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IRL: I am a person. I like to live. living is good.
IG: My name is Vexlithian Frostvein, I have been born with a gift, well, I say gift, it's more of a curse. I am Enderborn. The corruption has taken over half of my face, I try to cover the worst part of it with a mask, but it doesn't cover much. I am Xentorian, If you don't know what that means, It means that I am a Frost Elf. I am a blacksmith, as a part time job, Most of the time I am out protecting the town, Sometimes the guard system is not enough. I am also an assassin. We never reveal who we are, But since this is just some information on me, I thought I could share a little bit more.
Minecraft (obviously), Skyrim, The art of forging metals, airplanes, toast, Portal, Half Life,
Location Bristol, England, UK

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Minecraft vegtradex365 Xbox XGN xFrostx Steam A_Toaster3

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