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    posted a message on [1.4.6] [v10 RC6] [Updated Thread] SONIC ETHER'S UNBELIEVABLE SHADERS

    i dont understand whats wrong here....
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    posted a message on Light detection times
    i did a bit of testing with changing times and seeing when the redstone signal from the light detector is changed...

    i have a panarama shot of the times..

    (but of course i do not have the morning times)

    this is from 5000 (noon) till when the light detector is off...

    <<<<<<<<<<<------------read from the right-----------<<<<<<<<<----
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    posted a message on Texture Pack Converter for 1.5 (From Dinnerbone)
    I am confused, i dont know if its just my system set up or not... but how to i get the "unstitcher.jar" to recognize the texturepack and convert..
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    posted a message on Weekly Pre-Releases Scheduled
    hey guys is there anywhere i can go to report bugs? i found one with shading.. when just staying still my arm would flash different shades and when i look at 3 signs in a row at eye level the middle one is blacked out.. havnt tested the double door yet..
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    posted a message on Log-in Button
    Quote from XxAJxX

    I like and support this idea :smile.gif:

    Cool thank you :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from mattymcg

    could help stop the pirates from playing online ?

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    posted a message on Log-in Button
    i just have a suggestion for the main menu..

    Dont you hate it when you have to quit minecraft just to log back in?
    or couldn't log into minecraft.net, and been playing single play offline
    and want to play on a server?

    Notch added the quit game shortcut to the main menu but wouldn't
    it just be better to add a log in and log out button?

    Let me know what you think..

    or if someone can create this somehow.. i'd be more then happy enough to test it..

    Thanks :biggrin.gif:
    Have a good day
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