. Then we TNT'ed it all like crazy.. as you can tell. :tongue.gif:

    If you want to see it in person, it is online at

    Thanks for looking. :biggrin.gif:
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