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Hello you, my Name is Aaron Russell if you didn't know. I'm a human, i like games, i'm friendly... sometimes not.. depends.

i play games, that's for sure. i like Superhero stuff like Kamen Rider or Super Sentai.. so yeah. i watch anime, but i'm not an Otaku or Weeaboo, cause that's a bad title.

btw Anime is Cartoon, or you can say Japanese cartoon. either way it's animation wether it's Western Cartoon or Japanese Cartoon. so most people misused the title "Otaku" since otaku means Nerd and doesn't have anything to do with japanese animation.. well it does have but that's not what i mean. Since Otaku means Nerd / Geek you can be any nerd such as Animu Nerd, or Game Nerd, or Space Nerd, Sports Nerd, School nerd?, bla bla bla nerd and such. so yeah, if you're reading this, you should believe what i said, since i know this more than you do pal, because i do research and such. but it's up to you since i'm not your mother, do whatever you want.
Interests I Do whatever i want.

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