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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank
    Ign: Alex_Ollie

    Age: 10

    Experience: I have had loads of experience and i am co-owner on one server

    How Long Have You Been Playing: I have been playing on this new server and your old server

    Are You A Donor: Yes I am Elite

    Current Rank In Prison: T (the best rank)

    Time Zone: Australia

    Why Do We Chose You: You should chose me because I am an experienced player on your server and i am very ready for the job at hand

    Have You Read The Rules: Of coarse

    Extra Info: Im a good admin or guard or whatever you chose to make me i am happy with any staff rank and i am very trust worthy

    Thanks for your time Alex_Ollie
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