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    posted a message on Happy Birthday to Citricsquid!
    Happy Birthday, Citricsquid, CyborgDragon, and 8bitben.

    In particular, thank you, Citric, for taking that first step so long ago towards giving Minecraft an organized community. Te saluto!

    And the obligatory diamonds... :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    One each. ;\
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    posted a message on 1.9: A wedge in the community?
    Here I am, reading this, wondering if I should post with my opinion and a post worded tersely about my viewpoint from official capacity, but worried that if I post, A. all discussion will cease because "a mod has entered the room" and/or B. I will be shunned as a member of the establishment... when really I should just post. I shouldn't have to worry about those things, so I won't.

    While I don't think any of the staff disregards your reasoned opinions, I am not speaking for the staff as a whole. I am speaking for myself. I know I don't.

    I agree with you, TalentNinja, that there has been a marked increase in that kind of behavior for a while, and I agree with JoePrime's reasoning regarding the shift of viewpoint from a test version that can be changed at any time to the finished product envisioned by Mojang, and MissingUsername's note about the increased frequency of the updates. Somewhat like Firefox 6, and 7, and 8, and 9, all being/having simultaneous release candidates, it's wearisome.

    I wish I could contribute more time to this forum - I envy the sectional mods who can - but real life says otherwise. That said, I have noticed an increase of reports regarding complaint threads. And I've seen at least three threads today with a similar message to this one. So the trend is there. The change is certain. What do we do?

    Well, MissingUsername said before that we generally man up and get on with it. I can agree with the logic of that. But I don't know if my opinion (while it used to) still represents yours.

    Because there's an unfortunate side to being a staffer here (at least for me). I can't say for sure I see eye-to-eye with you guys; after going about for two years on a quest to uphold rules, my banner that of black and white, I don't interact with the community on a down-to-earth level anymore. The last time I did that was before there was a Beta. I'd retire, but I'm the only active GM left.

    I'm somewhere in the rough draft state of writing an email to some of the guys at Mojang. Open development has always meant to me an open line of communication, but ever since Minecraft became serious business, that's changed. I have just as much chance of contacting him as anyone else.

    I hope you can relate to this. I wish I could relate to you.

    @ The post above mine: Then God help the "Beta veterans."
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    posted a message on Ugh, the matter with this community...
    We hear you. And you've hit the nail on the head. Speaking personally, I'll try my best.

    Speaking corporately, we will continue dealing with reports in the most just manner we can. The community should follow suit in reporting (especially in reporting without replying).

    Quote from darothok »
    but you do realize that there are other fourms for minecraft other than this one. right?

    This is the official one, the one most people are going to talk in, speak of, refer to, and complain in. This is the one we're dealing with.

    You have the support of everyone presently in the staff IRC. :smile.gif:

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    posted a message on Need Help With Signatures
    Congratulations! You managed to work up a third of the whole sectional staff over this nonissue!

    So I fixed it for you! Have a nice day.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Player Sprints & Pig Snouts
    Prior to this, I had been pretty disappointed that you can't jump nearly as far in Beta as you can in Classic (maximum lateral jump in Classic is a 4F - that's a gap of three - and in Beta it's more like 3F or not even).

    But this... That's at least a 5F! I wonder if sprinting can extend your vertical reach, too (though probably not).

    Awesome. Oh, and pig snouts. I'm indifferent to them.
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    posted a message on Ballistic's Server
    Locking thread on request of original poster.
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    posted a message on Lets guess who will win!
    The case doesn't look very solid, nor does it make sense to anyone here (though that may be confirmation bias). So, I'd expect them, if they have common sense, to drop the case. But I can't speak for the lawyers.

    As to how Bethesda views Mojang: watch this interview video between Notch and Todd Howard, Bethesda's game director. I doubt, at least at a developer's level, that there's any thought of a "threat" posed by Mojang. There's about as much likelihood of that as of Mojang viewing Bethesda as a threat.

    The video also covers Notch's real reasons (or lack thereof) behind the Minecraft release date.

    </possibly subjective>
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    posted a message on A different game by Notch
    The following depends upon the accuracy of my memory:

    Breaking the Tower was made after Minecraft was begun, though before Mojang AB was officially a company.

    Some of Notch's very early games may have been for practice, but most of the side projects you may see him do are Ludum Dare competition entries. Breaking the Tower was one of these entries.

    See his Ludum Dare author page to possibly find some entries; See this page for a few more, though still not all of them.

    Some recent games: The Europa Arcology Incident and Metagun.
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    posted a message on Count to 10 until a member posts
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    posted a message on NEXUS SPLEEF CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 (Winner: NinKirby95!)
    Well, not everything goes according to plan.

    Dominhiho did not show up.

    Neither did more than half the registered contestants.

    I lost. : P

    But, on the bright side, ChocolateBox decided to film everything from the quarterfinals on (which were a bit confused, with 9 people), and NinKirby95 took the gold... with ChocolateBox getting second.

    Lulz were had.

    Thanks to everyone who actually showed up for participating, and sorry to everyone who could not come in due to the server cap until we raised it.

    Oh, And Dom is really getting it when he shows up.
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    posted a message on NEXUS SPLEEF CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 (Winner: NinKirby95!)
    Salvete, amici!

    Welcome to the 2011 Nexus Spleef Championships, hosted by the Nexus server and commissioned by Scaream. I'm Aexis, the winner of the 2010 MineCon Spleef Tournament. First, if you didn't already know:

    To get to the Spleef map, join the server and type " /load nexussct " and you will be taken there. Once there, up the stairs is the main arena and to your sides are the practice arenas.

    I've also got some announcements that all who read this thread should be aware of.

    First off, I wish to say that my participation in 'Con '10's Tourney was not something I planned for, or trained for, and certainly not something I expected to win. So this year, I'm here not so much to uphold a title as I am to try my luck at a second go 'round.

    Second, it is mandatory (as ruled by the organizer, Scaream) that all competitors use either the browser client or the WoM client with hacks turned off. It is preferred (though really only by me) that as many as possible use the browser client, as it will keep with the spirit of the 2010 Tourney, which was entirely Vanilla.

    Next, just so you're all aware, I constructed most of the arena and the repair command buttons which fix it. My involvement in the construction was mostly artistic, and insofar as it involved the arena, it was in order to make the size and proportions equal to that of the 2010 arena. It is circular with a diameter of 14 blocks, made based on the video in the OP. My status as Moderator here and Administrator there also has nothing to do with my performance, selection, or any bias in judging.

    [Note to Referees: The referee's stand is floating above the arena. To reach it, there are two small boxes to either side of the main arena, on the floor of the map, behind either practice arena. Enter either box to be portaled up to the stand. There are then two buttons floating: one glass and one leaves. The glass block is the repair button, and the leaves block is a five-second countdown.]

    [General Note: The repair button works as follows: The cage below the arena is repaired first, then the arena floor, then the walls around the floor. The button then broadcasts a "Done." message, but due to some problems we had, the block was edited to finish some minor fixes to the arena after that message. So, let it be noted, anyone exiting through the red contestant's side exit door may have to wait momentarily as the repair button finishes opening the door.]

    Also, given the extremely large size of the attendees list, you may not all get in at once (the server player cap is currently 16 and I'm not sure if it'll be raised). I suggest you join our IRC (#NexusCraft on the Esper network; use mibbit if you don't have an IRC client) and wait to be called in.

    Lastly, I am making some of those nice Minecraft Achievement Generator achievements for the competitors. They may not be ready immediately after the tourney, but depending on how the tourney goes, one of them might have my face on it.

    That's all I can think of.

    Valete, amici! We shall meet on the battlefield.

    ~Aexis Rai

    EDIT: I've prepared one of the achievements:
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    posted a message on Mods +1/users -1
    Well, you can go back to whatever negative number it was, because DM was trolling you with 53 (there's no "add 56" rule), but remember... x-1.

    Number is:-15.
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    posted a message on Mods +1/users -1
    Randomly institute new rule: Mods have choice of adding one or multiplying by negative one. User permissions remain the same.

    Figure out the implications of that yourself.


    EDIT: You post so fast I can't do this properly.
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    posted a message on Mods +1/users -1
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    posted a message on [TOOL/Textures] MC Texture Merger {Released, Version 0.1.1}
    Thread moved.
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