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    Not to interrupt the interesting discussion about these archenemy mobs that put the player in crossfire

    But I gotta say BobMowzie, thanks so much for making and sharing Mowzie's Mobs.

    On a whim, I remembered this mod and decided to check how it was going, and you've really added a lot to it.

    It's been years already since I last played this mod (and Minecraft in general) but it has remained the standard for what peak-quality should feel like. Of course, I've tried other peak-quality mods like Betweenlands and those from the team MinecraftAbnormals, but Mowzie's Mobs still has a special place in my mod folder. From reading your comments on this forum and playing with the mod itself, it's served as a standard for great game design in general, with hooks and implementations and etc. and I've really gained a greater understanding of what makes mechanics interesting to players. I'm definitely able to incorporate these things into my own little coding projects.

    It's awesome that you still work on this mod (in your free time, of course) and still occasionally respond to comments on this thread.

    I just want to encourage you and let you know that your work is great, inspiring, and helpful beyond simply being fun. Have a great day!

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