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    I'm digging a rather large area underground, and so far I've come into contact with 3 subsurface lava lakes. They're pretty big so I'm not going to try and collect them all with buckets (besides, that's what the Nether's for). The lava lakes big, deep, and they are really slowing down my operation. I want to know what the best way to get rid of them is.

    What's your preferred method when it comes to getting rid of deep lava pools underground?
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    posted a message on Creepers Die on ICE??

    You were being chased by a CREEPER.

    And when it died without warning, instead of praising Notch and dancing around, you decided you would go and question the situation?

    Clearly we're dealing with divine intervention here. Go thank Notch if you haven't already.
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    posted a message on Hatch + Lava = Burning Cobble!? [Screenshot]
    Quote from Loki

    So I was chilling in my big tunnel and wanted to close off a doorway I made into a natural cave. I recently switched from using torches to using lava + glass. I put a door and a hatch to fill the opening on top while keeping the aesthetic. After I walked away for a minute and came back I was surprised to see the cobblestone next to the hatch was on fire! I stamped it out with my hand, it came back then went out on it's own after about a minute later. I can only assume it's actually the side of the hatch catching on fire, but I just thought it was strange.

    Enjoy crazy:

    Texture pack is Sphax PureBDCraft 128x

    Only mod I'm using is the HD texture fix.

    That texture pack reminds me of the cell-shading in Team Fortress 2.
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    posted a message on Have you ever done something bad?
    I jumped on an SMP server once. I had no items and nowhere to live. I started walking west to get as far away from spawn as possible when I made my house. On the way, the sun went down and the only nearby shelter was in a giant wooden noob shack. I spent the night there, punching away at the floorboards in order to make some tools. When the sun came up I dismantled the entire house with a wooden axe and continued west.
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    posted a message on The Chicken Challenge
    Quote from Sweet Ride

    I have a feeling your username has something to do with your post.

    I have a feeling that I picked this username while playing First Person Shooter games, so that when I used a sniper rifle it would be even more ironic.

    I have another feeling that if you're defending this "challenge" then you ought to just play Minecraft with it for the next few weeks. That's your punishment for trolling.
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    posted a message on The Chicken Challenge
    Quote from Osumruss

    Don't worry, I get your NCIS joke.

    It's CSI.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3][W.I.P.]Emerald Ore and Tools v.4
    What's the benefit of emerald tools/armor? I mean how do they compare to the default tools? And how do you get emeralds?
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    posted a message on The Chicken Challenge
    This may be the worst challenge I've ever seen.

    You can't have any sorts of tools and you can't kill mobs. If you can't dig past stone you can't even have a house. You can't even play the game.

    Why not just tell the player to uninstall Minecraft entirely? It's about as productive as playing this challenge.
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    posted a message on found a way to space ladders look no more
    Hey guys I found a way to space ladders!

    In all seriousness if you have to jump then what's the point? And it's not like it's hard to get enough materials for ladders.
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    Quote from mdgates

    This reminds me of a quarry I dug recently. It's basically an 8x8 pit, with a staircase cut into the rock. It looks pretty cool.

    Before you proceed, calculate the number of blocks you need to remove. Hint: The volume of a pyramid is 1/3 the volume of the cube with the same length, width, and height. Then decide if your project is too ambitious.

    I set up a mob farm expressly so I could spam TNT blocks for projects like this. :SSSS:

    The "inverted pyramid" really isn't a full pyramid. In a sense it's only a section of one. The square area in the bottom of the pit is going to be 100x100. Each side will slope upwards 60 or so blocks, so the estimated area of the base of the pyramid would be 220x220. That means the "whole" pyramid would be 220x220x120, since the tip is a flat square 60 blocks down, rather than a point.

    I did some calculating and the number of blocks I'll have to remove is about 1336000.

    Guess I better get to work on that mob factory.

    Quote from noskillz77

    Looks like a fun project. Just as a heads up though: In my experience, this is not the best way to get resources. While you DO get lots of items, running around in caves seems to be best for things such as coal, iron, and redstone simply because you have a greater chance of intersecting more veins in a cave than you are finding all of the veins in a smaller designated area. Looking for diamond requires some excavation though, I believe.

    I've found 12 diamonds while digging the mine, and an additional 13 while in a branch mine that I set up inside the strip mine. I've found a negligible amount of diamonds while spelunking, as you said. It does require some digging.

    Quote from McAngusYoung

    Strip Mining has become ridiculously popular in Minecraft in the last few weeks. I just wouldn't have the attention span for something so boring.

    I like spelunking more because it's entertaining and fun.


    Yes, spelunking is more fun. Yes, it is more dangerous.

    Quote from Euryleia

    Not if you do it right. Run tunnels in parallel close enough together that what isn't exposed by one is exposed by another, and you can guarantee 100% resource exploitation while only doing 25% as much digging. Note that a 1x2 tunnel exposes six blocks around it, as well as the two removed for it. Now consider this picture:

    .AB BD.
    A ABD D
    A ACD D
    .AC CD.

    The " " (spaces) are open air, tunnels cutting through the rock. The letters are blocks that can be seen from various different tunnels (the "." are blocks that can also be seen, but from tunnels not in the pic). The tunnels spaced at multiples of four on one coordinate (the tunnels surrounded by A and D above) expose every block on their level except the two halfway between them, but those blocks can be seen by the tunnels above and below (B and C in the pic), which are likewise spaced at multiples of four, but interleaved with the higher/lower levels. This arrangement makes sure you see every single block while having to only cut out a minority of them.

    Thanks to you, I'm aware of the methods I can use to ensure that my branch mines uncover all resources. And thanks to the other posts in this thread I've determined that the resource payoff to strip mining isn't nearly viable or efficient when compared to branch mining. The aesthetic payoff is greater, though.

    If I feel like it I might upload of picture of the mine when it's finished, or when it's closer to being finished. I'm also trying to keep track of the amount of ore I've gotten.

    So far:

    223 Coal
    200 Iron (est.)
    8 Gold
    110 Lapis Lazuli ore
    189 Redstone Dust
    12 diamond

    Cobblestone: over 9000 14000+
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    posted a message on Strip Mining
    I recently started strip mining. And by that, I mean, I've dug out a large section of ground all the way to bedrock, with plans to dig all the way back up to the surface. When I'm finished it should look like a gigantic inverted pyramid cut out of the ground, but going for hundreds of blocks.

    In other words, I'm trying to make something like this (only squarish).

    So far I've gotten a sizable amount of iron, and about seven diamonds. The question I'm asking myself now is "is this worth it"? Branch mining is a much, MUCH more efficient method of obtaining valuable resources, but it leaves the possibility of leaving resources behind. Is it worth it to just remove an entire section of the planet?

    Below are images of the strip mine. Keep in mind it's maybe 20% complete.

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    posted a message on Can't Open Minecraft?
    Quote from SilentCola

    For the beta version, I guess.

    I just minecraft today (July 24th) around 2 p.m. and it's now about 7:30 pm and I haven't had any luck all day getting on minecraft! I've got a Windows, so I've downloaded both versions multiple times and uninstalled and reinstalled and every time I go to log in, it always gives me the message "Can't connect to minecraft.net". When I try to play in the in-browser version, it never loads past the "Done Loading" screen. I'm not really sure what to do, will I have to wait it out until it connects?

    There are a couple things that might be causing this.

    First check to make sure that your firewall is working properly. You might not have allowed Minecraft access to the internet, resulting in a message of "can't connect to minecraft.net".

    If your firewall is working fine, your issue might be caused by an outdated version of java, which is what Minecraft runs on. Go here: http://www.java.com/en/download/

    Click the big red download button labelled "Free Java download". After that, uninstall java from your computer using Control Panel, and then run the file you downloaded from the java website. It will reinstall java on your computer.

    If it STILL doesn't work I have no idea what's going on with your computer. At least I tried.

    Good luck,
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