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    In this RP, you and the group of other RPers will be starting an establishment. Starting out as a small village, you will grow it to be a great nation!

    Before we head in, I must warn you that this RP is for those who are well-versed in the English language. Grammatical/Spelling errors are frowned upon. This RP is also for only those who will be dedicated in posting regularly. Posts should be well thought out, more than a line or two, and revised, to make sure mistakes are ironed out.

    This RP will be REALISTIC. Meaning, everything has to make at least a bit of sense. This RP will also have no form of magic, whatsoever. However, inventions can be made, if the inventions are plausible. So, the possibilities are endless.

    When I say realistic, it should resemble nothing like a video game. I mean, when you kill a pork, you don't "obtain" pork chops. You find yourself with a dead pig. And the number of certain items is completely unnecessary. You don't go around carrying 5 irons. You carry around iron ores.

    In this RP, everyone will have different jobs, whether it be a farmer, merchant, soldier, scholar, etc. More professions will be available as the establishment expands. NPCs will be added as civilization grows, to fill up the general population.

    This RP will take place mainly in one spot. Rather than going off to adventures, this RP will be based on building a civilization. However, this does not mean that there will be no explorations.
    Other information:

    -The monsters found in game are replaced with realistic enemies (i.e.: Skeletons are bandits/rogues).
    :tongue.gif: Map of Nearby Landscape :tongue.gif:

    -The red square represents the center of the main town.

    -The scale is somewhat inaccurate.


    --Reserved for the infrastructure outline of the Civilization.


    Within the structure of the establishments, there are different divisions, that run the civilization.

    Military: As stated, runs the military. Controls the standing army. Holds the most "physical" power, for it controls military. When crisis occurs, whether it be natural or human, the military provides relief.

    Construction: Runs the development of the civilization, as in expanding, building, and improving the civilization's physical structure. Basically controls the development of the land.

    Market: Keeps control of the town's market, including imports and exports. Basically all of the commercial industry. Has the potential to be the wealthiest, yet the most unstable, for it relies on the market solely. Merchants. Helps the producers to actually sell their goods, in return for a part of the profit.

    Producer: Responsible for creating products/ services that the Market division sells. Skilled workers, laborers, smiths, etc., all fall into this category.

    Agriculture: Held accountable for keeping the civilization fed. Runs the farms, and ranches. Crucial part of the civilization.

    Entertainment: As stated, holds the responsibility of providing entertainment. One of the more... entertaining divisions.

    Research: Heads the research department, as in the ones who drive advancements. Works together with other divisions, inventing new technologies needed.

    Healthcare: Takes responsibility for all health-related issues. Doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, etc.

    Education: Teachings, studies, and philosophical insights all fall under this category. Scholars, professors. They work in hand with research, and provides the logical and informational backing to everything. Important division, as education is needed for all skilled work and such.

    Political: Tricky division, for it controls all interactions with the outside world, whether it be declaring war against other nations, or suggesting alliances. Also runs internal political matters. Runs the justice system, provides laws, as well as enforcing them, and makes ultimate decisions when concerning internal issues. Works together with other divisions, as well as controlling civilization police/guard.


    :VV: RULES :VV:

    :biggrin.gif: This Role-play is driven by the people and the obnoxious will be ignored. I choose the outcome of some situations. For OOC (Out Of Character), use either "[Out of character]" or "((Out of Character))."

    :Diamond: Use "(explanation)" for explaining or thoughts or quick out of character. Usually, RP is told in third or first person. That means that everything that gets posted is either something your character observes or does. "()" is to explain something in the story that your character has not yet realized but you want your fellow posters to understand. Also, it could be used for interjections, such as (:biggrin.gif:) or (HAAAA THIS IS SO COOL).

    There are rules:
    :Diamond: Out of character must be placed in either [___] or ((___))

    :Diamond: Keep the Role-play running. That's the poster's job to keep it interesting. Keep posting at a good pace, but not too fast. Let others be able to catch up and participate.

    :Diamond: Keep the Story fresh. Keep it interesting and fun. Try not to leave people out.

    :Diamond: No God-modding, making your character know everything going on. They are mortals, not God. They are not omniscient.

    :Diamond: No Ubering, the act of making your character extremely powerful without earning it. No character can be all-powerful.

    :Diamond: Add some drawbacks, it makes it fair and role-playing more interesting.

    :Diamond: In fact, no metagaming, bunny hopping, revenge killing, or god moding.

    :Diamond: Slow Posters will either be left behind or messaged if unreasonably slow. If the story is moving at a fast pace, then they will be left behind and must catch up later. Someone might have to take the liberty to message this person. If they are slowish, then just calm your fingers from typing for a second.

    :Diamond: Time warps are only allowed to be made by me or the mods. If you want a time warp, to pass a certain amount of time, you should only request it if you cannot RP the time to pass.

    :Diamond: Drop Outs will be punished with a rather large weapon. Kidding! Drop Outs should post a final post. All drop outs are welcomed back but must create a new character and probably have someone else who's been staying give them a summary of what has happened.

    :Diamond: Deaths are allowed. Deaths of other characters must be either allowed by me or the dying character. characters whom have died are free to create another character, but they can not be alike.

    :Diamond: Characters should be accepted before starting. I will check them, and if I miss them, feel free to tell me or message me your character form. I will happily tell you what should be changed if they do not meet the regulations.

    :Diamond: Turns are accepted. Any role-player is free to make a huge turn in the story, as this role-play's story is created by the posters. Huge turns should probably be messaged to me so it does not interfere during an important part of the story. Turns are greatly accepted if the story is at a dull point.

    :Diamond: My Commands, as well as the mods, are kinda like law. If we tell you that you should change your character, either reason maturely or just change it. If we say your character dies, then make a new character (this is of course a rare event). And if we think that a certain event is not acceptable, change it.

    :Diamond: All OOC comments pertaining to the advancement of this RP are to be PMed to the affected parties. Do NOT post any OOC comments that may spoil it for others- RPers and readers alike.

    :Diamond: Grammar is a key factor. Please use your punctuation and commas. People with bad grammar will be IMMEDIATELY sent to school.

    :Diamond: Rudeness to a poster that continues will result in the probation of the assailant. After a few strikes, I will determine how many strikes you have depending on what is posted, you will be ignored, banned, or magically transformed into a troll. Have fun under the bridge. :smile.gif:

    :Diamond: Foul Play is determined by other posters and either sent to me or posted in OOC. I will determine what is foul play and characters committing foul play will get a warning and then ignored, banned, or magically transformed into a troll.

    :Diamond: No Quick Kills. Killing anything except probably passive mobs will need more than just the simple slash and kill. Even if the player is a giant, all aggressive mobs will pose a threat. Monsters, as you may all know, are not weak and should at least deserve more than a few sentences for their deaths. Anyone who kills mobs too easily will be horded down and have their brains devoured, blown up, or shish kebabed by a bunch of arrows.

    :Diamond: If you read this, put a ** next to your bio. If it is not there, you will be denied immediately.

    :Diamond: Your posts cannot be just one line long. If it does happen to be one line long, then just add some description to it.

    :Diamond: I strongly recommend third person typing. First person RPing just sounds awkward here, since almost everyone uses third person. It keeps people from confusing the names and characters.

    :Diamond: All posts MUST be more than a line or two longer. Remember, SHOW, don't TELL.

    :Diamond: Note: Characters whom have died are lost forever. The poster may create a new character, though. The new character can not be similar. This includes different traits, looks, names, etc. The race of the character may be the same. Also, you can not come back saying "This is [Name]'s twin."

    :Diamond: Note: If all mods disagree with a decision I make, then they overpower me. They may "veto" whatever I had intended to do.

    Lands and Realms are made as the story progress.

    With that, let's get this RP started. Also, please fill out this small form for information.


    *Accepting SERIOUS applicants only*

    -Send me a PM of your application. Once we discuss it through, I will tell you to post it on the thread, for the others to see.

    -If I do not respond within 2 days, send the application to a moderator for this RP. And then, wait. They should be able to work with you to review your application while I'm away

    Name: (self explanatory. RP name.)
    Age: (RP age.)
    Appearance: (Be creative and descriptive. Describe enough for us to easily visualize character. The more, the better.)
    Attributes: (Describe personality. Also describe what they are good at (Whether it be mentally or physically). This may be changed as the RP progresses.)
    Equipment: (Starting equipment. More will be obtained later. Remember, I hate people who think dressing their characters like hobos make them good starting clothes. Unless the character really is a wandering bum... And the equipment is not restricted to JUST weapons.)
    Bio: (What's your story? How you came around to where we are.)
    Previous RP Experience: (Proof makes it all the better.)
    Add a one-liner, summing up your character at the end. Should include personality point and what they are good at. (Check member's list for examples.)


    If the application does not meet standards, you will not be able to participate. Wait until one of the mods approve you.

    The worst possible character to create would be an all around perfect character. Those are no fun to RP with. Those characters with small quirks and whatnot are much, MUCH more interesting and fun to RP with.

    Have Fun! :smile.gif:
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    Azavain cried out in anger. Where was everyone! He felt something in his pocket- a piece of sweet. I wonder who gave this to me. Shrugging, he found the stable.

    ((I don't feel like going into details of what happens in the stable. So basically, he goes in, finds all sorts of animals, and finds a single griffin. But there was another buyer. He knocks that guy out, hides him in a stall, and buys the griffin. Now he has almost no money left.))

    Azavain walked out of the stable, leading the new griffin by a leather lead. His pocket felt regrettably lighter, but it was worth it. Humming to himself, he fed the griffin a mouse while walking back to where all the supplies were stacked.

    ((Guys, can we seriously regroup? At least the ones who were already in the party when we were entering the dwarven town. I want to get going :smile.gif: ))

    ((oh, and Happy Valentines day. I love you all :smile.gif: ))
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