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    I am building a very large structure which is symmetrical, and uses multi-part (forge) to place multiple block types within a single block. I would like to build one side of the structure and then use mcedit or similar to mirror it to complete the second side. The problem is that mcedit does not mirror the internal arrangement of multi-part blocks.

    My question is therefore - is there an existing mod, or a way to make a mod allowing me to replace in bulk one particular tile entity with another (effectively allowing me to mirror multi-part blocks)?

    Two things I would need to do:
    I would like to select a region within which to apply such a replacement
    I would like to be able to batch replace with many matched pairs, not just one at a time

    I think such a mod would be very helpful for anyone building in creative with multi-part blocks, but also for any other application requiring the replacement of one tile entity with another.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] Convenient Inventory 2.11 [Official]

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for maintaining and improving this excellent mod. It so revolutionises the minecraft interface that to play without it now feels like playing with no fingers!

    Secondly, I would really like to bump the request for a more convenient method of moving stacks to the hotbar. It has been mentioned many times in this thread, I know, and the functionality is available with 0+leftclick, but this keybind is really awkward when you are trying to use it in conjunction with your right hand on the mouse.

    Thanks again!
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