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    Testimonials from minecraft forum members
    Quote from EpicPigChops
    Bought from these guys a few weeks ago, server hasn't gone down, no lag, amazing prices and great customer support!Highly recommended!+1 Good job CloudBoo!
    Quote from solidarityK
    This company are amazing.I am not sure how my server would of existed with out them.Great prices for lag free servers
    Quote from Healey6565
    Wicked server! Love everything about it! No lag whatsoever! Glad you're hosting our server!
    Quote from SirOldie
    Hello All,I had a dream to start a server and have no lag at allthis dream was made possible by the amazing companythat is Cloudboo my server would not be lag free withoutthem, Cloudboo are an amazing company and i recommend themto any one that wants to start a great and powerful serverfor a good price, definitely my tuppence worth.Regards,Will
    Quote from Goodboynick
    Amazing server hosting. Recommend this to all in need of a server hosting. Really enjoy working with the staff through this hosting site. Amazing service and little to no lag on my server! Love it.
    Quote from joshua222013
    Just got my own server for my sister and I!!! They were great and answered all my questions right away! Can't wait to start playing! :D
    Quote from Construcker
    Construcker likes.Haven't found anything that doesn't fith to the promises. :Pig:
    Quote from Mr_Cabbage_Head
    It's an amazing service. The most reliable host to date! Worth every single penny and I would recommend 11/10 times. If you're looking for a small private server for friends, to a massive server for a community, I suggest going with CloudBoo everytime.
    Quote from Wolder
    This is most likely the best Hosting company i have ever come across! They offer great prices and deals! The help you get from them is outstanding! I told them want i wanted and they did it! For a fair price of coarse! I have no lag with my server or issues that can not be resolved with them! Thanks cloudboo I love your hosting!
    Quote from XD_Charlie_DX
    Great response time, great staff, great servers. So far I have come across a few problems which were quite likely my own fault. However Cloudboo have been quick to revive me of any problems and are very understanding in their support.The servers available from Cloudboo also perform very well under large amounts of stress coming from players, plugins and other server related stuff :D After switching around for over a year with my server, I believe I may have settled, right here, with Cloudboo.Thanks :Ham:
    Quote from xXBurningEagleXx
    Great Server performance and great staff! Helped me out a lot and is great fun working with you guys!Thanks Alot!
    Quote from legopenguin101
    CloudBoo is the EPIC! Their prices are cheap, and their servers are always up, with full staff support! Great server host for any group of players that want a cheap, and reliable host!You guys are the Best!If all server hosts were cobble, you would be :DORE: !-legopenguin1
    Quote from thelordposeidon
    Thanks for your help in setting up my server the help was appreciated. "Chose CloudBoo" he says waving his hand and using the force.
    Quote from Celant

    Brilliant hosters, yet to find one better than these guys. Their servers are brilliant and their support is helpful and friendly!
    Quote from Scabbesr

    The question was answered. And customer service went above and beyond to help.
    Quote from NixBladez

    This company is amazing. Support always helps out when its needed and I don't get any lag. I got my server about 1 week ago and had no complaints with it.
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    Here is a suggestion,

    Intel i7 3930K,
    64 GB RAM ,
    256 GB SSD 3TB HDD - Price is 124€, out of your budget but worth the extra.,

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