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    Quote from amindach»

    even worse is that players who spent a long time on their worlds and have generated their worlds in a radius of thousands of blocks, would pretty much be forced to make a new world if they want convenient access to these newer features at original spawn.

    Why did you copy and paste a segment of a post I wrote?

    anyway it is true, they will.

    Because the 1.17 update based on the information we have been given so far and what ibxtoycat has shown,

    we will not have deeper terrain and all their structures on existing chunks from 1.16 or earlier.

    The deal breaker is you'll either be going out further to generate those newer chunks,

    or start a world from scratch.

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    ibxtoycat has some more information about the 1.17 update

    ocean depth is changing too by the looks of it,

    good but dangerous. lol

    Would need an upgrade to Respiration, from 3 to 4 which doesn't exist yet, to make staying at the ocean floors less of a problem.

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    Quote from Hexalobular»

    But you have two hands, unless you're playing an old version.

    Can't you just put what you want repaired in your offhand?

    And switch when it's fully repaired.

    That would count as a hand wouldn't it not? you need 2 hands to dual wield. :)

    Good point though, that would work, that would be the point of putting mending on say a shield.

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    Quote from journeymanmc»

    Player attacking player? Hmm, what about single player?

    Then it has no affect, unless the player uses it against another mob, the newer potion type which could be added to a potion crafting recipe.

    I did not specify crafting recipes but I realize I should have, then again that deserves its own thread in my honest opinion.

    Potion of Corruption should be considered at the very least however, because it could add some interesting gameplay

    and make the potion system more advanced and perhaps even better or more fun.

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    posted a message on Why do you like Minecraft?

    Why do I like it? because it is an otherworldly adventure that lets you collect resources and use them to build nearly anything you want, even wallpapers and pixelarts with maps if you're patient and talented enough, although maps weren't really meant for this.

    Custom paintings would've been more appropriate for that if that were a feature, the concern here is people doing fan arts which are unfortunately from other people's copyrighted work, and could become a legal issue, so it's understandable why Mojang haven't made it easy to do this. Our opinion isn't going to matter here, although I don't agree with these restrictions so long as the fan is remembering to credit the original author of said work, and not taking credit or profiting off of other people's work, I don't see why this should be an issue, but it is.

    You can bring friends in these worlds and fight monsters, go into the Nether to collect rare loot, and sometimes get a good laugh out of watching Piglin push each other off cliffs.

    Also the game has some good music, original composer C418 but now Lena Raine.

    Also if you play on a modded Minecraft server,

    you have a lot more items to build with, more dimensions, more mobs etc.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    You do realize that base durability is almost meaningless with Mending, right? All that matters is whether you can collect enough XP to offset durability loss - even an item with a million durability will eventually be depleted if you can't collect enough XP - and Unbreaking reduces the XP cost by 4-fold, which is a HUGE difference, plus once you have multiple Mending items the cost to maintain all of them increases - a full set of armor loses 4 times the durability of a single piece since every piece takes damage at the same time, then add in tools and weapons and you might be getting only 1/8 the XP per item (I use 8 items that need to be repaired while caving), maybe even worse per item depending on how much damage it takes and how much XP you get while using it (armor is generally a non-issue but a Silk Touch tool can only get XP by holding it after you've killed a mob or take items out of a furnace, etc. Remember that an item must be held or work to get repaired, which is why the OP had issues repairing their items, and let me remind you that this thread is far off-topic by now - all the OP needed was my reply on how Mending works, not a long discussion about whether Unbreaking is worth using).

    My previous post even proved that I simply can't afford to not use Unbreaking; here are the figures again in a clear format:

    Total XP collected while caving: 1215292
    XP spent to repair my pickaxe: 454993 over 209 repairs (37.4% of the XP collected)
    XP spent without Unbreaking: 1091076 over 838 repairs (89.8% of the XP collected)

    And that's just for a single item, how would I ever even afford to repair everything else (armor, sword, bow, shears) with only 10% of the XP left over, and those items also costing far more to repair, even if they are repaired much less often (I repaired my pickaxe nearly every day, 209 times over 222 sessions spent caving. Other items probably accounted for a similar amount of XP for around 75% of all the XP I gained going to repairs, 100% if you consider that spending levels when you have more than needed will cost more XP so even if I manage to hit level 60+ I'll just spend most of the XP on a repair soon).

    While not a consideration with Mending, I'd have also had to use more resources to repair my items that I'd have collected even with Fortune, and while I trade for diamond gear in my first world I'd have to do a lot more trading, requiring much larger wheat farms and more time spent on harvesting and trading and more precious space taken up by stacks of hay bales on return trips (as it is, I've planted 83,000 wheat and I didn't trade for the entire time I've been playing, and otherwise do not use wheat in any significant amounts. Note also that I've crafted/traded for 596 diamond pickaxes - that would be 2384 without Unbreaking, equivalent to half the diamonds I've collected, again, just for a single item), so all in all it is a massive disadvantage to not use Unbreaking, which is especially valuable in 1.6.4 since you can only get it on weapons and armor if you use books - which i spend many hours mining thousands of quartz to get - why would I do that if there wasn't a major advantage to it?

    Almost yes, but would you refuse to use Unbreaking on a pair of gold boots in the Nether? your reply indicates that you wouldn't.

    having the experience myself I can say I wouldn't advise it.

    Without unbreaking 3, gold gets busted up too quickly and is likely to break by fighting a group of Magma Cubes,

    in fact this is how one of my gold boots got destroyed in the Nether, it didn't have unbreaking 3,

    but it also had curse of binding so I there was an upside to losing them.

    You can effectively repair items a lot faster by combining unbreaking 3 with mending, by giving items the chance to ignore damage.

    I'm just suggesting that when your items are as tough as diamond or netherite, you have ample chances to get the XP orbs you need to prevent your items from being destroyed. And the way mending works is you level up a lot slower, in exchange damaged items with mending that are equipped will continue to be repaired indefinitely.

    To give a solution to what the OP was saying, to repeat what you said but in more detail.

    My advise is equip all damaged tools to the hotbar, kill enemies with a weapon that isn't badly damaged, then back away, leave the XP orbs on the ground until switching to a tool that needs to be repaired, then collect the XP orbs.

    Tools that are not in your hand will not repair

    it is only your armour and items on hand that will receive a random XP orb repair.

    This is how I repair my gear, same thing with all the players who play on my server, and anyone else who understands how mending works.

    I'm not sure if notoucangamer has figured this out by now, but I'm leaving this note for him or her to read

    so this clarifies things.

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    posted a message on New structure for 1.17?

    It's possible that this is a structure in 1.17, but even if it is, which should be taken with a grain of salt because players can easily create a forgery with these, there's a lot about 1.17 that remains to be answered.

    I would like structures like this and the new cave systems to generate beneath existing chunks, although it doesn't look like it would happen.

    even worse is that players who spent a long time on their worlds and have generated their worlds in a radius of thousands of blocks, would pretty much be forced to make a new world if they want convenient access to these newer features at original spawn.

    I hope Mojang would consider finding a way to expand existing chunks, instead of just lining them with bedrock walls which is what's implied to happen so far.

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    Quote from Pykaxe»

    You definitely want to stack Unbreaking III with your mending - it'll help keep your gear from getting too low to begin with. If you have mending (and unbreaking!) on your armor, just general occaisionaly combat should keep it all in top condition; same with weapons. Fishing rods and fortune-enchanted tools generally stay mended through general use. For the others, easiest is to fish/breed animals/trade with villagers with the tool in your off-hand; fortune-pickaxe a stack or three of silk-touched ores with the tool to be mended in your off-hand; or smelt a bunch of things and remove them from the furnace with the tool/weapon in either hand. If you've been mining/caving long enough to wear your mending-enchanted pickaxes/shovels down to the red, it's probably a good time to take a break and process some ores anyway... :)

    I do like to use unbreaking 3 for some of my gear with mending, I wouldn't give it up if I had the XP for it and the necessary books to use, although sometimes it is a better idea to use the enchantment table to get unbreaking 3 on the item first.

    But items that are stronger than gold wouldn't need it and provided that you make the most efficient use of your gear and don't get hit too many times by enemies, unbreaking III is unnecessary imo. Netherite can last a long time still.

    If people are having to use Unbreaking 3 for all their equipment still then it only further demonstrates my point, that the base durability of items is generally weak and inconveniences players too much to deal with.

    Unbreaking 3 is a crutch for bad item design imo, especially iron, iron shovels being broken (or at least badly damaged) within less than 1 day and night cycle which is only 20 minutes in Minecraft, yet allegedly, according to some people, iron items need their durability "nerfed".

    Sometimes I can't tell if people are trolling or are serious, but either way if Mojang had listened to those ridiculous people,

    everyone who plays Minecraft would've had far less reasons to continue using Iron Gear late game.

    Sure netherite is cool, but it's also a rare item that cannot be obtained in trades,

    I'd rather not be forced to use these if I don't have to. I made 3 netherite shovels primarily because it helps me clear enough terrain to build up my towns, as it would with any other player with this playstyle, none which have anything to do with combat.

    On the topic of mending though, if it is to remain in the game as it is now, then we should at least have more restrictions on the number of enchantments per item. Some items have 6 or 7 enchantments on them which makes them too overpowered, 3 or 4 would be more sensible, this way players are forced to use gear that is specific for a task, not good at everything.

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    posted a message on Add castle ruins

    Archaeology underground kind of means ruins anywhere, just not on the surface.

    The ideas in this thread sound to me like strongholds and ocean ruins.

    In my eyes, we have enough structures in the game by now, especially if you are near ocean bodies or deserts.

    I will give some support, but not especially excited.

    I don't feel newer structures are justified unless there are newer hostile mobs to battle, as well as unique loot to find within them.

    The thing that made Bastions great in the Nether is the Snout Banner and Pigstep discs, rare loot, but are pretty much trophies for completing these quests. Also you can find diamond armour plates, gold blocks, Soul Speed III books or gold boots, and netherite scraps or ancient debris.

    Having a structure that generates in the Overworld for the sake of it without anything new to find within it, makes its existence pointless.

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    posted a message on help my mending isnt working

    Unbreaking also helps.

    And I would definitely use a mending axe as a weapon.

    I'd argue unbreaking makes the mending enchantment unnecessarily complex and time consuming to put on the item.

    Sure it gives your items a chance to ignore incoming damage, therefore making them last much longer on average,

    which is especially useful for gold items that would break too quickly without it, even with mending.

    But it increases the repair cost of the item, further demonstrating how broken the anvil mechanics are.

    The anvil could have been used to rebalance mending in the best possible way, but someone in the Mojang development team decided to just have mending auto repair indefinitely without having to use the anvil ever again, provided you kept the XP orbs coming.

    My opinion on Unbreaking though, it exists in the game to make up for the poor durability of items.

    I'm not sure if I agree with its existence myself, high quality tool materials shouldn't be weak to start with.

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    posted a message on Worst Biome to spawn in
    Quote from AtlasBlue»

    Maybe The ice spikes

    - no items


    -cant see

    -kinda laggy

    -SO BIG

    Polar Bears also harass you if you go near them with cubs.

    Definitely not something you want when you first make a world.

    Because those polar bears could be hiding behind a section of ice spikes.

    and if your hunger bar depletes far enough, which is more than a possibility in this biome, you can't sprint.

    Recipe for a rage quit.

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    posted a message on Java or bedrock?

    I've come to appreciate both with time, although I still prefer bedrock edition because of its optimization.

    What's the point in a video game if it doesn't run smoothly and give you absolute control? my philosophy anyway.

    Java still holds the advantage when it comes to mods and content though, and when I say content I mean the features in the updates,

    and for a time you could create custom worlds on it I believe, you also have hardcore mode, spectator mode, buffet worlds and amplified biomes.

    However that's where my positive experience with Java ends,

    the bad points is the chunk loading system, it is just plain awful and causes lag spikes even on PC's with CPU's that did well in benchmarks,

    even having an Nvidia GPU that meets the system requirements doesn't guarantee good performance here, as evidenced by numerous threads of people complaining about low frame rate and asking for advise to remedy it.

    Sure, you can tweak the game to get it to run well, but I don't consider lowering the render distance to 16 or 10 chunks a good compromise in year 2021, or having to use a mod like Optifine, which is even worse. Having to use mods to optimize a game defeats the purpose, because you simply shouldn't have to use mods to make up for sloppy coding by a developer.

    On bedrock edition me and others on my Shockbyte server are rocking it with 32 chunks render distance, 12 chunks simulation,

    and we get no performance problems whatsoever.

    I am in agreement with Java MC fans when they say we should have content parity though,

    that is one of the biggest letdowns of bedrock edition imo.

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    posted a message on New Use For Obsidian
    Quote from BlackMonarch»

    How about just obsidian stairs and slabs? We've been waiting for those for over ten years.

    I agree

    I would like to use obsidian stairs as a way to blast proof an obsidian fortress against Creepers

    The anti griefing purpose is a flawed one though because griefers will always find a way to destroy your build, with just a diamond Pickaxe theoretically they could dismantle your obsidian staircase and your build is totalled.

    It would add an extra layer against mob griefing, for sure, but it wouldn't do much to help in a situation where players are involved imo.

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    posted a message on Add birds!
    Quote from FawesDaWombat»

    I've got one:X Player was killed by a Mother Swan

    Usually when humans or larger animals are killed by swans it is not because they overpowered them, it is because they prevented someone from getting out of the water, causing them to drown.

    It is a myth that their wings can break our bones.

    They're not strong enough to do that, but it doesn't take much force to drown someone.

    If Swans were introduced as a neutral mob in the game, I think it would be more appropriate if they kept pushing players underwater, while making hissing noises.

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    posted a message on Baby skeletons!

    Where was the theft idea even brought up?..

    No, but there are mobs that can steal items even now, Piglin will pick up gear players dropped, either on purpose or if players died near them.

    There should be hard limits on what mobs can do to players, as I said before if there's such a thing as too easy, there's also such a thing called too hard.

    Baby Skeletons wouldn't steal items though, so I don't know why some people in this thread are so worried about them being put into the game in accordance to the OP's suggestion. Yes they would be harder if they were faster because they'd be harder to hit, but they would be manageable, and they're not terribly buffed to the point where they would ruin survival gameplay.

    For a few reasons:

    They would still burn in daylight

    They wouldn't have the ability to pick up dropped items

    They don't have powers that can circumvent armour defence like poison or wither (unless Wither Skeletons also had a Baby variant)

    They'd still be vulnerable to Smite enchantment

    You can still kill them with the same weapons they're using against you, bows

    Your bow is often more powerful than anything a Skeleton would have equipped

    I'd argue to not introduce these, is only fueling people's desire to make Minecraft survival mode more challenging.

    I do think mobs that are a direct threat to players, rather than builds or even their gear, is a better solution,

    not giving Pillagers some insane buff that enables them to grief player bases, like what was suggested on reddit a long time ago.

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