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    posted a message on What would you do with a orbital super weapon in outer space?
    I would make the orbital super weapon burn itself in the atmosphere as i purposely readjust its orbit path. No need for devices of destruction. Fighting fire with fire never ends well, just look at history.

    Make love,not war
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    posted a message on Sand-Gravel Physics
    Quote from Poki21

    I was thinking about this for a while, and as the title said, should minecraft get new physics? What if sand and gravel acted like water does. When you place it, it spreads out. the way to put it back to normal sand and gravel is put it in the furnace, but it MUST be smelted with a lava bucket. IDK, this is just an idea i wanted to throw out... anyone like it... i know it does seem kinda stupid, but crtique anyway

    like particle physics based sand distribution?, heck we would all like it! the only reason it hasnt been done yet is because it would be too laggy, blame the **** slow computers of this day and age, give it a few years, and then there will be a minecraft that instead of having 1 metre based point blocks, there will be pixel sized "blocks" or smaller, with particle based water physics and sand/gravel based particle physics. Give it time.

    And to answer your question, YES I like the idea
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    just thought i would mention this, cubic chunks, from what i currently know, loads only the chunks that would be visible to the player, so it wouldn't load chunks that wont be viewed from the surface, like in a huge mountain, this saves unnecessary loading, and is what causes the performance boosts that some people have reported having. I'm not entirely sure, but when you recently integrated sevenfours view mod, with the increased rendering distance, do the chunks still load in the aforementioned efficient way? or does it load by loading EVERY chunk in the 2048 block radius, or spherical radius around you? I am mentioning this because of the huge performance hit i receive whilst viewing on short render dist. with sevenfours mod set on true. And i mean my frame rate drops way down to 28 fps. Don't get me wrong here, i love what you have been doing, the mod is an amazing feat! The lag could be caused by many different things. But I am curious if you may have forgot to adjust the mod during integration into your method of efficient chunk loading.

    currently I'm suspecting the lag is caused by:
    1. sevenfours increased render dist. loads ALL chunks in a radius around the player, thus causing lag
    2. efficient chunk loading technique is still working, but the lag caused by cave? generation adds to the lag?
    3. my computer may not be powerful enough. (for reference, i allocated 6GB of RAM to minecraft, overall RAM is 12GB)
    4. some bug in coding?

    ^ This is all speculation btw.

    Im no programmer, so please excuse any discrepancies in this post.

    Thank you and have a nice day. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Hey Robinton, sorry to bother you, but do you still by any chance have the client version of Cubic chunks located somewhere on your PC/HDD? I wanted to start up a server so i could show my friends the potential CC has, and have some fun while were at it, only problem is, or at least i think, is that the server version that is on the OP is the 1.4.5 one, either i didn't set it up correctly or the current client of 1.5.3 isn't compatible with the older server version of CC. If it is a compatibility error, then could you please by any chance, and if possible, upload the 1.4.5 client version of CC.
    Thank you :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Quote from MineCrak

    This isn't about making such large terrain mandatory. This is just about creating the option for people to have whatever terrain they want, and at whatever scale they want. It's about freedom. After all; If people working on/with a Height Mod don't think about, test and implement the ability for large scale features, who would? It's like asking a car company why they are so concerned with making cars better when they are already faster than horses, heh heh. :wink.gif:

    That said; the entire point is only making sure that such things can be done and that there are options people can fiddle with in order to do it, if they wish. I mean, if you can have a 2k tall Mt. Everest in game, then you can have a 2k tall VOLCANO in the game too! Muhahahha.

    I can see there eventually being a server like that, the Volcano Survival Server, where the entire map is the volcano and it's slopes in the middle of the ocean with it's populace trying to survive and live and prosper under those conditions. :smile.gif:

    Terrain features of this scale would work really well for the FutureCraft Mod being discussed elsewhere too, what with spaceships flying down from orbit all the time, they gotta have something interesting to look at during the flight. :wink.gif:

    Robinton & kinnikinnick: Damn guys, beers on me! :smile.gif:

    And yeah, please allow the user to change the settings to anything the game can handle, it's up to the user to decide whether their computer can handle it, and deal with the crash if it can't, heh heh. Perhaps a warning could be put it for the unwary though. People like having limits they can push past. :wink.gif:

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    posted a message on American Politics
    BAH, American politics is just showbiz, Both parties are controlled by the same power, its all just an illusion made to keep everyone distracted and busy.
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    posted a message on If you suddenly snapped, what would your theme be after your mind went bonkers?

    pure hatred

    and this

    notice how dark they all are. Ive actually been close to this before. this music soothes and enrages me at the same time. Hatred feels good.

    and this would be my 'relaxing' side music in my mansion of evil!!!
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Quote from wintermuet

    Okay, in regards to the poll questions, I feel I must elaborate on the points as I see them:

    1. By 'Compressed Faraway Chunk Rendering' I presume you mean basically having a second layer to the world that renders a simpler set of values to increase distance without involving mechanics that can't be noticed when they're not local anyways, like water mechanics and fire (and similarly only loading visible blocks in the respective chunks). I don't know what your exact expertise is, but I assume this process uses a separate replica of each saved chunk? If not, what do you think the fundamental drawbacks to this concept would be, because I know it is used in other games (although they use different rendering methods). If effectively implemented, what sort of increase are we looking at here? It might be worth the extra hard drive space to have each chunk save in perhaps 5 different states of compression (up to and including textures, down to having each block at near maximum compression comprise of roughly 1 pixel of visual data on what would presumably be a 16x16x16 pixel cube to represent an entire chunk from a far distance, and perhaps a total maximum compression value of 6 pixels per chunk, 1 per side, relegated by averaging the color value on each side prior to original chunk storage in the save file). Just a guess, some questions, a few ideas, a shot in the dark, and an eye for potential :3
    I hope you can manage something like this, I have a few ideas how to implement it myself.

    2. 4294967296 blocks seems... well... excessive. Even 65536 seems unnecessarily large, as it takes an absurd amount of time to travel up and down that. I posit that, in fact, 4096 is as far as you realistically ever need to go, you could make giant mountains, the aether, the nether, deep oceans, and the normal world/caves/sky in that and still have room left over. Bigger is better naturally, but diminishing returns on the value of height is more severe than on the x and y axis, considering gravity and the lack of stuff really up there. In this regard, I think that keeping it simple is in your best interest, because it allows availability to more responsibly flex that resource usage in the game on something more pertinent.

    3. I don't think you should edit the block storage that high, perhaps higher, but think about what is the highest amount of reasonable blocks one person may actually use? Well, 4x the highest you can imagine is likely to be the highest anyone will ever need, so aim for a 10^x where x = plausible amount of block IDs required x4 (I'm sure it's still a number phenomenally smaller than 4096). The I/O for read-write to the HDD is a primary bottleneck for minecraft, and increasing save size would, presumably, have detrimental effects in this regard for some people.

    4. In your eyes, how complicated would it be to un-separate the nether and real world, and stack one on the other in a single world? I imagine it could involve a really extensive rewrite of the class loaders and bog down the memory load notably, but then again...

    as much as i love your contribution for faraway chunk compression... i really REALLY dont like the fact that you mentioned having 'too' much height was a problem as it would eat up HDD space, I/O speeds whatever. There is NEVER a limit on height!!! NEVER!!!
    other than that I bid you a good day/night/afternoon/morning whatever. Fairwell.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    i was just thinking, if there were to be huge underground lakes in future terrain gen. would it be better if that entire pocket with the underground ocean emit a light level of maybe 3/4 or somewhere close to that, as in the entire cave/cavern would be filled with this light source that would seem to come from either the body of water itself, or from some kind of huge underground shroom patch nearby. (yes thats from terraria) kinda like area lighting i suppose.
    my 2 cents

    btw i love the progress I have observed thus far, i have been following this thread since page 13 :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Scary Stories
    Google "the fear of darkness" first link. its a .pdf

    it is probably on of the most scariest late night stories i have ever read.
    id post it here except that it is too long
    here's an extract from the pdf, READ IT. it is well worth the time invested.

    "Throughout the many years I have been caving, a tradition has developed. Cavers, upon reaching the
    deepest parts of a cave, extinguish all helmet and handheld lights. A total dense blackness fills the void, and, for a
    moment, you strain your eyes with the expectation of catching a speck of light somewhere in the sudden, false night.
    After several futile moments, however you notice your other senses have heightened. The sounds, smells and
    feelings often overlooked to this point come into perfect detail now: the texture of the rocks beneath your feet; the
    smell of dust, sweat, bat guano; the sound of modern material shifting on age-old rock as you attempt to find
    comfort on the solid foundation. Then your mind begins to question, "What if?" What if a person had to climb out of
    the cave with no light? Would he find all of the turns and bends that brought him to this place? Would he make it?
    If not, would a rescue party find him in time? Never once did I enter a cave without this on my mind.
    I am finally able to tell about my discoveries and bizarre experiences in a cave not far from my home in
    Arizona. If you think the following events sound far-fetched, I agree. I have included the relevant text of a journal
    I have kept of every cave adventure. For the sake of clarity, my comments, as I reflect back on the experience, are
    italicized. I have done my best to convey the thoughts and feelings I had during the entire event. My journal notes
    begin December 30, 2001.
    My caving buddy Matt and I decided to get one more caving trip in before the New Year, so we set our
    sights on Hupman’s Cave. Hupman’s Cave was discovered several decades ago when road construction in the area
    unearthed its entrance. When the cave was first entered it must have been beautiful; but surface dust, graffiti,
    vandalism, and careless use have diminished its appeal. However, it still held some exploration interest for us.
    Anchoring from the usual tree, we began our descent into the cave. I went down first and gathered my gear together
    while Matt came down. I was excited, for, in a previous visit to Hupman’s, I had discovered a small passage in the
    lower portion of the cave with a strong current of air blowing from it creating a howling sound. This time, by
    enlarging the passage, we’d been able to enter and investigate it."
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    posted a message on Am I the only one who spent half an hour trying to break wood by taping when I first joined?
    no, you are not the only one, join the club :biggrin.gif:
    It took me a day to figure out what to do, without googling it,
    I also thought that the zombie was a bear of some sort, as they didn't burn up in the sun back then

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    posted a message on [Worlds] How to have Higher & Deeper Worlds

    My wet dream has become/becoming a reality!!!

    Praise you and Robinton and anyone else who supports you in this venture!!!

    I will spread the word, this game has way too much potential and can NOT go to waste.

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    posted a message on *New* One Stop Mod Shop 1.1
    sorry if this has already been posted, but is it possible to create sub-sections to highlight mods that work with SMP?
    and ones that work with SSP?
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    posted a message on DoS attack!!!
    HI all, my server was recently DoS'ed :SSSS: or i think it was...

    I just wanted to know weather it is possible to trace the ip of the attacker

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    posted a message on What is Minecraft, to you? [Picture Heavy]
    WOW... youve just inspired me to recreate something just like this in my world just for the sake of it!!! thank you very much... really creative work! :biggrin.gif:
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