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    I didn't know you ran a creative server, Ben. Though I'm not surprised you do. :smile.gif: I'll be sure to check it out!
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    [center]I've decided to start writing short stories about people I know. I will gradually add onto the collection as time goes by.

    *I do not own any of the characters stated within the story. They all belong to their respective owners.*[/center]
    [center]-TABLE OF CONTENTS-[/center]

    [center]-Opeth / SpitefulFox-[/center]


    [center]-Act 1-[/center]

    One day, there was a wonder young individual. He loved frolicking in the meadows behind his house, sniffing the golden chrysanthemums, conversing with the various wildlife residing within the burrows of the soil. He sang duets with songbirds, foraging for seeds with the field mice. And he was a dude, and quite cool. We will call him Cuuldude. Now one day, Cuuldude happened to be walking along the banks of a river, enjoying the cool misty breeze blowing from over [/center]the river. But out of no where, a wild Pidgey appeared. Before he could react, the Pidgey advanced, basically clawing the living crap out of him. It left him spread-eagle, on the ground.

    [center]-End of Act 1-[/center]

    [center]-Act 2-[/center]

    Cuuldude was sprawled on the forest floor, his life slowly ebbing away. When a cute young rabbit came sniffling out of the bushes. Seeing Cuuldude, it scampered back into the shrubs. It came back after a moment, with a mouse. The mouse had an abnormally long sword. It scampered up to the dying Cuuldude, and said, "Greetings. My name is Martin the Warrior. I am here to help." Cuuldude weakly looked to the side, straight at the mouse. "Are you... mom?" He whispered, his voice faltering. The mouse shook his head. "No, but I will bring someone who can heal you. His name is Desperaux." Cuuldude nodded. "Alright. I'll be waiting. But please, hurry."

    While the other wildlife left, Cuuldude laid back, staring at the forest canopy. Wondering how this sudden turn of events happened. But as he was contemplating on how he could survive, a boy, came out of the woods, curiously staring at him. He had a hatchet at his belt.

    Cuuldude, curious, spoke up. "Hello... there. My name is... Cuuldude. What's your name?" he whispered. The boy replied, "My name is Brian. I became stranded here, escaping a sinking bushplane. The pilot died. And I managed to survive, making use of my trusty hatchet here," he finished.

    As Cuuldude was about to respond, the mouse returned, with a smaller mouse, with gigantic ears and a needle-looking sword. Cuuldude looked down at the little mice. "Why hello there. Would you please help me?" he muttered. The mouse looked Cuuldude up and down, frowning. "Hmm... the wounds seem severe. I cannot do anything. However, I do know some beings who can help." he replied. Cuuldude raised his eyebrows. "Who may they be?" he asked. "The rats of NIMH."

    "The rats of NIMH? Are they your friends? Could you hurry and help me? I'm dying." he sighed, wanting help. The little mouse nodded. "I'll be right back with them," he said. Turning around, he scampered off into the shrubs, the leaves rustling as he left the scene.

    After a few minutes of silence, and enjoying the distant chirps of blue jays, a deep rumble jolted him out of his daydream. Cuuldude looked up, blood starting to pool underneath him. A large, silver truck roared out into the clearing, pushing trees out of the way. Awed, Cuuldude momentarily forgot about his pain. The truck pulled to a stop next to Cuuldude, and a stream of rats in tuxedo filed out of the passenger seat.

    "Wh-what are you?" Cuuldude whispered. The rats did not respond, and proceeded to pull a large device out of the back of the truck. While Cuuldude continued to watch, they pointed the eerie device at him. It started making shirring noises, and odd lights started flashing. Then all of a sudden, a eerie green light flashed, and a stream of green light streaked towards Cuuldude. It absorbed into his body. Cuuldude felt an odd tingling sensation within his body, spreading from his stomach. From the stomach, it spread towards his limbs, and then to his head. With his very own eyes, Cuuldude watched the wounds he sustained seal up, closing up to thin lines. The blood disappeared, and the strength returned to Cuuldude's limbs.

    Cuuldude, amazed, slowly stood up. "I-I cannot thank you enough for saving my life. I have not much to give, but I am forever debted to you mice." he said." The rats immediately whipped back around, pulling their shades off. "WE ARE NOT MICE. WE. ARE. RATS!" they shrieked, furious. Cuuldude, afraid for his life, turned around, about to run out of the woods. However, a large, muscular body blocked his path.

    The man, grimacing, looked down at Cuuldude. "We. Are. SPARRTTTAAAA!!!" He roared, and a whole legion of Spartans he had previously missed roared as well, thumping their chests. "We will fight the rats with you. AND WIN!!!" he growled, scowling at the rats. The rats were going to have none of it however. They simply pulled out a couple of guns, flipping on the laser sights. The tri-dot laser points targeted the lead man." The rats cackled evilly, and pulled activated the weapon. A series of ionic bursts sped towards the man, causing him to vaporize instantly.

    Everyone stood still. Cuuldude even leaked a tear. "I didn't want anyone to die on my behalf," he whispered. He was interrupted by a whinny from the skies above. A blue Pegasus, with a rainbow colored mane, came galloping down, towards Cuuldude.

    "Quick! Before they attack! Get on my back. I'll save you!" it exclaimed. Without a second thought, Cuuldude leaped onto the back of the pegasus, and spurred it on. But before the blue pegasus left the ground, it was tackled by a pink pony. The pink pony grinned, excited. "There, I caught you. Now I can make my cupcakes!" it exclaimed. The blue pegasus cried out in terror. The pink pony pulled out a set of menacing blades, twirling them deftly in her hooves. The blue pegasus shed a tear, understanding it's life was now over.

    Then out of the blue, a fox came out, a spiteful look on it's face. It let out a small mew, and everyone died.

    [center]-End of Act 2-[/center]

    [center]-End of Cuuldude's story-[/center]


    [center]-Act 1-[/center]

    It was a hot, summer day. The strong sun beat down on Gkardos's neck, droplets of sweat shining in the rays. Gkardos ran on, his mind focused on his goal. Today was the day. It was the day he had been living up until. He continued to run.

    He ran until he rounded a corner of the path. Around the path was a large building. Flowing hills covered in a carpet of long grass surrounded the building. Various species of animals roamed the meadows, enjoying the hot sun. Too excited to pay attention to the animals, Gkardos continued on down the path, until he reached the main doors of the building. To the side was a sign, and on the sign, written "Professor Oak's Laboratory". He pulled the doors open, and sprinted on in.

    The first thing that met him was the blast of cold air from the laboratory, conditioned with powerful air conditioners. Down the corridors he ran, until he came up to the steel doors leading to the very room where Professor Oak would be waiting for him. He burst in through the doors, exclaiming, "Professor Oak! I am finally here!"

    However, the one facing him was not Professor Oak. It was a masked man, with a billowing cape tied around his neck. Dressed in all black, he donned a flat-brimmed gaucho hat. He had two swords at his waist.

    The man strode up to Gkardos, leaning into his face. Confused, and slightly scared, Gkardos backed up a step or two. "Who are you... what did you do to Professor Oak?" he whispered. The man replied with, "Professor Oak has sent me with a message. He says he has been kidnapped. He wants you to rescue him. Here, take this pocket monster and go liberate him! He also gave me this to give to you," the man said, handing over a spherical object and a Spanish guitar.

    Immediately after he had given the parcels to Gkardos, he headed for the exit. "Wait!" Gkardos cried out, his hands full. "What is your name?" he asked. The man paused. Without looking back, he muttered, "I am Zorro." With that, he left through the doors, never to be seen again.

    [center]-End of Act 1-[/center]

    [center]-Act 2-[/center]

    Gkardos pushed the front doors open, heading back out into the hot summer weather. Still bewildered, he shouldered the Spanish guitar and pulled out the red and white ball that Zorro had given him. "Hm... I wonder what is in this," he muttered. His sweaty hands accidentally dropped the ball, and it hit off the ground. A bright flash burst from the ball as Gkardos shielded his eyes. When the light subsided, he looked at the open ball to see a small creature standing besides it. A blue and yellow creature, the creature had wings and a serpent-like body. It peeped at Gkardos like a little chick.

    Gkardos scratched his head in confusion. "Wait. What is this. I expected some crazy thing to come out!!" he exclaimed, frustrated. While he was fuming at himself, one of the more aggressive animals living in the fields crept up behind Gkardos and pounced. Gkardos let out a high-pitched squeal as he felt the heavy clawed paws land on his shoulders, forcing him down.

    Much to his surprise, the little creature flew up, facing the tiger-like creature in the snout. It opened its small mouth. From the small mouth, a large, compressed burst of water shot out, slamming into the creature. The tiger-like creature flew up into the air, flying across the fields. Gkardos watched the creature shrink, flying off into the sky, still squealing.

    "... Nice. I like this one!" Gkardos exclaimed, pumping his fists into the air in excitement. The little monster turned back on him, and touched him with its tail. A massive shock of electricity pulsed through Gkardos, sending him into a bumbling heap. It let out a burp, and went back into the ball.

    Groaning, Gkardos pulled himself off the ground, his body steaming from the shock. Picking up the ball, he put it back into his pocket. Gingerly, he pulled off the guitar from his back and began to play a sad tune, depressed by the fact that his own little monster despised him. But as he held down a chord, the Spanish guitar sprang out of his hands, and began skipping down the path, singing, "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!"

    Gkardos had no choice but to chase after the guitar, surprised. "W-wait! Come back! I need you to play my little tune!" he shouted at the guitar, running towards the skipping guitar. And so Gkardos began his journey solve this puzzling mystery including Professor Oak.

    [center]-End of Act 2-[/center]

    [center]-Act 3-[/center]

    Gkardos had been following the prancing guitar for some hours, yet it showed no signs of stopping. Through forests, over rivers, into the mountains it pranced, with Gkardos struggling to keep up. Although Gkardos was beyond tired, he kept on going.

    As the sun rose over him, and began falling towards the western horizon, Gkardos was confused. He had stopped to wipe the sweat off his brow for a moment, when he suddenly lost sight of the guitar. To make matters worse, the path split into two direction. "Well, isn't this great. I chase an animated guitar for hours on end, to get lost at a fork in the road," he grumbled to himself.

    Taking a guess, Gkardos took the right fork. He did not know that the guitar had headed down the left path.

    The sun was now setting over the horizon, and the sky was turning purple. Gkardos, feeling defeated, trudged on with his head down. It wasn't until he was literally at the front steps of the castle when he realized there was something blocking his path. Looking up, in front of him was a castle. Yet something about the castle set him off. He stood there, brows furrowed as he tried to figure out what was wrong with it. It took him five minutes to realize that the castle was upside down.

    The castle was built of large, grey stones, neatly placed on top of each other. A multitude of towers poked into the ground, with the walls suspended in the air. Water streamed down to the ground, finding its way into the cracks of the earth from the fountains placed throughout the grounds of the castle.

    He took a couple steps back, startled. "What the... how is this possible?" he wondered aloud. A shriek echoed behind him. He whipped around to see what it was. A large, mechanical banana swooped down on large, red wings. Before Gkardos could dodge it, it plucked him off the ground with its pink, gecko-like hands and lifted him off, towards the spire that protruded from the top of the upside-down castle.

    [center]-End of Act 3-[/center]

    [center]-Opeth / SpitefulFox-[/center]

    [center]-Act 1-[/center]

    Opeth stared over the water, watching the evening sun set. The cool, ocean breeze blew through his long hair. He slowly walked down the long stretch of sand, admiring the wonderful evening. He sighed. "I wish I had someone to spend this time with," he said to himself remorsefully.

    From atop a cliff jutting out into the ocean, a lone figure watched the man walk down the beach. The cold, harsh gales buffeted him from every side, yet he stood firm. His name was SpitefulFox. He continued to watch the man walk, until he was almost at the cliff. SpitefulFox then dived gracefully over the edge of the cliff, the winds screaming around him, into the water. He barely made a splash, and the icy cold waters did not even make him shiver.

    Opeth watched with horror, then with awe, as the stranger dived from the cliff above over him in a graceful dive. SpitefulFox walked out of the water, his eyes intent on Opeth.

    Opeth continued to watch the man, confused. "Er, do I know you?" he called out timidly.

    "No, you don't," SpitefulFox replied. He continued to walk until his was merely a foot's distance away from Opeth. They looked into each other's eyes. Without thinking, Opeth blurted, "Would you like to walk with me?" SpitefulFox simply nodded. Opeth, a bit unsure, turned around and began to walk, his feet sinking into the damp sand. SpitefulFox walked alongside him, matching his footsteps.

    [center]-End of Act 1-[/center]

    [center]-Act 2-[/center]

    They silently walked down the beach, the soft lull of the waves hitting the sandy beach soothing their ears. The sun had set, and the sky was now a dark purple. They slowly continued to walk, enjoying each other's presence. They neared a treeline. A forest sprawled out in front of them, they looked at each other in silence, able to understand what the other was thinking.

    Before Opeth could stop him, SpitefulFox sprinted on ahead, breaking away from Opeth. The trees swallowed him up as he ran into the forest. "Wait up!" Opeth call out, chasing after SpitefulFox. Giggling, Opeth chased SpitefulFox through the trees, weaving in between the thick tree trunks.

    Opeth lost sight of SpitefulFox as he rounded a particularly large tree trunk. Opeth paused, leaning against the trunk. "SpitefulFox? Where did you go off to? Don't leave me alone here..." he shouted out, his voice echoing in the silent forest. A few leaves rustled overhead. Opeth did not have time to react as SpitefulFox dropped down from above.

    With both arms on either side of Opeth, SpitefulFox trapped Opeth on the tree trunk. He stared deep into Opeth's eyes, and muttered, "Got you." Opeth blushed, not able to match SpitefulFox's gaze. They just stood there, their breaths mingling, until SpitefulFox stepped back. Beckoning towards Opeth, he said, "Follow me. I'll show you what I found."

    Opeth followed close behind SpitefulFox as he stepped over protruding roots, heading straight in one direction. Opeth gasped as he saw the sight in front of him. A lone bungalow stood in the forest, built next to a large oak. "It's ours now. It was abandoned here in the forest. We can live here," SpitefulFox said, walking up to the bungalow. Opeth smiled with glee.

    [center]-End of Act 2-[/center]

    [center]-Act 3-[/center]

    Opeth woke up at the chirps of the birds outside. Sitting up on the bed, he squinted as the morning sun filtered through the windows onto his face. Beside him was SpitefulFox, sprawled out on the other side of the bed. Opeth gently leaned over and shook him awake. "Good morning," he whispered in his ear. SpitefulFox stirred, stretching. "Good morning, Opeth," he replied.

    They both got up, out of bed. Opeth let out a little gasp when he saw the mess on the floor. "Wh-what is all this mess, SpitefulFox?" Opeth said. He pointed at the wet clothes tossed the the side, and the white residue all over the floor of the bungalow. It was a thick substance, and it splattered the wooden floor. Opeth lifted his foot, to see that he had stepped in a little bit of it. It was sticky, and it clung to his foot.

    Spiteful turned around while putting on a shirt, glanced at the floor, and said, "Don't you remember? We went racing at night, and then we swam down the river that cut through the forest. When we came back, our clothes were still wet, and we took them off. Then we ate the vanilla ice cream cake that we bought at the store that we raced over towards. Then you threw a little chunk of cake at me. Soon enough, it was an all-out food fight with the cake. Hence the white splats all over the floor and walls." He pointed at the wall Opeth, and sure enough, chunks of cake were still stuck to the wall, the melted ice cream oozing.

    Opeth let out a laugh. "Right. I remember now," he said. He scratched his head, and then said, "Well. I guess we should clean up." SpitefulFox nodded in agreement, and began picking the clothes up off the ground to take outside. Opeth pulled out a rag from a cupboard and began to scrub the floors and walls.

    It was midday when they had finished cleaning up. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Opeth looked over to SpitefulFox, who was drinking a glass of water. When SpitefulFox finished drinking, Opeth spoke up. "Hey. Let's go frolicking in the fields!"

    SpitefulFox's eyes lit up. "Yes! Good idea!" he exclaimed. Running out the door, they ran side by side out of the forest, into the meadows nearby. There the pranced and frolicked in joy, and the woodland creatures joined in, envious of their fun. Deer pranced along with them, blue-jays flitted in between them, and rabbits hopped on behind them.

    And for the rest of the day they played together, frolicking in the vast meadows. The sounds of their happiness echoed across the fields.

    [center]-End of Act 3-[/center]

    [center]-Act 4-[/center]

    Opeth closed the wooden door behind him, and sat down next to SpitefulFox, who was reading a book in silence. Opeth studied SpitefulFox's face for a moment, not speaking a single word. He pulled out a folded letter, and placed it on top of the book SpitefulFox was reading. SpitefulFox looked up at Opeth, and looked back down at the letter. He opened the seal and began to read.

    Frowning, SpitefulFox looked back up at Opeth and said, "What is this? What do you mean you've been drafted? Does this mean you'll have to leave me and join the army?"

    Opeth nodded sadly. "I haven't told this to you before, but I used to be in the army. I fought in quite a few battles, before I retired from my life as a soldier. But it seems like they're bringing back the veterans. It must be a tough war. But that's not the concern. The problem is, I won't be able to see you everyday... and something might happen to me on the battlefield. I might be able to see you again," he replied softly.

    SpitefulFox looked him in the eye, tears beginning to form in his eyes. "But what will I do without you? I can't bear being apart from you for more than an hour!"

    Opeth looked down. "I already have my things packed in the other room. They want me at the call grounds by evening today. Look-” he held SpitefulFox by the shoulders, and turned him towards his direction. “I’ll visit often. I truly will. I won’t ever leave you. So please be patient, and wait for my return,” he said softly.

    SpitefulFox nodded, wiping his eyes. “I’ll be waiting every day for you to come back to me. Please don’t get yourself… killed,” he replied, choking back tears.

    They both got up, and slowly walked towards the door. Opeth went out first, and held the door for SpitefulFox. Outside, they stood there for a couple moments, not knowing what to say. Opeth turned around and hugged SpitefulFox. “I’ll see you soon. Good-bye,” he whispered, and walked off, down the path. SpitefulFox merely stood there, watching Opeth’s figure shrink, until he could not see Opeth. Then sadly, he turned back around and entered the bungalow.

    [center]-End of Act 4-[/center]


    [center]-Act 1-[/center]

    The full moon shone down on the large city, illuminating every street with a soft glow. A prominent bell tower stood in the middle of the town, all the buildings gathered around the tall tower. The ornate hands of the tower pointed towards twelve, signaling the end of the day, and the beginning of the next.

    A mysterious figure stood on a ledge, his silhouette dark. The light coming from the face of the gigantic clock on the bell tower shone around him, giving him an almost angelic appearance. The name of this man was Beltir.

    He leaped down from the ledge, plummeting through the air. As he neared the streets below, he was caught up by something flying past. "Ah, Magic Carpet. Perfect timing," Beltir said loftily, leaning back on the carpet. The carpet shook a bit, continuing to zoom through the air. It turned up, flying through the sky. Through the light clouds it traveled, until it broke through the upper clouds. The full shine of the moon blasted his sight, making him squint.

    He looked up, after his eyesight adjusting to the brightness. What he saw made him raise his eyebrows. A lone man, with a jet pack, was taking potshots at mockingbirds flying through the air. Loading his rifle, he shot down the singing birds one at a time. Beltir shook his head. "Shoot all the bluejays you want, but it's a sin to kill a mockingbird," he muttered. Not once did the fact that birds couldn't fly this high cross his mind.

    Turning his back to the man, Beltir flew down, back down through the clouds. However, something landed on his face. Startled, he let go of the carpet, and its flight went out of control. Beltir managed to pull of what landed on his face, noticing it was a dead pink mockingbird. It flew out of his hands as he struggled to regain control of the carpet. The carpet dived in between two buildings, swooping over the streets. Beltir grimaced, pulling at the carpet. It veered into a telephone pole, sending him flying through a window.

    Shattering the glass, he flew on through, deeper into the building. But what he did not know was that the building was a gateway. Before he knew what was happening, he flew into a rainbow colored doorway, spiraling down the descending tunnel it opened up to.

    Beltir opened his eyes. Rubbing his sore head, he looked around. He was in the middle of a forest. "Ugh... where am I?” he muttered, blinking a couple times. A voice rasped, "You are now in Narnia. Those who enter never escape." Surprised, he looked around, looking for the source of the voice. "Who are you?" he called out, frantic. "You shall see soon enough," the voice replied. Immediately after, two small, orange dwarf-like beings stepped out from behind a bush, waddling towards him. They were humming a tune, speaking undecipherable words. "Oompa? What could that mean..." Beltir muttered, as the two small beings held to each of his hands, leading him back to where the bush was.

    To his amazement, there was a trapdoor behind the bush. One of the small beings opened it, pulling at the metal loop that was welded onto the door. The stepped down into the trapdoor, and Beltir followed.

    They dropped into a dimly lit tunnel, which led on straight ahead. Stooping his head, Beltir followed the small beings down the tunnel. When they reached the end of the tunnel, the tunnel widened out into a large room. Skulls of sorts littered the floor, with various skins decorating the wall. Beltir started sweating, not knowing what he had gotten himself into. A single, hooded figure stood in the middle of the room, standing on top of a mound of bones.

    Beltir walked up to the man, led by the little orange men. The figure pulled off his hood when Beltir stopped in front of him. Beltir cringed, appalled at the man's ugly face. A pasty white face, the man had slits for nostrils. He had no definite nose, and his face and head was hairless. His expression was contorted into a scorn, his all-black eyes staring into Beltir's very soul. He held a stick in his long-nailed hands.

    "G-greetings," Beltir managed to mumble out. The man ignored the greeting, and nodded at the two orange men. The little beings instantly swelled up, becoming like balls. They started rolling, rolling around Beltir and the man once before rolling back out the way they came in, singing the same tune.

    When the darkness of the tunnel enveloped them, the man turned his attention back to Beltir. "I have called you here for a reason, young man," the white-faced man hissed. Beltir cringed, not expecting an easy or nice task. The man continued to talk, cutting straight to the point. "I want you to travel to Candy Mountain," he said, finishing his demand.

    [center]-End of Act 1-[/center]

    [center]-Act 2-[/center]

    Beltir pulled himself out of the hole, dusting his coat off. Looking around, he tried to figure out which way to go, to get to Candy Mountain. He still was a bit confused about the sudden change of events, but he knew that his superior mind would be able to handle it with ease.

    Through the tall trees he walked, along the winding dirt path. The sounds of various creatures echoed through the woods. Beltir could make out conversations some were having. Ignoring the chattering, he continued on, determined to finish what was asked of him.

    As the sun began to fall, inching closer to the horizon, Beltir slowed down. In front of him was a massive cliff face, split into two. The path continued on through the crack, barely wide enough for a person to walk through. As he squinted to see into the black crack, an arrow whizzed by his head. Beltir jumped in surprised, and dived out of the way. At the top of the cliff, a horde of orcs lined the edge. They were all shapes and sizes, carrying crude, viscous instruments of destruction. And they all seemed to be focused on Beltir.

    Beltir let out a small chuckle, and pulled himself back up. Adjusting his coat, he pulled out a small, water gun-like gun from his sleeve. Pointing it in the general direction of the horde, he pulled the blue plastic trigger. A massive blast of fiery hell exploded from the nozzle, arcing towards the cliff face. Before the orcs realized what was happening, the inferno smashed into the rock. A bright flash burst, and faded. When Beltir looked back up, there was nothing left. The cliff was gone. A massive crater replaced it, a giant cloud of debris in the form of a mushroom pluming up.

    Holstering the water gun, Beltir whipped out a pair of shades, donned them, and sauntered towards the crater. Seeing how he would get his feet unnecessarily dirty by walking through the black soot, he snapped his fingers. Immediately his shoes started glowing, humming to life. Bit by bit, he slowly rose, floating up. He leaned forward, and he began gliding through the air, over the crater. As he passed by a flock of geese, they turned to stare at him, gawking at him. He glanced over, returning the stares. His sheer gaze stopped them in midflight, and they plummeted to the ground, paralyzed.

    Once Beltir had cleared the crater, he slowly floated down at the other end of the crater, touching down lightly. His shoes stopped glowing, and he continued to walk down the path, his hands in his coat pockets. A vividly colored mountain peeked over the forest up ahead.

    [center]-End of Act 2-[/center]


    [center]-Act 1-[/center]

    The cloudless skies above shimmered with a brilliant glow, the countless stars blanketing the space above. With no lights or clouds to mask the shining points, the stars shone to their fullest. But all the stars seemed to revolve around the full moon, whose pale face looked down upon the land.

    Jesonomi sighed, gazing up at the vast skies. "Oh, how I wish to be able to fly through the stars, in space," he muttered to himself. He absentmindedly kicked a small rock down down the hill he was sitting on. Jesonomi was surprised by the sound of a yelp after kicking the pebble over the edge. He crawled over to the ledge, only to see a small blue figure rubbing its head. Jesonomi quickly jumped over the ledge, landing next to small, doll-like being.

    Leaning over Jesonomi said, "Oh. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you with the rock. Here, let me help you up. He held the small thing by the scruff and set him upright on the ground. Taking a better look at it, Jesonomi notices the red cap and comical expression it had on its face. Its hands and feet were disproportional to its small body. Well what can I say, Jesonomi thought, Heck, I'm half shark. Jesonomi awkwardly cleared his throat and said, "Well nice to meet you. My name is Jesonomi. What's your name?" The small being looked up at him and piped, "My name is Hank and I'm a smurp." Dumbfounded, Jesonomi gawked at the smurp, not knowing what a smurp was.

    It suddenly grabbed Jesonomi's pant leg and tugged him towards a direction. "Follow me! I'll show you my spaceship. I came from space!" it exclaimed. Confused, Jesonomi blindly followed the smurp. Traveling around a series of hilly bends, the two eventually entered a wooded area. Various fruits hung from overhanging branches, including carrots and potatoes.

    After trekking through the woods for a good couple of minutes, Jesonomi and the Smurp reached a clearing. What Jesonomi saw blew his mind away. It looked like a giant cupcake stood in the center, accurate down to the very sprinkles on the top. However, unlike all other giant cupcakes, this cupcake had massive thrusters around the perimeter. It also had various portholes built into the walls, with a globe dome at where a cherry would have been.

    A door that Jesonomi had overlooked opened with a hiss. An elephant in a posh top hat came out, with a short, green, old elf-like creature in a robe following behind. "Aha, Hank! We've been waiting for you," the elephant exclaimed. "Brought a new visitor, you have," the green creature murmured. The elephant continued, and said, "My name is Dr. G. Kardos. I am not a real doctor, but I like ice cream, so 'doctor' does suit me well." Placing a monocle on his left eye, he pointed at the green being with his trunk and said, "This is my accomplice. He goes by the name Yoda." Yoda nodded sagely in acknowledgement. Hank clapped with joy. "Now, let's get on inside and head on back to the USS Enterprise!" G. Kardos exclaimed.

    Before Jesonomi could react, all three shoved him into the spaceship, the door closing behind them. Jesonomi shook his head in confusion. Wait. So we're going to get some pizza, right? That's what you were trying to say, right Hank?" He called out to Hank, who was climbing up a ladder to the cockpit. "No, silly. We're going back into space. To a galaxy. Far, far away!" Hank replied with enthusiasm. Jesonomi groaned. "But I forgot to bring my sleeping bag," he moped. Shuffling over to a corner of a ship, he huddled down behind a large box and weeped softly as Hank started up the ship.

    [center]-End of Act 1-[/center]

    [center]-Act 2-[/center]

    Jesonomi sat up, rubbing his bleary eyes. He had fallen asleep for a while, after crying his eyes out. He slowly stood up and looked around. He shuffled up to a port hole and peered out the window. He gasped in shock. Outside was the pitch blackness of space. Jesonomi was really in space. Earth was a distance away, a green, white and blue globe floating in the black abyss.

    Stuttering, he stumbled away from the port hole. "B-b-but I thought that was all a dream..." he muttered. He was startled out of his thoughts as the intercom crackled to life. Hanks voice boomed throughout the cupcake spaceship, saying, "Would everyone please belt down at the nearest station. We are about to engage hyper mode."

    "Wh-" Jesonomi was flung across the air, into the back of the ship, wedged in between two cargo crates. From his position, he could see the stars outside move like streaks, zooming by. His arms flailing, he could only hold back the tears that were welling back up again as the ship continued to fly in hyper mode.

    But as quickly as it started, it stopped, and Jesonomi was flung forwards, flying through the air once more. However, a hatch happened to be open, revealing an oddly colored planet. Jesonomi didn't have time to ponder over this, as he was already sent flying out the hatch. He plummeted down through the air, pink and purple clouds rushing by.

    Closing his eyes, he thought of all the past events. I'm finally going to die, after all that happened, he thought, as the cotton candy scented air swirled around him. The air was winded out of him as he came to a complete halt. Curious, he slowly opened his eyes, and gaped.

    In front of him was a woman dressed in white, carrying a wand. "Oh!" she gasped, caught off-guard at Jesonomi's sudden entrance. Jesonomi had landed in a big pile of cotton-like fluff. He scrambled his way out of the cotton, and awkwardly stood up, smiling weakly at the woman. The woman had voluptuous curves, accentuated by the white gown she was wearing. Jesonomi forced himself to look at her in the eyes, willing himself to not look anywhere else.

    "Err... hello! My name's Jesonomi. I happened to fall out of the sky, and I don't know where I am. Do you know where I am?" he asked, not taking his eyes off of her. He could feel his blood rising to his face.

    "Oh! I am Glinda, the Witch of the South. You're in the Land of Oz! Look beneath you," she said, pointing down at the ground. Jesonomi looked beneath his feet, to see a road paved with yellow bricks. "You're on the yellow brick road. I suggest you follow the road, and go talk to the Wizard of Oz. Just follow the road, and it'll take you there!" she piped. She peered at Jesonomi. "Although, you definitely don't look like anyone from these parts. Where did you come from?" she asked. Jesonomi looked up, his eyes finding their ways back to her face. "Ah. Er... I come from Earth," he responded, stuttering.

    She gave him a puzzled look, obviously not knowing where that was. "Well, I think I better guide you to the Oz. You know what, I'll take you there myself!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together. Twisting around, she immediately started skipping down the road. "Come on!" she called out to Jesonomi over her shoulder, "Let's get going!"

    Jesonomi, confused and still red, followed Glinda closely behind, on the yellow brick road. The blue trees leaned over one side of the road, as if almost looking down on them.

    [center]-End of Act 2-[/center]

    [center]-Quick tip: Cold water usually helps for when you have a headache.-[/center]

    Feedback anyone?

    *Moved from Art & Creativity.

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    You are only creepy if you have a burning desire for some strawberry jam on a piece of bread like so...

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    Quote from PuyoDead

    Well, this be me, Joe:

    And, if it's needed, my number is 513.8two8.5413

    Aww look at your kid in the background. XD
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    I don't even-

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    We like to blow things up in out spare time.

    And yes, I was silly and destroyed the button, rather then clicking it.

    Here is another video of us enjoying the activation of LightWarriorK's weapon unit, Coresmite.

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    I was going to say the first person, Sivri, since she lives in Denmark. Until I saw her status update about a MLP episode...
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    [17:20] <@SpitefulFox> I accidentaly gave a dude 10 point warning for Herobrine. XD
    [17:23] <@Beltir> SpitefulFox: Why are "Accidentally" "Herobrine" and "10 point warning" in the same sentence?
    [17:24] <@SpitefulFox> XD
    [17:24] <@SpitefulFox> I swear, it was an accident.
    [17:24] <@Beltir> I'm not so sure... :tongue.gif:
    [17:24] <@SpitefulFox> I automatically type in 10 points on instinct cuz I handle more bans than actual reports now. XD
    [17:25] <@Beltir> Yeah... I kinda started doing that too.
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    It's self-explanatory.
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