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    This Mod Is For 1.7.10 Only Currently, As I Am Very New To Coding!

    Hello Ladies And Gentlemen! Welcome to my very first mod! Ander's DarkCraft is based off of expanding vanilla Minecraft and adding dark items to enhance the experience. This mod is NO LONGER experimental and should work perfectly fine. Please check out my video on the mod review and consider testing the mod for yourself!



    Download:Direct Link (Now Without Ads)


    Please Answer The Poll Above So I Know What To Work On!!


    Recent Issues/Changelog


    -Mod will sometimes crash in 1.7.10 if render distance is greater than 12 chunks.

    (Please Report Any Other Issues)


    -Added Items;

    *Dark Helmet

    *Dark Chestplate

    *Dark Leggings

    *Dark Boots

    -Removed Dark Infused Wood and Dark Infused Wood Planks

    -Debugged and Fixed Some Lag Issues

    -Created Crafting Recipes for Dark Armor

    -Added Serverside and Clientside Proxy (To Allow Modded Mobs And Armor)


    -Changed Mod Name From Ander's Advanced Combat to Ander's DarkCraft




    May Your Frame-Rates Be High And Your Temperatures Low


    Be sure to post your "Other" Answers Down Below! Also post any other suggestions or concerns you have! (Please Include Crash Logs If Your Game Crashes!!)


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