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    ((Alright. Let's do this. As for the moderator, lemme get this sorted out before I release the results (Which are still tied, 4 to 4... T_T))

    Lance paused. "Err, don't cry. I didn't mean it like that. Of course. Sure, I'll sleep in the bed too then. No one here in this town is alone. Please, don't cry," Lance said, not seeing through her masquerade. He went up to her and pat her on the back.

    ((BTW. I found out what that little plus thing at the bottom of the post does. It doesn't bump it up or anything, just gives it a reputation point. Nothing else. Doesn't bump posts up to the front page. My bad.))
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    ((Well. So to prevent any confusion, try not to vote any posts up.))
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    ((Fixed the OP.))
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    ((Yeah. I'll tell him not to do that. His excuse of not posting often, I guess. :wink.gif: But yeah, I think he's just implying that he was just following along behind the whole time.))

    ((Shall we continue, now that the forum has moved successfully?))
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    ((Yeah. We are all confined to humans, because any other made up race would be to fantasy-like.))
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    ((Okay. Neoo, you are accepted. I do not see any improvements that I should bother to make. gekogirl13, you are accepted as well. I congratulate you for your good application, too.))

    ((Now. Boelens and kiruclanz. I am considering you two as well, but I would like to seem some more improvement in your applications. More for me than anyone else. All I ask for is for you two to add more... detail. Show, don't tell your character. And Boelens. No need for you to create a hobo outfit. I mean, who wears two different types of shoes, that are not even remotely the same? And I see stabbing your own father over an animal illogical, unless you have some plausible reason for him to do that to his own biological father. Kiruclanz. I want you to put more time into your application. Make it more descriptive. It is lacking in all categories. I mean, you have a lot of potential. But I want to see you put more effort into creating your character. The description of your character does not really work. It gives me a general outline of the general body structure, but it stop there. Again, go into more detail. Your equipment as well. A wooden axe does not make sense. You cannot cut wood with wood, in reality. Unless you specify what type of wood. You may carry around some arrows, but you don't carry around a couple bows with you, without any arrows. When you hunt pigs, you don't just get the small portion of the pork that is considered to be pork chops, but you gather as much edible meat as you can. Otherwise, nice job with grammar, and spelling, in general. Once you two adjust your applications a bit more, I will accept you.))

    ((Jkbegno, no. Please, I'd wish if you would stop bugging me all the time. If I ever need you for anything, I would ask you myself. If I needed you with helping enforce the rules, I'd ask you. Although, you don't really follow some of the rules yourself...))

    ((Jkbegno, you need to add more effort into yours as well. Pretty much what I said to the previous two. And your bio just does not make sense. Your equipment does not make sense as well, because it contradicts your bio. If you want to know why, feel free to PM me. Add more to your appearance and attributes. Your attributes only describe the character's personality. Nothing else. What about the things he is good at? Bad at? Quirks? Change your equipment and bio as well. Then, you will be accepted.))

    ((That's all, folks.))
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    Quote from gekogirl13 »
    Name: Carlina
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Carlina has bright forest green eyes and brown hair tied in a braid that comes to about her waist. She isn't tall, but she can be intimidating with her no nonsense, get the job done attitude. She often slouches and rolls her eyes when she doesn't get her way. You can tell by her fluid walk that she is flexible and fast, although not necessarily strong.You know she is mad at you when she slants her eyes and refuses to look at you directly.
    Attributes: She is very proud and determined, which means she won't give up till there's no other choice. Also, it means that if you give her any criticism, she'll be offended and will hold a grudge. She isn't a quick learner, but she can master anything if you give her a little time and practice. Someone can't tell her what to do, they have to physically show her. She is skilled with a bow and arrow, arguably an expert, although she lacks formal training. She is also very flexible and can climb trees easily.
    Equipment: She carries a bow slung over her shoulder, with a quiver strapped tight across her back. She also has a pack with a water skin and some bread, but not much.
    Bio: Carlina grew up near a river with her parents in a small village that was known for being full of thieves, but because they lived on the outskirts of town, far away from the action, she never took this seriously. However, it became a shocking reality when both of her parents were killed in a robbery that left her only her fathers bow and some arrow making supplies. She experimented a little and soon had a functioning bow and arrows. She left her hometown and set out on a journey to find a place where she can leave her past behind.**

    ((Jkbegno, this is what your application should look around like. I don't bother reading incomplete sentences. Please redo yours.))

    ((On the other hand, I like this application. It shows a lot of promise. I'd like for you to add a bit more to your appearance, however, because I still cannot quite visualize your character.))

    ((Mr Grandtree, I appreciate you pointing out all the little mistakes within the OP. Although when I said mobs oppose a threat, I meant they will retaliate to an attack, and not simply stand there, waiting to die. But I will change it because it does seem to make more sense.))

    ((Also, I'd really like it if you'd joined this RP, Mr Grandtree. I've never asked anyone to join anything before, but I really want you in this RP. I will not be offended if you do not wish to join, whatever the reason may be.))
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    Quote from kiruclanz »
    Name: (self explanatory. RP name.): John "Coal" Rane
    Age: (RP age.): 37
    Real Age: 13
    Appearance: (Be creative and descriptive. Describe enough for us to easily visualize character. The more, the better.):
    Coal has bags under his eyes, black skid marks under his eyes(Rubbed coal under his eyes on his cheeks as if he were in battle), has burn marks on his arms, his right eyebrow is seized, his bangs are seized, the top of his hair looks badly trimmed(As with a peice of wood carved to be sharp), has stubble, arm muscle, large leg muscle, and ragged, ripped clothes.
    Attributes: (Describe personality. Also describe what they are good at (Whether it be mentally or physically). This may be changed as the RP progresses.): Coal is a fast runner, he can pick up some weight. Coal loves fire, anything that burns. He always mines coal when ever he can, and uses Flint and Steal when ever he can. Coal is clever and good with wits. He is able to solve almost any puzzle and can craft alot of things.
    Equipment: (Starting equipment. More will be obtained later.): Torn, old clothes(Worn of course). Cow-skin(Leather) Pants. Rubber Shoes(Not an official minecraft item, but this is RP. Can be realistic.), Iron chestplate, Stone sword, Stone axe, Iron pickaxe, A count of 3 Raw Porkchops, A count of 5 cooked porkchops, a count of 35 coal, a count of 3 flint and steel, a Cow Skin(Leather) backpack, a count of 5 wooden planks, a count of 10 wooden sticks, and a fishing rod.
    ** Bio: (What's your story? How you came around to where we are.): John Rane woke up one morning on an abandoned island when he was around 20 years old(As he was guessing). He was able to survive on a cow-skin hut, some iron, pig meat, cow meat, chicken meat, fish, and other supplies he found/crafted over the 10-15 years. Only a couple years ago some sort of "Curse" or something went apon the island. These arm-less, four-leged, green creatures that explode a few secounds when ever they spot any living, breathing human. These creatures were filled with gunpowder. The undead began to rise, alot of them. It seemed a colony used to live on the island, died, and rose again. Most of the undead were soldiers of the island. The soldiers rose as skelitons, they obtained bows and swords. The insects of the island also began mutating, the most popular of the mutated insects were the spiders. A few portals were found on the island. A couple giant octopus-like creatures rose from the portals, shooting fire apon the island. They dissapeared after a while. Some part pig, part human, part undead pig soldiers rose from the portals as well. But only attacked when overwelm. They dissapeared after awhile as well. After a few years Coal was able to create a small Wooden plank house, with windows, doors, beds, furnaces, and a table used for crafting and eating. He got his name, Coal from his love of burning things and lights.

    ((I like how you put a lot of effort into the writing. But you are limiting yourself to just Minecraft. It's not realistic. You don't simply wake up around 20 years old, on an island. You are born. And be sure to revise your posts, and clear all spelling errors. Try editing your application, I'll look it over again once you do. And don't call him Coal, because it will cause confusion when people are actually talking about coal itself.))

    ((EDIT: No double posting.))
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    Here's mine as an example.

    Name: Lance Blackwell
    Age: 21
    Appearance: The first thing that people notice when they meet Lance are the ice blue eyes that gaze back at them. His nose is prominent, and his lips are in a neutral line- neither smiling nor frowning. His brown hair is cut short; a crew cut. He is not short, but not tall, either. He is just a little more than 6 feet tall. Lance's body structure is quite lean, although he isn't too thin. His strides are long, and he walks with his back straight. He has a habit of tapping his foot when he has nothing to do.
    Attributes: Lance is very good at thinking quick- his reactions are fast, he picks things up quick, and is good at adapting to sudden changes. He also thinks in a logical mindset. He is always looking to learn more, and when he has his mind set on a goal, he does not give up until he achieves it. However, he has a hard time reading other people's emotions, so he has a tendency to offend people without realizing it.
    Equipment: He carries around a pack that he drapes across his shoulders. At his hip is a belt, loaded with a hatchet, hunting knife, and a skin of water. He wears black leather gloves.
    Bio: Lance left his home village to try his luck by starting a new place to live. His life had been one bad thing after another; His mother died of a disease he did not know of, his house smashed due to stampeding animals, and being tried as a criminal at his home village for being framed as a thief.
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    The Official Member's List

    Only members on this list may be able to post.

    (Rankings coming soon.)


    :VV: AYFTracks: Lance Blackwell, the quick, determined, thinker and leader.

    :VV: FortinaLaChu: Jessica Jaynell, the smart, sophisticated, thinker and conversationalist.


    Elites: (People with serious experience in RPing, especially on this RP. Anything they say should be considered with a lot of thought, especially when moderators are not around. In fact, if they say something, it should be taken quite seriously, unless a moderator declines the statement. Second in command.)

    -HugTheZombies: Alec Johnson, the serious, logical leader and survivalist.

    -Mr_Grandtree: Scott Grandtree, the agile wood worker and chopper.

    -Deaven: Drage Crowleaf, the proud and stealthy leather worker.


    Regulars: (People you can rely on to reply in a reasonable amount of time. Safe to interact with these people.)

    -Snerus: Haktis Adram, the zealous, loyal soldier.

    -riengo: Scout, the flighty, always-joking performer.

    -Gekogirl13: Carlina, the sassy archer with a bad temper.

    -AnnaFanna: Ronna Buttons, the headstrong, seller and buyer.

    -Neoo: Emma Walker, the caring architecture with a troubled past.

    -Neilsaur: Troy Greyburn, The blind musician.

    -Halowazzupman: Draketh Valamiir, the curt and quick blacksmith.

    -Chatix: Alena Fortil, the healer who prefers books over people.

    -Feokris: Shevon Finley, the determined scientist and caring musician.

    -Mr.Lolz: Inigo Ravino, The secretive soldier.

    New Members/ Unresponsive: (Cannot rely on these people. May drop out any second, if they have not already. Limit interaction with them.)

    -SonicBoom01: "Moss" Jones, the good-natured, burly miner.

    -Sirtrystan: Falen Porschicustan, the quiet not-so-great socialite builder.

    -TheBnewzz: Trey Bright, the outgoing hunter who is shy around girls.

    -Aloctor: Aloctor Baine, the quiet inventor.

    -CreamyEsplosion: Seth “Scar” Mathias, The happy-go-lucky loner.

    -codenine1: Cecil Moonings, Silent and diligent builder with no past.

    -PH30N1X95: Leon Pilgrim, the fiery free-runner with a tortured past.

    -FreeForTaking: Alaña Disentis, the assassin with a heart

    -Jinx825: Sturm Brightblade, a loyal and trustworthy soldier.
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