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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    You need to use an ID from 0 to 255 that isn't in use by another (I used 110, because I knew pistons and stuff were 101-109ish, and I have another mod that uses everything from like 213 to 250... and 1 that uses 255)
    When you run it with command it should tell you what's going on... the config.txt needs to be in the .minecraft/bin as well when running from command (or modloader won't find it)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    Quote from Shibimon »
    Ok this is weird... when i install this mod, minecraft freeze at start, a seconds later show the error log and closes itself not letting me copy anything... so i use the command thing (viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=199761) to get sure i get an error log, and minecraft works fine (but i cant make the magic locks/softwares)

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say you installed magic chest improperly. Inside the zip there is a folder named copy_into_minecraft.jar --- you open that folder and copy everything from there into the minecraft.jar in the .minecraft/bin folder... Instead of copying the folder itself.

    Do you have another mod that uses block 255 [I know planes does] (cos it might be a conflict. It's odd that you don't get a crash when running from command prompt.)

    Also, if you're using the MagicChestConfig.txt (to change settings) you'd have to place it in the .minecraft/bin folder as well to get modloader to read it when running via command prompt (that might get you the error log).
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    Quote from BinaryCon »
    With the quantum software how are you are you storing the information of what items are in the chest? is it a cache file of some kind? I would think if you had the info stored like that then you could have it check the file when a chest is accessed and update it when something is changed, then you could also make it that once the disk is removed then it reverts back to empty shouldn't that method prevent the duplication bug. plus then you could allow for multi-channel quantum storage by using minor software disks and the number disk would make a cache file that would only store data for chest of that number.

    with the furnace software if you added a check to see if the furnace it was using had fuel before taking coal from the chest might fix half of the bug and then add a check for the item being smelted to see if it was the same type as the next in the chest to be smelted before adding it to the furnace should fix the items being lost.

    I hope this was at least some help to you. even if it's not I hope you figure it out. this mod has some great potential.

    That is how the quantum chest data is stored I believe (it's just a file in the .minecraft/mods folder). It works as you describe when the disk is added/removed. But for some reason (though it might just be my world) that on save+quit the items (from the quantum chest file) are getting stored to the chests themselves. [I almost figured Pistons might be the culprit cos I thought I remember seeing that it either changes how meta-data is stored, or items in chests to try and prevent items from disappearing when pushing chests around. (though I can't find that so ... maybe I'm imagining things) or it's a bug everyone has.]
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    Quote from Aero96 »
    Hmmm, you put in 9 chests the quantum software, put items in and then remove the softwares?
    Are the items in all chests, or only in one?

    Yes, duplication, there were the same items in all 8 chests[after removing the quantum software, no items in the chests when the software was added.] (I think the chest containing the originals, or rather that I had already taken the originals out of) was the only one that was empty when the quantum software was removed (hence only 8 having duplicates).

    Edit: It's probably something I did, or because I had a crash previously. I'm not sure though. If it happens again I can try to figure out what causes it.

    Ok, found the source of the problem (when I went to go looking for it) apparently when I save+quit it saves all the items from "the quantum chest" to the chests the quantum software is in. (noticed when I tossed a couple wood into (currently the only quantum software'd chest), then pulled out the software and just the 2 wood disappeared. So I put software into another chest, save/quit and sure enough all the items are in both chests.
    *grumbles about now having a bunch of duped items* technically 3x the amount started with considering... it's all still in the "quantum chest" as well.
    (The mods I'm running along with this are Industrial Craft, Allocator, Pistons, and build craft [though this will probably replace build craft])
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    @Hexicube: Yes, it was just a generic storage minecart (created before installing the mod).
    Also I noticed in the config file (cos I had to change the ID of the magic chest)
    ## Enables the Developer Recipes, so you can test the chest quickly
    # Default: false
    (was how mine came in the .zip ... so dunno if that was something to do with it.)

    Also, I've already had some item duplication happen... I'm not sure what caused it, but it's pretty easy to see at one point my 9 "networked chests" (or well um, augmented with the quantum software) placed the items into the chests they were connected to, so once removing the discs all the chests had that batch of items in it.
    At least it was just some cobblestone, dirt, a few wool and some other stuff. (I call the "actual" chest when quantum software is involved the Inception chest because ... it was confusing me at first, I thought the items were being destroyed when I'd place items into a chest then add the software. Until I figured out it was like a chest within a chest.

    So, the "Quantum Chest" isn't affected by loaded/unloaded chunks? I could say setup a quantum chest, then run through the Nether and come out way far away, plop down a magic chest and put in the quantum software and bingo have all the items in it?? ---- Loving the mod so far, btw.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    So, yay, I found a bug. What happened was... a storage minecart decided to drive itself on top of my magic chests while I was throwing stuff into them. The game crashed. I loaded it back up... then decided to replicate the results (running from the command prompt so I could catch the error log. And I did):
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 27
            at xb.d_(Unknown Source)
            at EasyChest_MinecartHelper.putOnStack(Unknown Source)
            at EasyChest_MinecartHelper.putItemIntoChest(Unknown Source)
            at EasyChest_MinecartHelper.putItemIntoChest(Unknown Source)
            at EasyChest_MinecartHelper.putEntityIntoChest(Unknown Source)
            at EasyChest_MinecartHelper.update(Unknown Source)
            at xb.doMagicChestStuff(Unknown Source)
            at xb.w_(Unknown Source)
            at et.a(SourceFile:1087)
            at et.f(SourceFile:1063)
            at et.g(SourceFile:1042)
            at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.j(SourceFile:1334)
            at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:694)
            at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    Here is what happened:

    :Notch: :Furnace: :chestfront: :RFlower:
    :chestfront: :chestfront: :cobblestone:

    :Notch: = me :chestfront: = magic chest :Furnace: = out of control storage minecart.
    So, I'm standing on a double magic chest, throwing at the single magic chest to the far right when a storage minecart lands in the middle (next to me ontop of the chest, I throw an item and crash).
    :RFlower: = redstone, I was going to power the single chest to get it to toss the items into the double chest.
    Turning off the clock was what caused the minecart to enter the scene (cos the lever powered something I wasn't expecting it to, nor cared if it did.... it happened to be connect to a booster track w/ a storage minecart on it :wink.gif:)

    Ok, I get this crash just trying to throw an item into a storage minecart, regardless of magic chests around.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    Few questions. First off, it looks awesome. (I think it'll work really well with Automatic Workbench since that was intended to work with store on collision (and used to) but now store on collision is no longer being updated.)

    1: How many terrain sprites does this mod add? (I'm hoping for just the 1)
    2: What is the default block ID of the Magic Chest? (nvm dl'd and found it in the config, and has a config. Nice)
    3: How does it work with storage minecarts? Do you build the minecart with a magic chest, or drive a storage cart past a magic chest and it'll automatically suck the items out? Or fling it[the storage minecart] with a catapult at the magic chest.... It's not very clear in the OP it just mentions "support for storage minecarts".

    Ed: I just realized if this all works alright. I might be able to get rid of buildcraft... between all the sorting magic chest has built in + quantum software. Question 4: Is there a limit to how many chests you can link with quantum software? (cos it sounds like it works like networked chests, but only 1 network, currently) [And what would happen if you had a quantum chest too far away. (like in an unloaded chunk)].
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