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    posted a message on VoxelMap [1.16.1 to 1.7.10] - a minimap and worldmap

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I've searched through the 90+ pages with no answers;

    My issue is with the Large Map / Multiworld portion (Default "M")

    Issue: Explored areas become blacked out, once in a while become revealed. Right before loading the "M" map, I see my explored map every time, then it wiped everything to black. It's there, saved somewhere. I just want to see what I've explored.

    I play

    1. The server that runs 1.13.2 Spigot ( I have no access to server-side files, although I might get some properties values if needed, not the files)

    2. Client-side - Latest Rift and VoxelMap

    3. I run the game for hours on end. Sometimes for 1 hour, sometimes for 2 hours, but exploring <b>3k * 3k chunk flying in the end, taking up MEMORY.</b>

    Lately, it randomly started to wipe my explored areas. I can manually trigger the wipe by pressing "M", and clicking "Multiworld". Although I click the "Overworld"(my default nametag for the server), it resets my map. Lately, it started to randomly wipe my explored area WITHOUT clicking "Multiworld", as previously mentioned. I feel like there is a cap to cache/ram.

    Once in a while, randomly, I get my old waypoint and explored area revealed to me. I take screenshots etc but that defeats the purpose of the addon.

    Are there any Memory or Cache leaks I should be looking out for, or is this a known issue I've missed searching.

    Thanks in advance.

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