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    Amazing texture pack. Got me to swich from Mixcraft now, sorry Kool :smile.gif:, your stuff is amazing too. Mincraft texture paks are like clothes. You want to change into something new.

    The only small correction I would like to point out is that 32x32 is 4x the res of standard textures. 64x64 is 16x the resolution of 16x16. Common mistake for people to make is to only think of resolution as a line and not a 2d object that has x and y dimensions. So you have 4x res of x axis and 4x res of y axis, then 4x4 = 16, or on a pixel level math: (64x64)/(16x16) = 16 times the pixels. Easier way to think about it is if you cut a 16x16 texture out, you can paste it 16 times into a 64x64 texture. I know, I know, i'm such a nerd. I was pretty good at math in college.
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