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    Through my time running minecraft servers I have been through many hosts, no host being remotely as bad as gizmoservers.com. Never have I witnessed such a lack of decent business practices, half decent support, and the overall greed in a company first hand before.

    I was hosting a server through their services for a couple months and quickly found their support was absolutely terrible. Took multiple days to make a simple response and the representatives lacked basic grammar skills. It was hard to communicate with them and had a terrible time in actually fixing a problem mainly having something to do with the control panel.

    The actual server I rented out was terrible. Server lagged periodically and would crash constantly. Mainly having to do with the control panel. This is the main reason as to why I decided to leave and when the real mess started.

    GizmoServers has a practice in juicing you for money as much as possible by offering you "extended packages" for "better" support or hell, they'll even set up your plugins for you! Provided you pay the $20 fee that comes with it and if you really want to get ripped off you can buy "plugin packages" made up of completely public plugins that anyone can download but who cares about that!? I get a "Premium PvP plugin package" for the low price of $15! WHAT A STEAL!

    So after a couple months a just about had enough with this terrible host so I cancel my services completely which wasn't easy either. I had to make several support tickets before I could finally get it done and even then I was still being automatically charged through my paypal for services I wasn't even receiving anymore. After I notices this I make another support ticket and talk to the a representative that is one of the "head CEOs" of this joke of a company and like all the others pulls grammar straight out of his ass to form sentences and tell me I must file a chargeback through paypal to get a refund. I said "ok" and at this point I was pulling my hair out because of this host and I just wanted to be done with it. So I file a chargeback and as a response Gizmo says that it was all legit and they I bought a server from them that month. They sent me 2 messages saying my server was cancelled and I didn't even have access to a server during that time period which I checked. So they are telling me to file a chargeback to get a refund than they deny the re-transaction so I get into this entire ticket argument with this dimwit of a representative and claims in the "real world" it's totally not theft if you refuse to give back money that was not supposed to be given to you.

    Waiting for a paypal representative to clear this up but the entire thing has been a complete mess and I want to prevent anyone I can from going through what I had to. Using gizmo servers will be the biggest mistake of your internet life and would definitely advice against it!
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    This is Age of Fatality a minecraft RP server that lets you choose your destiny by choosing your race and much more. You will find many hidden secrets while you travel the world alone or with friends.

    Here is the trailer

    The ip is

    It is a very cool/newer server that im sure anyone who enjoys minecraft and some very decent rp will love.
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