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    Scariest: A cannon unexpectedly malfunctioned and killed me.

    Funniest: Shooting a pig in a mine cart out of a cannon and into the stratosphere

    Coolest: Learning how cannon physics worked; for SCIENCE.

    These may or may not be related.
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    Quote from Epicness1324

    Common sense may make sense, but it ain't common lol

    Especially not on SMP servers.

    Kid admins.

    Kid admins everywhere.
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    Paranoid about griefers? Had a bad experience? Don't worry, there's a way to avoid griefing. And they're surprisingly effective.

    Method 1: Don't play multiplayer (100% effective)

    Now I know what you're thinking; you're thinking that you LIKE multiplayer. And you want to continue playing it for the experience of having lots of people in your world. But more often than not I encounter players who join SMP servers and keep entirely to themselves- they don't interact with anyone. So essentially they're playing Single Player, but with the hazard of being griefed. If this applies to you, stay the hell off of multiplayer. Don't paint a target on your creations and then get mad when someone defaces it.

    Method 2: Move far away from spawn (<100% effective)

    Griefers always look for easy targets. The easier your structure is to find, the easier it is to be griefed. So which building is easier to find? The elaborate castle built 100 blocks from spawn? Or the cleverly hidden fortress 5,000 blocks Southeast from spawn?

    Method 3: Control who plays your server (100% effective)

    By 'control' I mean either password your server, host it over Hamachi to only a trusted group of friends, or whitelist it. And by friends I mean personal friends; someone who you actually know. Not some asshole you met on the internet; chances are he'd grief you too. Griefers avoid whitelisted servers like the plague. Why waste their time on a waiting list when they could find some pub server to wreck? The easiest way to control griefing is to control who plays on your server. I've been saying this **** for years; people who listen to me have positive outcomes.

    Method 4: Plug-ins (<100% effective)

    So you've decided to ignore the previous 3 methods for whatever reason. Your only choice now is to rape the game with a million plugins that disable everything fun. That means no fire, TNT or breaking of certain blocks in certain zones. It might also mean ridiculous plug-ins like McBans- while that might keep griefers away, it bans more innocent players than guilty ones. While I personally would never play on your server if you enabled stupid features like this, I'm certain there's someone who would. However, some plug-ins can be exploited and bypassed. So this method is not only annoying, but also potentially faulty.

    Method 5: Be a griefer (100% effective) <- Author's choice

    Nobody can grief you if you have nothing to lose. Travel light, build nothing, and destroy everything.

    Use the information in this guide responsibly. Or don't. I don't give a ****.
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    Excellent. Now give it a hug.
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    Quote from NitrogenSnow

    Oh man, Method 1 didn't work for me... I got griefed on my second day

    So you managed to avoid creepers the entire first day? I'm impressed.
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    Quote from kude42

    I played 8 months on a hundred twenty seven slot hardcore pvp server. Lemme tell you, there is no way to build an ungreifable building. There's always a way. Always.

    Note the "<100% effective".
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    These new features are ********! Even though I'm not forced to use them and they don't necessarily affect my gameplay experience, I am still generally butthurt that they exist! So much so that I'm NOT UPDATING and I encourage everyone else to join me! Because somehow that makes a ****ing difference to the game developers, whom I have already given money to!

    I've soiled my undergarments in PURE FURY at these changes. How does Mojang sleep at night, adding new content to a game that millions of people enjoy? They should be spending all their time adding only the content that I want! And they should focus 99% of their time optimizing the game for my 1995 HP Compaq desktop computer!

    Blah blah blah Minecraft is not an RPG blah blah blah go back to 1.7.3 terrain blah blah blah nerf everything because the game is too easy blah blah blah

    Comic Sans because **** the police.

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    ITT: Butthurt people who have never heard of whitelisting their servers.
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    posted a message on Minecraft has lost its "spark" anyone agree?
    Stop ****ing playing it then, OP.

    And stop making these ****ing threads. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by burying threads posted by people who actually enjoy and play the game?
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    It links to an adfly page.

    Can I call OP a faggot without getting a warning this time, moderators?
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