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    posted a message on TownyLand (1.8-1.14) NEW MAP - TOWNY SERVER - CUSTOM MAP

    Races being added soon. New portion of the map released. End portal has been put into the map.

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    posted a message on TownyLand (1.8-1.14) NEW MAP - TOWNY SERVER - CUSTOM MAP

    New Portion of the map being released this weekend! Come get a jump on everyone and join today.

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    posted a message on TownyLand (1.8-1.14) NEW MAP - TOWNY SERVER - CUSTOM MAP

    In search of an ever growing Towny server bursting with custom features and an all inclusive community? Join TownyLand!

    Our map is fully custom made and new parts of it are added on every weekend.
    Live map that updates in real time a and shows towns
    McMMO, Jobs, Custom Enchantments, player shops - We have everything you could ask for

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    posted a message on World painter map being generated over top of

    I have a custom map that was made in world painter.

    The server is on 1.12.2 with via version and, via rewind. Some other plugins too but I don't know if they would affect anything

    and the map is being generated over top of very strangely. I put a video of it at the bottom of the thread. Any help or ideas on fixing it would be great.

    I should add that I have towny installed and if I create a town over the area then it stops generating. I have tried putting a world guard region over it but that did not work.

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    posted a message on ★ PrimitiveMC ★ ★ Skyblock ★ ★ Minions ★ ★ Battlepass ★ | 1.12.2 - 1.14+

    ☆ Comment what you like about the server and your IGN for a free minion crate key ☆

    Come hop on PrimitiveMC for a unique Skyblock experience. We have TONS of custom features and plugins to make your Skyblock experience unique. You will see some things like Boosters, Battlepass, Payouts, Player shops, Island upgrades, and Spawner stacking.


    Minions will are like little pets that will do all of your dirty work. Minions need to be fed or linked to a food chest or else they will loose HP and die. You can change radius's and configure them how you like. they will also automatically put items into a chest.

    Miner Minion

    Miner minions will mine the block in front of them. The miner minion is great to put in front of a cobblestone generator with a chest linked to him to dump the items in.

    Farmer Minion

    The Farmer minion will farm your crops when there ready in a configured radius and replant them. You can also link this minion to a chest to store your items.

    Butcher Minion

    The butcher minion is great way to farm mobs while your afk. He will also collect the xp for you.

    The full list of minions can be seen in the picture.☆


    The battlepass is a feature that gets you tons of awesome rewards for completing challenges. New challanges are unlocked every week. You can obtain many items threw the rewards including, Ranks, Minions, Crates and more.

    Custom Islands

    There are currently 10 different kinds of custom built islands, plus a custom nether island. The islands range in difficulty.
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