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    Reserved for player list.

    There will be ranks for different role players.

    Moderator: Their word is law, and have the power to alter the environment of the role play (send enemies, etc.). Have the most power.
    Elite: Just below moderators, they have a strong say in what goes in the role play (plot-wise, etc.). If no moderators are on, they have the power to sort out problems and such. Basically role-players who have proven to be above the rest. Know how to set up/ build up a well thought out plot, know how to develop a character as the role play progresses, and is active within the role play, along with being literate.
    Regulars: The standard role-player, they are on regularly, as the name states. They have proven to me that they are cooperative, and literate.
    New Members: They are newly accepted role players, and are... new.
    Probation: Defied moderators, caused disturbance within the role play, infractions of that matter. They are being closely watched, and are on the verge of being kicked from the role play, unless stated otherwise.

    Players who are "Unresponsive" will be deleted from this list, and will be dropped from this RP if they do not respond within 30 days, unless stated otherwise.

    :Zombie: -AYFTracks (Light) (Daemon & Human)

    :Spider: -Bomber57 (Fire) (Pheonix/Human)

    :Skeleton: -ShadowDimentio (Darkness) (Human & Slime/Human)


    -riengo (Elf & Spider)

    -Chatix (Elf)


    -HugTheZombies (Titanian)

    -Snerus (Boarmen Kulgrak)

    -Neilsaur (Dryad)

    -Brz99 (Human)

    -t00bz (Human)

    -dorsidwarf (Wyrm)

    -Flyingpig29 (Naga)
    New members:

    -CalvezTheMexicanJedi (Elf)
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    Just don't discourage and don't disrupt. Even if you think you may not have been discouraging, if the other member thinks you have done so, then you have. If you reply with "But I tried to explain but they don't understand that I'm not putting them down," then you have failed to relay the point across to them. Say it in a way they would understand, instead of putting the blame of misinterpreting your intentions on them. As for disrupting, if you've made the flow of the roleplaying falter, then you've disrupted. That's pretty much all there is to it.
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    A story I made up, dedicated to Cuuldude. All made up on the spot, in IRC.

    [16:08]	AYF	"One day, there was a wonder young individual. He loved frolicking in the meadows behind his house, sniffing the golden chrysanthemums, conversing with the various wildlife residing within the burrows of the soil. He sand duets with songbirds, foraging for seeds with the field mice."
    [16:08]	AYF	"And he was a dude, and quite cool. We will call him 'Cuuldude."
    [16:09]	AYF	"Now one day, Cuuldude happened to be walking along the banks of a river, enjoying the cool misty breeze blowing from over the river."
    [16:09]	AYF	"But out of no where, a wild Pidgey appeared."
    [16:10]	AYF	"Before he could react, the Pidgey advanced, basically clawing the living crap out of him. It left him spread-eagle, on the ground."
    [16:10]	AYF	"The end."
    [16:10]	AYF	The next book of the series: "Cuuldude was sprawled on the forest floor, his life slowly ebbing away."
    [16:11]	AYF	"When a cute young rabbit came sniffling out of the bushes. Seeing Cuuldude, it scampered back into the shrubs."
    [16:12]	AYF	"It came back after a moment, with a mouse. The mouse had an abnormally long sword."
    [16:12]	AYF	"It scampered up to the dying Cuuldude, and said, "Greetings. My name is Martin the Warrior. I am here to help." "
    [16:13]	AYF	"Cuuldude weakly looked to the side, straight at the mouse. "Are you... mom?" He whispered, his voice faltering."
    [16:13]	AYF	"The mouse shook his head. "No, but I will bring someone who can heal you. His name is Desperaux."
    [16:14]	AYF	"Cuuldude nodded. "Alright. I'll be waiting. But please, hurry." "
    [16:14]	AYF	"While the other wildlife left, Cuuldude laid back, staring at the forest canopy. Wondering how this sudden turn of events happened."
    [16:15]	AYF	"But as he was contemplating on how he could survive, a boy, came out of the woods, curiously staring at him. He had a hatchet at his belt."
    [16:15]	AYF	"Cuuldude, curious, spoke up. "Hello... there. My name is... Cuuldude. What's your name?" he whispered. The boy replied, "My name is Brian. "
    [16:16]	AYF	""I became stranded here, escaping a sinking bushplane. The pilot died.""
    [16:16]	AYF	""And I managed to survive, making use of my trusty hatchet here." he finished."
    [16:17]	AYF	"As Cuuldude was about to respond, the mouse returned, with a smaller mouse, with gigantic ears and a needle-looking sword."
    [16:17]	AYF	"Cuuldude looked down at the little mice. "Why hello there. Would you please help me?" he muttered.
    [16:19]	AYF	"The mouse looked Cuuldude up and down, frowning. "Hmm... the wounds seem severe. I cannot do anything. However, I do know some beings who can help." he replied. Cuuldude raised his eyebrows. "Who may they be?" he asked. "The rats of NIMH."
    [16:20]	AYF	""The rats of NIMH? Are they your friends? Could you hurry and help me? I'm dying." he sighed, wanting help. The little mouse nodded. "I'll be right back with them," he said. Turning around, he scampered off into the shrubs, the leaves rustling as he left the scene."
    [16:21]	AYF	"After a few minutes of silence, and enjoying the distant chirps of blue jays, a deep rumble jolted him out of his daydream."
    [16:21]	AYF	"Cuuldude looked up, blood starting to pool underneath him."
    [16:23]	AYF	"A large, silver truck roared out into the clearing, pushing trees out of the way. Awed, Cuuldude momentarily forgot about his pain."
    "The truck pulled to a stop next to Cuuldude, and a stream of rats in tuxedo filed out of the passenger seat."
    [16:24]	AYF	""Wh-what are you?" Cuuldude whispered. The rats did not respond, and proceeded to pull a large device out of the back of the truck."
    [16:25]	AYF	"While Cuuldude continued to watch, they pointed the device at him. It started making shirring noises, and odd lights started flashing."
    [16:26]	AYF	"Then all of a sudden, a eerie green light flashed, and a stream of green light streaked towards Cuuldude. It absorbed into his body."
    [16:26]	AYF	"Cuuldude felt an odd tingling sensation within his body, spreading from his stomach."
    [16:27]	AYF	"From the stomach, it spread towards his limbs, and then to his head. With his very own eyes, Cuuldude watched the wounds he sustained seal up, closing up to thin lines."
    [16:27]	AYF	"The blood disappeared, and the strength returned to Cuuldude's limbs."
    "Cuuldude, amazed, slowly stood up. "I-I cannot thank you enough for saving my life. I have not much to give, but I am forever debted to you mice." he said."
    [16:29]	AYF	"The rats immediately whipped back around, pulling their shades off. "WE ARE NOT MICE. WE. ARE. RATS!" they roared.
    [16:31]	AYF	"Cuuldude, afraid for his life, turned around, about to run out of the woods. However, a large, muscular body blocked his path."
    [16:32]	AYF	"The man, grimacing, looked down at Cuuldude. "We. Are. SPARRTTTAAAA!!!" He roared, and a whole legion of Spartans he had previously missed roared as well, thumping their chests.
    [16:33]	AYF	""We will fight the rats with you. AND WIN!!!" he growled, scowling at the rats. The rats were going to have none of it however. They simply pulled out a couple of guns, flipping on the laser sights. The tri-dot laser points targeted the lead man."
    [16:34]	AYF	"The rats cackled evilly, and pulled activated the weapon. A series of ionic bursts sped towards the man, causing him to vaporize instantly."
    [16:34]	AYF	"Everyone stood still. Cuuldude even leaked a tear. "I didn't want anyone to die on my behalf," he whispered."
    [16:35]	AYF	"He was interrupted by a whinny from the skies above. A blue Pegasus, with a rainbow colored mane, came galloping down, towards Cuuldude."
    [16:36]	AYF	""Quick! Before they attack! Get on my back. I'll save you!" it exclaimed. Without a second thought, Cuuldude leaped onto the back of the pegasus, and spurred it on."
    [16:37]	AYF	"But before the blue pegasus left the ground, it was tackled by a pink pony."
    [16:37]	AYF	"The pink pony grinned, excited. "There, I caught you. Now I can make my cupcakes!" it exclaimed. The blue pegasus cried out in terror."
    [16:38]	AYF	"The pink pony pulled out a set of menacing blades, twirling them deftly in her hooves. The blue pegasus shed a tear, understanding it's life was now over."
    [16:39]	AYF	"Then out of the blue, a fox came out, a spiteful look on it's face."
    [16:39]	AYF	"It let out a small burp, and everyone died."
    [16:39]	AYF	"The end."
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    We are in need of dedicated RPers! We need RPers who are well-versed in English, too...


    In this story, you are in the world of Minecraft. You take part in this Role-play in a Minecraft world, but with realism. (i.e.: no "inventory" or "health bar".)
    This is not a server! It is a role-play thread.
    This Role Play will be in the Adventure/Action/Drama/Fantasy genres, so do expect fast-paced action and constant moving. We will not settle in one place.
    Before we dive in, there is an important point that I must make. This role-play emphasizes proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You will not be accepted if you cannot use and be well-versed in the basics of English grammar and spelling. I want quality in the posts. I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU if you cannot abide by this point.
    The races to choose from are (optional):

    Humans are mortal by all means and probably the most fragile of all races. They are diverse and are known to have intelligence and are also known for building large fortified cities, towers that reach the skies, mine shafts that reach bedrock but also for their wars. Humans have war after war. There has been little moments in all of time that the entire human race was at peace. Humans are well rounded in most means. Humans use steel weapons most of the time as it is their standard weaponry. Their ability to learn new skills is outstanding, and their swordsmanship is the finest of the world. Experienced humans and miners use more advanced tools. They also use the bow almost as much as they use swords.

    Elves are known to be "forest-people." They are known to live in... forests. They also live on the ground but have wood covering the perimeter of their foxholes. They prefer leather armor than tougher, plate armor because it does not restrict their movement as much and allows them to use their advantages. Their advantages are that they are faster than most other races and their aim with the bow is outstanding. Their intelligence is about human but they have better logic and are better at making choices. It is very hard to tell where elves live, for they live so in-tune with nature. The elves rarely explore caves and are well contented with staying on the surface. Height may vary, from being a whole head shorter than a human to a whole head taller.

    Dwarfs are short people. Dwarfs are also always male, since the female ones usually stay in the caves, for their entire lives except when her father gives her to another dwarf as a wife. Dwarfs have fierce weapons and tend to supply other races with weapons. They prefer axes than swords for some reason, people say it is their barbarianism. They live in underground caverns and entrances to their cavern are marked with grim guard towers with fire in the "lighthouse" area and torches. Also, they're caves are not usually well lit with torches and leave areas where there is darkness between their torches, making the way down to their caverns perilous with the threat of monsters lurking in the dark but also somewhat creepy. Their underground cities are ALWAYS well lit, though, almost blinding after being in the dark tunnels. Dwarfs are slower than humans but are a lot more brute when fighting. They're entire army is a dazzling sight, covered in head to toe in outstanding armor. Dwarfs rarely use bows. Dwarfs have human intelligence but with a shorter temper. They are the shortest of all the races, about half the size of a human, a bit more, a bit less.

    Pigmen are like cavemen. They live in small huts of dirt and sometimes wooden huts. Their villages always have a town fire in the middle. Pigmen have short wars between them and other pigmen villages. They are not a large threat to other races, unless if they gather in hordes. Some pigmen have evolved to be smarter than the rest and have human intelligence. Pigmen always use swords and are extremely aggressive when they rage. Their storages are easy to find, usually hidden in the largest home under the dirt. Pigmen have amazing survivalist skills. Stealing from their storages will get entire pigman armies on your back. Taller than dwarfs, but a bit shorter than humans.

    Other races may be added, but please add some reasonable explanation of what they are. They must be approved by others. Monsters may be created as the story continues.
    Basic Geography and History of Main Races:

    Geography of the World:

    There are 4 main land masses: The North, The East, The West, and The South. (Names of them vary between races.)

    In this RP, there are different dimensions, too. BUT. Your characters may ONLY come from the over-world, the standard earth.
    -The over-world
    -Arcadia (Equivalent of the "pure" side on a spectrum)
    -The Void (Equivalent of the "evil" side on a spectrum)

    (We are currently on The North Landmass.)


    Since they populate all landmasses except for the South, their history is large and diverse. They do have communications with each other, via sea routes. All types of humans.


    Far fewer in numbers than humans, They populate the South and East landmasses. Since elves do not usually leave their homeland, the Southern elves and the Eastern elves are very different: physically and historically.


    Mainly populating the Western and Eastern lands, dwarves have connected the East and West via underground tunnels, below the sea. Thus, their history is similar, and they all are similar to one another.


    The most peculiar of the dominant races, they are usually quite primitive, and speckle all lands, in small tribal groups. They keep no record of their history, and they all look the same. They seem to come from one single area. But no one knows where exactly.
    There are these objects called crystal shards within this RP. Each shard will represent an element, and there will be 10 of them.

    +The user of this shard is given the ability to breath underwater, to manipulate it to almost any degree (You want to become a giant water golem? Done.), and the power to turn into a liquid at any time.

    -Becomes a superconductor to electricity, weakened in dry climates. (Generally the same effect as pouring water onto whatever it is.)

    +The user of this shard is given the power generate MASSIVE heat, enough to instantly combust anything combustable within a ten foot range. The ability to summon a fireballs at will, and the ability to turn into a phoenix.

    -Cannot touch water, if they do they will be turned to stone until pulled out and let dry.

    +The user of this shard has the power to manipulate rock, metal, and all forms of earth to nearly infinite degrees, the power to send out powerful vibrations (strong enough for an earthquake), and the ability to create massive pressure on things (powerful enough to form diamond-like materials).

    -Becomes slower, heavier, and can NEVER leave land. (Otherwise sea sickness times a hundred)

    +The user of this shard is granted the power to breath massive bursts of air, to fly (or float), and to hold their breath for nearly indefinite amounts of time.

    -Become incredibly weak when there is a lack of air/ wind, to the point of being paralyzed. Being on the ground inhibits some of their powers, too.

    +The user of this shard gains the power to generate inconsiderable amounts of electricity, manipulate it, to become a super magnet, and a full immunity to all forms of electricity.

    -Cannot touch water, or anything that conducts electricity. If they do they will immediately discharge all of their energy, and fall unconscious.

    +The user of this shard gains a 100% immunity to every kind of toxin, germ, or poison out there, no matter how deadly, the power to form a deadly toxin out of thin air, and a powerful acid if need be with any relative substance.

    -The user becomes ill whenever the ability is overused, because the user can poison oneself, to the point of no return.

    +The user of this shard obtains the ability to operate at freezing temperatures, the power to breath frost, freeze anything pertaining to water, and to even create negative fires!

    -Cannot come into contact with heat/flames. They will melt, and have to be re-frozen.

    +The user of this shard gains the power to grow any plant at super speed, abosrb energy through them, and even the ability to control them!

    -They turn into a plant themselves. (AKA: Imagine all of the needs of a tree OK?.. Now imagine it walking, and there you go) In presence of fire, will become physically powerless. It the surrounding environment lacks anything pertaining to nature, will become weak as well.

    +The user of this shard obtains the ability to generate their own light, and manipulate it any degree. They also can teleport long distances with light instantly, and the power to fire lasers from their body.

    -Cannot operate in absolute darkness. Weak defense, strong offense. At the mastery of light powers, someone possessing it will never miss when attacking, no matter how well the opponent dodges.

    +The user of this shard gains incredible regenerative properties, the power to manipulate darkness to their own will, and the power to faze through things, as if being a shadow, for a short time.

    -Cannot operate well in absolute light. Weak offense, strong defense. At the mastery of darkness powers, someone possessing it will never be hurt, no matter how hard the opponent attacks.

    Quote from ShadowDimentio »

    ((Well here could be the rules for getting a crystal shard:

    1) The character must have stayed with the team for at least one dungeon.

    2) Proven themselves to be decent people by following the rules, and being on regularly

    3) Have a character with a good backstory

    If someone were to pass all of these requirements, they would be able to choose a shard. BUT their application has to be approved by most of the mods, and other regular characters. Oh and if two people want the same shard, whoever asked first gets it. That is all.))

    Adding onto those rules, they must not use it extensively, and each shard will have a natural weakness to the another, as well as being stronger to another. They also will be acquired after a major accomplishment. What you wish to do with the shard is completely up to you.
    This RP will not be controlled by just me. Many others will have a strong say in it, for it was not started by me.

    Lands and Realms are made as the story progress. The Nether is the last frontier. Mobs are the same but include more creatures.

    With that, let's get this RP started. Also, please fill out this small form for information.


    :VV: RULES :VV:

    :Diamond: This Role-play is driven by the people and the obnoxious will be ignored. I choose the outcome of some situations. For OOC (Out Of Character), use either "[Out of character]" or "((Out of Character))."

    :Diamond: Use "(explanation)" for explaining or thoughts or quick out of character. Usually, RP is told in third or first person. That means that everything that gets posted is either something your character observes or does. "()" is to explain something in the story that your character has not yet realized but you want your fellow posters to understand. Also, it could be used for interjections, such as (:biggrin.gif:) or (HAAAA THIS IS SO COOL).

    There are rules:
    :Diamond: Out of character must be placed in either [___] or ((___))

    :Diamond: Keep the Role-play running. That's the poster's job to keep it interesting. Keep posting at a good pace, but not too fast. Let others be able to catch up and participate.

    :Diamond: Keep the Story fresh. Keep it interesting and fun. Try not to leave people out.

    :Diamond: No God-modding, knowing everything that is happening. Your characters are not omniscient.

    :Diamond: No Ubering, the act of making your character extremely powerful without earning it. No character can be all-powerful.

    :Diamond: Add some drawbacks, it makes it fair and role-playing more interesting.

    :Diamond: Powers are allowed but can not be conflicting with the No Ubering rule. Make sure they are unique and have drawbacks.

    :Diamond: Slow Posters will either be left behind or messaged if unreasonably slow. If the story is moving at a fast pace, then they will be left behind and must catch up later. Someone might have to take the liberty to message this person. If they are slowish, then just calm your fingers from typing for a second.

    :Diamond: RP members should be responsible for keeping up with current events. It is advised to check into the RP at least once a day. If you are going on vacation, or will be gone for a period of time, post a notification in advanced.

    :Diamond: Time warps are only allowed to be made by me or the mods. If you want a time warp, to pass a certain amount of time, you should only request it if you cannot RP the time to pass.

    :Diamond: Drop Outs will be punished with a rather large weapon. Kidding! Drop Outs should post a final post. All drop outs are welcomed back but must create a new character and probably have someone else who's been staying give them a summary of what has happened.

    :Diamond: Deaths are allowed. Deaths of other characters must be either allowed by me or the dying character. characters whom have died are free to create another character, but they can not be alike.

    :Diamond: Characters should be accepted before starting. I will check them, and if I miss them, feel free to tell me or message me your character form. I will happily tell you what should be changed if they do not meet the regulations.

    :Diamond: Turns are accepted. Any role-player is free to make a huge turn in the story, as this role-play's story is created by the posters. Huge turns should probably be messaged to me so it does not interfere during an important part of the story. Turns are greatly accepted if the story is at a dull point.

    :Diamond: My Commands, as well as the mods, are kinda like law. If we tell you that you should change your character, either reason maturely or just change it. If we say your character dies, then make a new character (this is of course a rare event). And if we think that a certain event is not acceptable, change it.

    :Diamond: All OOC comments pertaining to the advancement of this RP are to be PMed to the affected parties. Do NOT post any OOC comments that may spoil it for others- RPers and readers alike.

    :Diamond: Grammar is a key factor. Please use your punctuation and commas. People with bad grammar will be IMMEDIATELY sent to school.

    :Diamond: Rudeness to a poster that continues will result in the probation of the assailant. After a few strikes, I will determine how many strikes you have depending on what is posted, you will be ignored, banned, or magically transformed into a troll. Have fun under the bridge. :smile.gif:

    :Diamond: Foul Play is determined by other posters and either sent to me or posted in OOC. I will determine what is foul play and characters committing foul play will get a warning and then ignored, banned, or magically transformed into a troll.

    :Diamond: No Quick Kills. Killing anything except probably passive mobs will need more than just the simple slash and kill. Even if the player is a giant, all aggressive mobs will oppose a threat. Monsters, as you may all know, are not weak and should at least deserve more than a few sentences for their deaths. Anyone who kills mobs too easily will be horded down and have their brains devoured, blown up, or shish kebabed by a bunch of arrows.

    :Diamond: If you read this, put a # next to your bio. If it is not there, you will be denied immediately.

    :Diamond: Your posts cannot be just one line long. If it does happen to be one line long, then just add some description to it.

    :Diamond: I strongly recommend third person typing. First person RPing just sounds awkward here, since almost everyone uses third person. It keeps people from confusing the names and characters.

    :Diamond: All posts MUST be more than a line or two longer. Remember, SHOW, don't TELL.

    :Diamond: Note: Characters whom have died are lost forever. The poster may create a new character, though. The new character can not be similar. This includes different traits, looks, names, etc. The race of the character may be the same. Also, you can not come back saying "This is [Name]'s twin."

    :Diamond: Note: If all mods disagree with a decision I make, then they overpower me. They may "veto" whatever I had intended to do.

    Name: (Self explanatory.)
    Race: (Choose one of the above, or create your own.)
    Age: (Roleplay age.)
    Appearance: (Be creative and descriptive. Describe enough for us to easily visualize character.)
    Attributes: (Describe the character's personality, as well as what they are good at. Their flaws as well.)
    Equipment: (Starting equipment. More will be obtained later.)
    Bio: (What's your story? Where you came from, how you came to around where we are currently.)
    RP Example: (Write out a paragraph exemplifying your RPing abilities. Rp how your character came to meet our group, or set the character up to meet us.)


    --Please send the finished application to my PM inbox, for me to process the application.

    If the application does not meet standards, you will not be able to participate. Wait until one of the mods approve you.

    The worst possible character to create would be an all around perfect character. Those are no fun to RP with. Those characters with small quirks and whatnot are much, MUCH more interesting and fun to RP with.


    Have Fun! :smile.gif:



    Here's a little siggy that I had made a while back. I resized it so that it'd fit into your sig.


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    Quote from Avnas

    That you actually had to implement an official rule for this is just showing where the mods' favour lies. We all know that the forums' members consist mainly of 12-year-old noobs with little idea of what consistutes a good RP. Fan Art is a section for the real artists to come out, and having to put up with noobs everywhere is something we should not have to do. They should follow the etiquette like all of us. We all started out somewhere small and they will never learn without some tough love. That said, it's not flaming or bashing, it is criticism.

    Wait. So you're saying "Fan Art" is a section where "real" artists come out? And to "put up with noobs everywhere is something you should not have to do"? I'm sorry, but this is fan art. Fan art is where fans put up art for the thing they love. It doesn't matter whether you are a "real artist" or a "noob". Fan art is, indeed, art made by fans.

    And criticism. Constructive criticism is welcomed. HOWEVER. I do not believe constructive criticism includes negative, repressive comments, with a small advice stuck to it. No, constructive criticism is genuine advice to help the artist grow in a POSITIVE manner. Destructive criticism is the same as flaming. This is the same for RPs. Such comments on RPs I consider as destructive, especially if it leads to requesting for the thread to be deleted.
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    posted a message on THE HEROBRINE
    This thread is now locked. Herobrine sighting claims are all false. Against the rules, as well.
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    This has already been done. It usually fails miserably, either because of the lack of order, or the sheer confusion of so many things going on at once.
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    ((Alright. Let's do this.

    *Sorry for the lengthy app, got a bit carried away.

    Your character's name: Cole Verdi

    Your character's age: 19

    Your character's skill:

    Cole is first-most a musician. Give him any instrument, and with a bit of fiddling, he will be able to play it like he's been playing it for the longest time. Although he only carries a lute around, he is able to play instruments of all kinds. If he had the strength to carry around more, he would. But he lacks the power to do so. In fact, carrying around a lute is hard for him.

    Another skill of Cole's is his heightened senses. His sense of hearing and sight is way above a normal person. Which also contributes to the reason why he is such a good musician. He is usually the first to hear any disturbance, allowing him to warn others ahead of time, through his hearing, and to spot out things from afar with his sight. The position of being a scout of some sort would suit him well also. However, there is one catch. Again, due to his lack of strength, he has no capability to fight hand to hand. Any skill that requires physical strength (Fist fighting, Swords, etc) he fails at miserably. Most of the misery he has had in his life is probably because he cannot defend himself in such a way.

    What does your character look like, I should get a vivid mental image:

    His dark brown hair sticking out in all directions makes his face look younger than it is, giving him a more childish appearance. His brown eyes that match his hair look to the distance. When he talks to others, they claim he seems to look right through them. His nose doesn't stick out prominently, although it isn't unnoticeable as well. His narrow shoulders cause his body to seem more frail and lanky. He rarely smiles, nor frowns. His face is usually set in a gloomy expression. His long legs and fingers make an even larger emphasis on his lankiness. He doesn't slouch, but his head seems to be slightly bowed, as if his neck can't support the weight of his head. He is quite thin, lacking fat or muscle. His height is a little less than six feet, although people pick on him because he looks frail and weak, which he actually is. When he walks, he walks in almost a shuffle, though he takes proper steps.

    Autobiography of your character:

    Cole was born from a well-off family, their success found in the port in which they live in. He had two older brothers which their parents were proud of, due to their successes in whatever they did academically. Cole's parents were disappointed when they first saw Cole with their own eyes, after he was born. The doctors thought he wouldn't last the night, seeing how small and weak he was. Cole couldn't even cry healthily when he was born. As Cole grew up, he was constantly picked on by his brothers, who forced him to do whatever they wanted him to. Even his parents looked down on him, pitying his weakness. They always thought little of him, assuming he wasn't capable of doing anything right. Cole, who could see through them, saw how everyone viewed him. He realized he was different. He realized he was shunned by society, because of his weakness. Cole figured this out when he was 8 years old.

    From then on, Cole lived a bleak life, not knowing what to do with his life, until he saw a street musician out on the streets, playing music. He was fascinated. His sensitive ears enjoyed the sound flowing from the musician's instrument.

    After that event, he listened to the music of the musician by the window, after his father had left for work, and his mother for noon tea with her friends day by day, for years.

    One day, as the leaves fell from the trees, Cole sat by the window, confused. The musician was not there. For the next week, he sat by the window, waiting for him to come. But he did not. The musician would not be coming back, as he left the world. Cole's life was depressing from then on, having nothing to look forward to.

    Cole walked out back into the family garden one day, after recovering from a fever. He longed for the fresh air, and after his parents had left, snuck out to the yard. He was walking through the flowers, when he tripped over an unsightly mound in the dirt. He got back up, turning around to see what he tripped over. His shoes had uncovered a wooden corner. Curious, he uncovered the rest of the mound with much effort. A box, latched shut. He opened it, with a gasp. There it was, the beautiful lute that the musician on the street played, with a note. The note stated that the musician had seen him in the window everyday, watching him play. Touched, the musician never left that corner because Cole was always there, expecting him. He also stated that if Cole was reading this letter, than the musician had passed away, and left his prized possession with Cole. A farewell note addressed to Cole. He was determined to live up to the musician. He had finally found something to live for, to become a musician like the one he listened to everyday.

    Years passed, and he was well known throughout the town, except for his own family. Like the musician, he went out everyday, when no one was home, to play on the streets. Eventually he became well known enough where bar owners and even event planners asked him to play performances to entertain their customers and guests. Sadly, he always had his earned money stolen from muggers, and because he could not defend himself, he always lost his hard-earned coins.

    His parents caught him doing this secret profession when he came home one day with a black eye, bloody nose, and bruises over his body. After extracting information from Cole, they figured out that he was playing as a musician. His parents were shamed. Shamed to the point where they disowned him as a child. They could not believe that he had been hiding this from them the whole time. They threatened to break his lute that they uncovered as well, and were going to set one of his brothers home at all times to keep him in the house. Cole wouldn't stand for that. He was tired of his family, saddened by all the hardships they gave him. Fully aware that he would probably die before making his own life outside, he ran away from home when his brother watching over Cole dozed off. Lute in hand, he ran off to the tavern that he used to play at.

    Why do you want to join this RP:

    Well, I want to join this RP mainly because I want the heavy load of managing a well-run RP off my back. And the members here seem well-versed, level-headed, and experienced.

    Post an example of your skill at RPing by stating your character's reaction upon receiving the invitation:

    Cole slowly picked up the parchment laying on the bar table in front of him. "What is this..." he mumbled, reaching out for the scrap of paper. He had walked into the tavern and shuffled over to a vacant table when he found this right smack in the middle of the table. "Wh- and invitation? A ship. This..." he trailed off. All the possibilities rushed through his head. "With this... I can start a new life! Away from this port, away from my family. With others. But..." the gloomy expression reappeared as he thought about how the others embarking on this ship could be possibly mean people, like his parents. A look of determination replaced the sad face. "Doesn't matter. I'll die trying. I WILL show them that I am not useless," he muttered to himself.

    *Sorry for the lacking example, I was kinda spent writing the autobiography. Oh, and sorry for words that are repeated constantly, I lost track of it.))
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    posted a message on [RP] The Lands of Asinia. [Reviving.] [Looking for new players]
    Arion watched the human, Drake create a crude shack. Chuckling, he laughed at them. "I ain't sleeping in there. You guys have fun in there, I'm making my own little place to sleep," Arion chirped. He willed the nearby tree to extend its branches, molding them into an intricately woven cottage. "There. Absolutely beautiful. A true creation of art!" he exclaimed. And having it stand right next to the crude shack brought out it's beauty even more. He entered the arched door, and laid the mud-man body down on a bed of tree branches.

    ((Lol, imagine the contrast.))
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    ((I wanna see the application in a complete format before accepting.))

    ((And er... Have you read what's been going on thoroughly? Because we ain't at the bottom. And if you dropped like that, you would die for sure. Because the hole extends down, deep underground, into lava. Miles below though, so from where we were, it's just an empty black hole.))

    ((So basically where we are now is across the gigantic chasm, a bit down from where the tunnel we exited from was. So you have to go along the wall of the chasm, around the outside of the big hole, by basically rock climbing. Then you drop down, then a small climb to the hole everyone else is now at.))
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