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    posted a message on Lets face it, Minecraft's glory days are over...

    Ah, it's the undead nostalgia thread again. This seems to crop up on a regular basis every week or two ... and it has for literally years.

    First, to the OP: The game hasn't changed; you have. There's a thread about it linked from my sig. Read it. The tl;dr version is that you are not a MC newbie anymore, and what you're nostalgic isn't anything in the game; it's you being new to the game and seeing, doing and learning everything for the first time.

    Now, to address the "updates have sucked ever since Microsoft bought out Minecraft": there have been no updates TO suck. (a few bug fixes, yes; updates, no) 1.9 is the first post-buyout update. Given that it's not out yet, we can't say for sure whether it sucks or not; however, a lot of people playing the snapshots seem to like it.

    Regarding "Notch come back plzplz": Markus Persson was not directly involved with Minecraft development for a matter of years before he sold Mojang. He's not the guy who made Minecraft what it was pre-buyout; that would be Jeb, Dinnerbone, et. al.

    "Gliding ruins this, that, and the other thing." Well, if you're playing SP and you accidentally go to the End, kill the Ender Dragon, explore more of the End, find an End Ship, kill its protectors, and -- still accidentally, mind you -- open a chest and find Elytra, there's something simple you can do to avoid that horrible ruination: drag and drop the item out of your inventory and into the Void. Problem solved. In MP, there are a lot crazier things than the ability to glide; virtually all MP servers are modded in some way. There is no doubt a means to remove any given item in the game (I don't run a server myself so I'd have to ask my admin what); so ask your server admin to include Elytra as one of the things to remove. (though if you're playing on a server that already allows flying, warping, or various other ways of getting around, I doubt if you'll have much luck)

    If there's some version of Minecraft other than the current one that you like better ... play that version. If you want to play on a server that runs that version ... find one, or get some friends and start your own. But nobody has any right to demand that other people have to play an old version of Minecraft (and which one?) just because you like it better.

    But there is absolutely nothing Mojang could do, nothing Notch could do, nothing the Emperor of Mankind could do, that would make Minecraft what you played when you were 10 years old, because you will never be 10 years old again, and you will never play Minecraft for the first time again.

    I remember the first science fiction book I ever read. I remember it as a wonderful, glorious book, opening up a whole new world to me. I remember writing my first fanfic (rather badly; I was, I believe, 8 at the time) about it. That book was awesome. Amazing. Something really special. And ... about a year ago ... I had a chance to read it again. Y'know something? It was, um, er, well, pretty lame. Not really bad, per se, but nothing to write home about. Not even anything to read a second time. Not a letter of the story had changed -- but I have. What I remember wasn't really the book itself; it was the way an 8-year-old child felt reading that book for the very first time ever. I'm not 8 years old anymore. I've already read it. What I was so nostalgic for was something which can never happen again, because I can't get younger (I wish!) and I can't unread a book (though there are a few I wish I could!).

    It's the same way with Minecraft nostalgia: the OP is nostalgic for what it felt like to play Minecraft for the first time when he was 10 years old. That's why playing an old version doesn't help -- it's not Minecraft itself that he's nostalgic for. It's something that can never happen again, just like I can never read that book for the first time again Past-you is not present-you is not future-you. They say you can never go home again, and they're right -- because even if "home" is exactly the same as it was, you're not the person who left.. Such is life.

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    posted a message on What's with the (lack of a) Minecraft calendar?

    No, to hang on your wall and see what day it is, like this one:

    2014 Minecraft calendar

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    posted a message on What's with the (lack of a) Minecraft calendar?

    For the first time in several years, there seems to be no Minecraft calendar.

    It's not because Microsoft has something against calendars, or licensing -- there's a particularly nice Halo calendar out, for instance. It's not because all Minecraft licensing deals are on hold or something since the buyout -- there's a whole new series of blind-box chibi figures coming out, and all those Lego sets (though the 3" figures from Jazwares seem to have come to a screeching stop last year). There's no apparent reason for it, in fact.

    Apparently my Google-fu is weak, because I haven't been able to find out what gives with the calendar. Does anyone here know?

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    posted a message on how can I report griefers?
    Quote from Thr33_Nin3s»

    Noooooooo........don't name and shame on here PLEASE! I sprung a griefer red handed in my creative build and thought I'd shame him on this site but was given the wise advice not to do it as the admins don't permit it (although I think they should).

    There's a reason that "blacklisting" isn't permitted here.

    I could post that you, Thr33-Nin3s, griefed my server, maybe with some screenshots to show what you did.

    How could you prove that you didn't?

    I wouldn't do it, of course, but griefers certainly would. If blacklisting was permitted, that would give the griefers an powerful tool to use against people like you. They could use it to grief you, not just in the game, but in the meta-game: people wouldn't want to play with you because they've heard you're a griefer -- see, there's a thread about Thr33-Nin3s on MCF. There is no way for the forum staff to determine who is telling the truth and who isn't. From a moderator's point of view, Al saying Bob is a griefer is indistinguishable from Bob saying Al is a griefer. This also opens up the whole can of worms that starts with "Give me a stack of gold or I'm gonna post on MCF that you griefed my server." In the end, the griefers win, the good people lose. That's exactly what the forum staff doesn't want.

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    posted a message on In-game purchases
    Quote from Clueless_Mom»

    I'm definitely going to read the Realms FAQ. This might be a good idea for them.

    Okay, say that somebody is brand new to the game and doesn't know any online friends or whatever. How do they play? Is there one main server where everybody hangs out or are there a bunch of them and you can enter until they're filled up?

    A good way to get started is playing single-player. That gives you a great chance to learn the game and get good at it before you plunge into the world of multiplayer. A lot of people only play single-player. (useful abbreviations to know: SSP = Survival Single Player, SMP = Survival Multiplayer, and less commonly CSP and CMP as the Creative instead of Survival versions of both)

    All servers are run by other players. Even the Realms servers, which are configured and hosted by Mojang itself, are still run by whoever is renting the server space. There are high-end servers with hundreds of players on one hand, and on the other, I play on a SMP server that's on an old computer in a guy's college dorm room closet. There is really no one central place for anything.

    Once your daughter is comfortable with single-player, she can start looking for a multi-player server -- or you could rent a Realms server for her and her friends, which can really help avoiding the, um, let's just call them "undesirable individuals" who can be found on some servers. I'd suggest, by the way, that you might want to get the game for yourself as well -- I've met people from 6 to 70+ who play, and they're all having a great time. If and when she wants to dive into the rather Wild-West-like world of multiplayer, this forum has plenty of listings of servers looking for players. (I would, by the say, strongly suggest that she not admit to anyone that she is either 12 years old nor a girl)

    In addition to actual game things, there are all sorts of, well, stuff for Minecraft. *looks around* Rather too much of in this room, I suspect; oh, well, our marriage has survived worse. Aside from the tchotchkes, which in my case range from a complete collection of 3" figures to a fuzzy plush bat that I equipped with magnets so it would hang upside down in a doorway, there are a lot of "how to" books out there. The ones I'd recommend are Minecraft for Dummies (it's smaller than the usual Dummies books) and the 4-book official Mojang set, published by Scholastic. There are also a couple more Dummies books (Redstone and Recipes) which might come in useful. Be very, very careful with anything from Triumph Books, because they repackage the same thing over and over again with a few changes and sell it as different books.

    A word about the EULA issues: It is totally against the Mojang EULA for a server owner to sell things on their server that are anything but cosmetic. If it affects your power in the game any way -- a better sword, for instance -- selling it is prohibited. That's not strictly a change to the EULA as much is it is a clarification. What with the Microsoft buyout and all, Mojang didn't actually do much about it. Microsoft has recently made some things about usage of the Minecraft intellectual property clear with regard to selling handmade Minecraft items -- yes, there are people who sell knitted creepers on Etsy -- so I wouldn't be surprised if they next turned their attention to EULA-violating servers. The short version: don't pay for a rank on a server. The servers that do this kind of thing tend to be "pay to win" anyway, and should be avoided for that reason alone.
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    posted a message on Mattel Minecraft Mini Figures

    As of Saturday, haven't seen any. (yeah, I religiously check the "green aisle" any time I get near Target)

    It looks like they're going to include a monster spawner, a bald sheep, and a few other odds and ends. I wonder if Mattel is doing this to tie in with the stop-motion animation set they have out, as that uses the mini-figures? If so, IMO that's a good thing. I always wanted to do stop-motion when I was a kid ... in a cinematic sense, people like Ray Harryhausen and Mike Jittlov were my SFX heroes ... and while it's been far too many years since I was a kid, I've been having entirely too much fun with that thing. Maybe you had to have seen something like Jittlov's short Swing Shift (still, IMO, the best stop-motion animation ever made) to really enjoy doing a 10-second clip of a tiny Steve hitting a tiny creeper or something, but it is what it is.

    Hopefully someone will have a listing of the box contents codes. I've never been a fan of the whole "buy 10x what you need to get the things you want" approach. (and I used to play CCGs)

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    posted a message on What windows will work for Minecraft (7,8,10)

    Also on XP and some flavor or other of OS X on the Mac. Minecraft is pretty forgiving as far as software goes.

    Note: do not buy Windows 8 for any reason. Get 7 or 10.

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    posted a message on Mobs spawning in my house?

    Remember that endermen teleport. He may very well have spawned somewhere else and teleported in during rain, when they port madly about.

    As Sparky said, slabs have to be in the bottom of the space to prevent mob spawning. Slabs in the upper part of the space (or two stacked slabs) are treated as normal surfaces, as are things like upside-down stairs.

    Lighting has to be at level 8 or above (use F3 or one of the light-evaluation mods) to prevent mob spawning. I can see from the screenshots that some of yours isn't bright enough.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Future

    So is it Like Microsoft Sends Suggestions and Mojang is Like Forced to Add it?

    It's like any other game development studio Microsoft owns: if Microsoft decided that creepers absolutely must be purple, they could tell Mojang to make them purple. And, since the guys at Mojang get their paychecks from Microsoft now, they'd recolor the creepers. That's how it works with every game studio owned by another company, or developing games with another company's intellectual property: if the rights owner wants something some particular way, you can argue, but when push comes to shove, they say "jump" and you ask "how high?" That's true of just about everything, whether you're making games for Microsoft or hamburgers for McDonald's.

    That said, Microsoft would be fools to do so. And Microsoft is many things, including ruthless, but they are not fools (though the release of Microsoft BOB came close to convincing me otherwise). They didn't shell out two and a half billion-with-a-b dollars for Mojang because they wanted purple creepers; they paid that kind of money because Mojang was doing a very, very good job at making a game a lot of people wanted to play, and Microsoft wanted a share of that money. Messing up the game would reduce its value, which they very much don't want, so they seem to be taking a hands-off approach and letting Mojang do what Mojang does best, namely make and sell Minecraft.

    So Microsoft could tell Mojang exactly what to do and how to do it but it's unlikely that they will, because they'd be killing the goose that laid $2.5 billion of golden eggs, and they're smart enough not to do that.

    That said, I've noticed two bits of weirdness: First, there's no 2016 Minecraft calendar. This is rather odd. It's not because someone at Microsoft has an allergy to calendars -- there is, for example, an excellent Halo calendar. But none for Microsoft. The other is that the Jazwares 3" mini figures seem to have stopped. There hasn't been a new release since Alex and the slime. There are innumerable figures still to be made, and at least one of them (the zombie pigman) we know they have the molds and whatnot for, as it was used as a promo some time ago. But no new ones for months. So, something very odd is happening there, and I would bet you dollars to donuts that it's some kind of rights issue. (in my experience, everything is some kind of a rights issue, at least everything that isn't a Unix config file issue).

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    posted a message on SOMETHING BAD IS HAPPENING

    SOMETHING BAD is indeed happening, but it's not what you think it is.

    The bad thing is that you're posting about Herobrine. The Minecraft Forum staff takes a dim view of that type of thread, because there is no such thing as Herobrine, never has been, and never will be, so the usual reason to post about him/her/it is to either start up trouble or fool gullible people, neither of which is a good thing to have happening in the forum. Herobrine threads never end well.

    If you want to write stories involving Herobrine, there's a section for it: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/show-your-creation/fan-art/literature

    Also, if the moderators take action on a post of yours, the correct way to handle it is to contact the moderator who did it (if you got a warning), or the section admin if you don't know. You can find a list of the staff, including the admin for each section, here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/forums/forum-discussion-info/517684-staff-list Starting another thread about your thread that got deleted is not appropriate, and is likely to get you into even greater grief with the mods.

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    posted a message on This is a joke!! Updates: Where are they?
    Quote from Thr33_Nin3s»

    Been opting out of chipping in to this thread for awhile now but hey....you only live once eh? (Prepares for ensuing flaming).

    Flaming is not permitted on the Minecraft Forum. There is a massive difference between disagreement and flaming.

    Firstly...if you look closely enough...a "Promise" WAS made. It's right there on the load screen. On occasions it clearly states.....and I quote...."THERE WILL BE UPDATES TO THIS GAME.......EVENTUALLY". Now if that's not a "Promise" in those exact terms then it's as sure as hell a solid commitment.

    "EVENTUALLY" So if there's an update to the game some time in 2018, the promise has been fulfilled.

    Obviously the real focus on the meaning of "update" is the addition of new features such as biomes, materials and the like. Having said that I can pretty much safely assume that's what the splash message on the load screen was eluding to.

    The existence of that message is a fact; the interpretation of it is an opinion.


    According to dictionary.com, the relevant meaning is "to incorporate new or more accurate information in (a database, program, procedure, etc.)." (the noun is basically 'doing the verb.') So, if we want to get definition-geeky here, "new or more accurate" would, in fact, include bug fixes and patches. So, within the letter of the message, they could put out a bug fix ten years from now and it would be sufficient.

    And there's the matter of the EVENTUALLY part. If your maiden aunt says she'll get married "eventually" do not start shopping for a tux.

    This is why, by the way, software companies (especially game companies) rarely announce a specific date for anything: In an industry where buyers take something as vague as "eventually" to mean "right away, when I want" actually committing to a date is business suicide. Been there, done that, and it's not pretty.

    With all the above in clearer focus I can fully understand the frustration that some players are experiencing when said "promises" are not delivered....or delivered at such an incredibly slow rate.

    What promises have not been fulfilled?

    4J did not promise to release new biomes for MC/console on August 23, 2015. They promised "updates" would come "eventually." That is, some code changes would be made, at some unspecified time in the future. Aside from the fact that they have done such updates, repeatedly, that unspecified time in the future remains in the future.

    It's not players having an unrealistic sense of entitlement.....just wanting delivery of the commitment that is STILL in effect (although you may have to load your game a few dozen times to see the specific splash message). Once that splash is removed i'll no longer feel "entitled" to future updates....but until that time comes the commitment HAS been made.....and we all know it's poor form to go back on ones word eh?

    So where have they gone back on their word? They have released updates ranging from bug fixes to addition of massive amounts of content since the first console release (for the 360). So "updates" have happened, and there is no reason to believe they will not continue to happen. They did not give any specific date, so "eventually" has not passed. Their promise (such as it is) was to continue doing at some unspecified time in the future the same thing they've done repeatedly in the past, and that promise has not been broken.

    I'm not sure why I'm still arguing this. The entitlement issue remains. You're taking "there will be updates eventually" and interpreting that to mean "there will be all of the additions I want when I want them." They're not the same thing.

    I got the game I bought and paid for. Additional content is a bonus for which I am grateful, not demanding more. I think anyone who bought a game they didn't like because they expected it to be turned into a game they would like at some point in the future is doing it wrong. If it's not the game you want, but you think it will be some day, then put the money under your mattress and wait until it is the game you want, and buy it then, or until they go in some other direction entirely, and buy some other game instead. Either way, you win.

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    posted a message on For those of you complaining about 12 year olds playing minecraft...
    Quote from lolplayer456»

    guys,complaining about a 12 years old playing minecraft is dumb because it is meant to mostly be for them.minecraft does not look like call of duty or gta v.

    Wherever do you get the idea that Minecraft is "mostly for them"? Can you point me to one tweet from Mojang, one press release, one public statement, that says "we made this game for children"? No?

    even most of themods don't really have violence.it is suitable for kids

    I think I addressed this in my earlier post, but I'll say it again to make sure:

    The things appropriate for adults are not, in fact, only those things that are inappropriate for children. Just because an adult can buy a can of beer doesn't mean that person is not permitted to drink a can of soda. Just because an adult can go to R-rated movies doesn't mean that person is not permitted to go to any other movies (do you think Jurassic World's rather impressive earnings are solely from children?). Just because an adult can drive a car doesn't mean they can't ride a bicycle.

    Contrary to what you appear to believe, adults don't live in a world saturated in violence (even in video games), sex, and other things deemed unsuitable for children. It's the same world. I've been one for a rather long time, and I'll tell you some things that adults do: Drink soda. Go to Jurassic World. Ride bicycles. Paddle canoes. Grow gardens. Eat ice cream. Ride the ferris wheel at the state fair. Go to the zoo. Watch birds. Read the newspaper. Play sports. Watch other people play sports. Take pictures. Paint. Watch TV. Eat chocolate. Play the violin. Eat at fast food places. I could go on to the point where I make everyone in this forum go "tl;dr".

    The point is that these are all things suitable for children, and they are all things that are done by adults. Yes, Minecraft (mods and all) is, in general, suitable for kids. So is eating ice cream. And you'll take my ice cream away from me when you pry it from my cold, dead, slightly sticky hands. There is not some changeover at, say, the age of 18, when a person says "I'm 18 now, I have to stop doing things that are suitable for children and only do those things that are unsuitable for children." If you expect that there will be, you're going to get some pretty funny looks from your peers when you turn down a soda at a picnic ... oh, wait, you wouldn't even go to that picnic. Okay, in a restaurant ... oops, kids can eat at that restaurant so you can't do that either. Well, I guess there won't be any problem with people thinking your diet and entertainment choices are strange because you won't actually be around those people. They're all busy doing things like drinking soda and eating at McDonald's that you think you shouldn't do because they're suitable for children.

    "Suitable for ages 10 and above" means "unsuitable for ages 9 and below," not "made for age 12" nor "unsuitable for ages 18 and above." And I guarantee you, if Minecraft is still a thing when you become an adult, and hasn't been replaced by something even more fun, you're not going to want to stop playing it because you had a birthday.

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    posted a message on For those of you complaining about 12 year olds playing minecraft...
    Quote from Brock756»

    "Minecraft has been rated as suitable for 7+ by PEGI, and for 10+ by ESRB. iTunes has a 4+ rating for their Pocket Edition."

    You will note that there is no maximum age specified.

    Just because something is suitable to be used by a small child does not mean that its use is limited to those children. Take, say, the game of chess. We'll stick with the computerized version for now. I just searched on the App Store, and the first chess game there is rated as suitable for 4+. Does this mean that people at some given age (say, older than 12) should not be playing chess, because it's not inappropriate for children?

    In fact, the implication of this premise is that adults should only like or do things inappropriate for children. Think about that for a minute.

    No chess. No ice cream. No Star Wars movies. No baseball. No picnics. No watching ballet, or opera, or the Cirque du Soleil. No eating at McDonald's. No taking pictures. No sending Christmas cards. No playing Words With Friends. No ice skating, or riding bicycles except in dangerous areas, or just chilling out and relaxing on the porch. And no playing Minecraft.

    Let's pick on Words With Friends for a minute. Rather against my will, I got talked into playing that by a friend. He's old enough to be a parent, if he chose to. So am I. And we play WWF with each other all the time. Should we not be doing that? For that matter, WWF is rated as being suitable for ages 4+. Think about it: how many 4-year-olds do you know who can even read and write? While there are undoubtedly some (long ago, I was one) there are not many of them. So why would a game be created with an intended market of people who are incapable of playing it?

    Sorry, but your idea that "suitable for ages X+" means "only intended for age X" is not right. Minecraft wasn't developed for children. It was developed for everybody. The people who decide these things decided that there was nothing in it that the parents of a 4-year-old or 10-year-old child would find offensive. And that's all it means.

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    posted a message on The game is static and boring.
    Quote from BradBrock1»

    Because beta 1.8 came out 4 years ago. Most parents wouldn't let a 6 year old have their own PC.

    If you believe most Minecraft players (then or now) are 10 years old, you are sadly mistaken. You may be that age, but not a lot of others are. When I was a moderator, my section was Other Platforms -- the consoles and MCPE -- and, as you'd probably guess, those players skew younger than PC players. I read an awful lot of posts by an awful lot of players looking for games/players, and very, very few of them were 10 or under. I'd guess the average age of a MC console player, at least around here, as 14, and I'm probably guessing low. Here in the PC section the average is higher still. Every so often I come across a thread of the "who here is older than [something]?" variety, and dozens upon dozens of players old enough to vote, drink, and have kids (or grandkids) who play Minecraft, post. I could be one of them myself.

    Beta 1.8 came out 4 years ago, but it's still available right this instant. If it was so much better than any release version, including the current one, why wouldn't all the people who are playing this use the option to play beta and play that instead? Nobody goes to a party and eats stale Doritos when there's a whole buffet spread out in front of them. Minecraft is no different: if there was a really great version that they could play just by selecting a different option in the launcher, everyone would be playing that.

    Face it: you like beta ... but not everyone else does. Not a lot of people do, actually, compared to the number who like some other version, usually an actual release version. You might think those people are wrong, but just like there are actually people who think broccoli is edible, there are people who like to play things other than an early developmental version of Minecraft, too. Pretending they don't exist doesn't make them go away.

    Also, the game grew in popularity, once again to the younger generation.

    You are the younger generation. :P

    I do find the logic that the "older generation" wants a simple game with minimal features and the "younger generation" wants a complex game with redstone, command blocks, and innumerable thingamagummies, to be somewhat bizarre. You're saying the "younger generation" is the people building redstone-powered computers, while the "older generation" just wants to build buildings out of a few basic blocks? Isn't that kind of backwards?

    Let's also not forget, they'd start at 1.8 or upwards, so they'd never have gotten to experience minecraft before it was beta 1.8.

    Why not? It's right there for anyone who wants to try it, and for anyone to play who thinks it's more fun.

    And when I said "Most people agree 1.8 ruined it", I was talking about the people who don't like the new minecraft, and prefer the older minecraft.

    Wait ... you're saying that "most people" who don't like actual Minecraft, and prefer the developmental versions, agree about the relative merits of one of those versions? Wow, that's walking it back some. Instead of most of tens of millions of Minecraft players, all of a sudden it's most of perhaps thousands of players. On a related note, undoubtedly most people who like haggis agree that some brand is better than some other brand. That does not equal most people who like food agreeing that a particular brand of haggis is better than another.
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    posted a message on What was your first encounter with a creeper like?
    Quote from Baryonic_Lord»

    Did the explosion trim the dirt for you?

    Nope, too far up. It took out part of my front wall, though. :(
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