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    They do, but they would also respawn every now and then if you build this thing in a biome that would spawn wolves.

    It's really the only way I can see it work XD
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    Much simpler than that...

    Wolves and Sheep.

    Wild wolves will attack sheep on their own, making them drop their wool AND killing them.

    Make some sort of a waterfall that leads from the sheep layer to the wolf layer, where sheep will fall and get killed by the wolves. Then, have this water lead to an allocator, which places any wool it collects in a chest on the other side of the wall. The base of the wall would be an allocator, in this case. Doesn't have to be all around, if you plan your water flow right.

    Just make a wooden pressure plate be the trigger, right in front of the allocator. Wool moving downstream would end up on that plate, and get sucked in through the allocator and into the chest on the other side.

    It's a win-win.

    No need to find a skeleton dungeon to farm arrows,
    No need to build dispensers.

    The plus side?

    No waste ressources on getting the wool,
    An actual use for wolves!

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    posted a message on New suggestion! NEEDED! LOOK HERE!
    Aside from the friend list, chat is already IN the game. SMP only, but still, it's in the game.

    I believe it would be complicated to make a chat device useable in singleplayer mode, that lets you chat at will with whoever you want... Why not just play in windowed mode and use some form of Instant Messenger?
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    posted a message on Gates (A small suggesstion)
    It still looks odd though. Doors need hinges to open/close. If there's a wall next to it, it makes sense, if there's nothing, it's very suspicious how that door is even holding up on its own, even more so when you're punching at it.
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    posted a message on Gates (A small suggesstion)
    Actually yes, yes it does.

    If every suggestion was to be put in the vanilla game, rather than made as mods, the game would be so cluttered, a new player would feel lost before all the possibilities and menus and stuff he can do. Especially since there's no real tutorial (aside from those silly achievements).

    That is why mods are created. Also, because Notch and Co. don't have the time to do everything on their own.

    If you absolutely want something in your minecraft game, but know that it's nowhere near about to be added, try looking for a mod that does what you want. If there is one, download and install it, if there isn't, then copy/paste your suggestion over to the "Requests and Ideas for mods" Forum. We don't want none of them here.
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    posted a message on Possible "incinerator" block
    'Possible "incinerator" block.'



    Try this setup...

    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :Lava: [] :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: [] :cobblestone:
    [] [] [] :cobblestone:
    [] :_: [] :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    Lava flows over the edge, and creates a lavafall in column 3. It goes all the way down to the bottom cobblestone layer. It cannot flow the the side due to the halfblock there.

    On the player's side, he cannot hurt himself with the lava, because of the 2 high block clearance being reduced to 1.5 by that halfblock.

    That stone halfblock has a double use. Prevents lava from spilling out, prevents idiots from spilling in.

    Perfect incinerator. Make it 2 or 3 wide, depending on how much lava you have at your disposal to be more convenient if it is to be a "communal" incinerator. Just make sure not to use wood or wool instead of that cobblestone.
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    posted a message on New tools
    You misunderstood me. I was making a joke in that first line, concerning your post (that I quoted). "Something rarer than diamonds".

    The rest was aimed at the OP's Obsidian Hammer. It looks like he wants to use that to "HULK SMASH" around the world. Instantly destroying any and all blocks, at will.

    There's a mod for that. In fact, there's more than one. This doesn't need to make it into the game at all.

    Might as well code in something that, when you craft it (out of 9 blocks of dirt, say), it gives you a special block that, when placed down on the ground, spawns a massive castle with moats, drawbridges, towers, murderholes, a throne room, royal bedchambers and other useful things.

    It's clearly overpowered for the feel of the game, where you're supposed to work to make your own shelter and survive in this harsh cruel world. If you can just press a button and have an inflatable castle, it'd be too easy, it'd be pointless to have any other blocks than dirt. Might as well make it no mountains or caverns while we're at it. Flatgrass, yea, that's where it's at.
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    posted a message on Gates (A small suggesstion)
    How about making it like so?

    [] [] []
    [] [] []
    :|: :Logs^: :|:

    :|: = Fence
    :Logs^: = Door

    So it would cost 2 fence blocks and 1 door to make a fence gate, but I'll bet you anything that people would be paying diamonds just to get a nice-looking fence gate, because these doors are just ridiculous.

    This would look like several fence posts stuck together. Just the posts, glued next to each other, spanning 1 block wide, 1 block high, and 1/4 of a block thick. They would open just like doors (or halfdoors), but would connect to fences on either side of said fence gate. Would be placed just like normal doors. Would be 1.5 blocks high, just like the other fences, so that nothing can get in.
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    posted a message on New tools
    Quote from Cobalt32 »
    Still OP; Obsidian is fairly abundant considering all you need to get it is water and some lava; if you want to make something better than diamonds, make it out of something rarer than diamonds, if at all.

    In that case, let's make tools out of common sense found on these forums. Yea, I went there. Deal with it.

    Look at the 1/8th block banner in my sig. It uses hammers to turn blocks into 1/8th blocks. We can't have this hammer too now, can we?

    Also, if all it does is destroy, what's the point? Just use whatever tool is best suitable. Or hell, your fist if you're patient enough.
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    posted a message on Ideas that do not seem to have been suggested
    Tempering is up for debate. It's definetly been suggested before, but should it be added? I don't know. You could probably only temper metal blades, not diamond. So let's say an Iron Sword would get double its damage when tempered, but lose half of whatever remaining durability it had left, in the process.

    Power tools? No, never.

    Herbalism, I'm all in.

    Smaller versions of tools, check out the extended 2x2 crafting grid mod. I have a banner in my sig.
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    posted a message on The Ultimate Wishlist
    Quote from Luffydabest »
    'Sup, Im Going to be Suggesting some Ideas, that i Feel Minecraft Should have and what those things will do.

    Tables - Decorative use
    Paint - Used to Paint Walls
    Paint Brush - Used to be used to Paint Walls.
    Fence Gates - To look tidy..
    Mirror - using 9 Windows you create 1 Block of a Mirror.. (Mirror Maze?) Help Reflect Light?
    Calender - Changes Days and Months.. helps keep track of Day.. only has Months and Day.
    Smoke Block - Used to help simulate something like a Chimney or a Fake Fire to trick your friends OR even to Smoke out any Mobs =D Smoke Screen Escape ftw! take that Creepers!
    Television - a Block which Flashes Multiple Pictures that you Take with the F2 Button AND or custom pictures of minecraft stuff like ores and sheep and fake adverts and tips!

    Maps - To be able to not get lost, as a bonus you should be able to hang maps up!
    Books - Should be able to Write inside Books!
    Customizable Picture - Draw your OWN Custom Pictures!!
    Bookshelves - Should be able to place Customized Books in shelves!!
    Scarecrow - A Scary looking Figure which stops all Mobs from Spawning Within a 10 Meter Radius! (Darn Pigs trampling my crops)
    Electric Fence - A Redstone Charged Fence which deals more power than a fence and looks nice and tidy.
    Pistons - The Mod of this Needs to be Implemented!!
    Sliding Doors (Size 1 block - Flat like Pressure Plate) - Wooden and Iron, both need mechanical stuff to use.. (can be used as Loft Doors, Trap Doors or even Garages!
    Wardrobe - Can be used to Store and change into Different Skins! you can also put Armor in this!
    Shelves - Wooden Shelves that can be used to showoff items.. it stores only 9 items 3 per shelf. I'd love to showoff my Golden Apple!!
    Glass Cups - Enables you to Drink Milk and Water, Crafted like Bowls but with Glass
    Spear - A Throwing tool which deals alot of damage works better on Animals than it does Monsters..
    Fossils - Ranging from different Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Minecraft Mobs mining these can give you Bone Structures which when placed create a statue.. i want a dinosaur Statue! OR you could craft them into a pile of Bones!!
    Copper/ore- An Iron like Material which lasts longer than iron, Its as im-between the rarity of Gold and Iron smelted into copper brick..
    Copper Tools - Pick, Shovel, Axe ect
    Copper Block - A Block of Strong Copper.
    Coins - Craft Gold, Iron and Copper Coins which can be used as a Currency in Multi-player or as Decoration!
    Sponges - Used to Absorb Water, Bring it back its hard to make Under Water Houses
    Flower Seeds! - Rose and Dandelions Drop seeds some times.. enabling us to grow more flowers!
    Magnetic Ore - When Smelted gives Magnetic Cubes, used to Make Magnets
    Magnetic Rails - Using Magnets enables Mine-tracks to be upside Down!
    Metal Detector - Using Iron, Magnet and Redstone can make a Iron and Copper Detector which is quite useful, when held in hand will buzz if theres iron within only a 10 block Radius from underground, above left or right =D
    Magnetic Block - Powered By Redstone can Attract and Repel Copper Blocks, Iron Blocks and Ores!
    Telescope - Pirates used em why cant we make Telescopes to help get a closer look at our surroundings! Zoom in and out with scroll after right clicking!
    More Nether Ores and Items!
    Photo-camera - SCREW F2 with this Camera i feel Cooler!
    Scooba-Diving Gear - or something along those lines to help with seeing underwater and breathing much Longer!!

    Liquids -
    Oil - Can you struck Oil!? You dont want to fall deep in this New Liquid.. its quicker to die in Oil than in Water.. and a Scoop of a bucketful and you can either use it to power a furnace for 360 Smelts!!! OR You can Smelt the Oil into 32 Oil Slabs which basically make the floor slippery as Ice, oh and another thing.. Oil is Flammable setting it on fire creates a Huge blaze of Lighting Fast Fire!! Oil is Very Rare!! its as Hard to find as a Dungeon! Your lucky to Find/Gain even one Bucket full! oh and the infinite trick doesn't work on this.. =P

    Natural Disasters - We have Lightning.. so..
    Hurricanes - This Extremely Extremely rare occurance is a hilarious site to find it throws all Mobs around the place! although it doesn't Destroy anything it shakes the users screen making it hard to see, and if you walk into it you'll be thrown very far... not too far.. about 12 blocks high and 20 blocks back.. you'll take fall damage.. Hurricanes last 3 minutes.. and only strike in the Afternoon before Night and or in Storms.
    Meteor Showers - This annoying Disaster happens only in Hard Mode, A Shower of giant rocks come Crashing down creating holes and Destroying buildings!! although 1 small meteor does half the damage of a creeper, depending on the size it could do twice the damage of a Creeper or More!! There is Small (not much Damage), Medium(Creeper like Damage), Big(2.5 Creeper like Damage), Moon like!! (Rare but if hit can do 10 Creeper Damage!!!!)

    Tree & Coral Mod should be Added!!!!

    Foods -
    Banana's - from Banana Tree
    Water Melon
    Sandwich - Meat, Tuna, Lettuce. Cheese
    Gingerbread man

    Mysterious Stuff and Treasures! (Like Dungeons)
    Abandoned Villages
    Crashed UFO'S( Alien Spaceships)

    More Music!! by C418
    Need More CD's to listen too!! 2 Cd's isnt that much!! we need like 12!! =D and they should be rare and hard to find! =)

    Farming Stuff-
    More Farming stuff like Potatoes ect

    Some Mo' Creatures Animals!

    MORE Achievements!!

    I Think thats all my ideas and Suggestions Minecraft Needs for Now! Tell Me what you think.. and dont forget to leave some of your Own suggestions i would love it if Notch or Jeb miraculously Read this and gave me some feedback =D Well.. let your posting begin ^^

    Okay, this is quite the wishlist, but I am willing to tackle it.

    Tables - Sure, got any other purpose than decoration? none? In that case, NO. Also, care to make a recipe on how to craft one?

    Paint - See tables.
    Paint Brush - "Used to be used"? Whatever. If Paint isn't going to be implemented, then why the Nether would this?

    Fence Gates - Agreed. Not to look tidy, but to look much better than a silly door.

    Mirror - Physically impossible by the engine. It would require the game to render the world two times, which MAY be doable, but would kill most PCs. Notch definetly doesn't want that to happen, so, NO.

    Calender - Why? I'm pretty sure there's the number of days since creation of the world in the stats. If not, then it should be added. a Calender is totally pointless.

    Smoke Block - Erm, how can a gas be contained in a block? Liquids, it's doable. Gasses? not so much, unless it's an airtight sealed container, in which case there's no point. Just put a block of netherrack 4 blocks from the top of your chimney, inside of it. then, light it on fire. There WILL be rising smoke.

    Television - In a medieval setting world? Yea, erm, refer to Tables, and a major NO.

    Maps - will be added in the very next update. Just be patient and read Notch's blog from time to time.

    Books - may be a close runner up after maps are added. I think Notch said something about that...

    Pictures - Eh, there's got to be a way to edit pictures without being in the game. Texture packs tend to change paintings. Try looking there.

    Bookshelves - Well, we already have bookcases... just make halfblocks of those, and tadaah, shelves, filled with books. Ask a modder to do that.

    Scarecrow - Torches keep monsters at bay, but draw passive mobs in. Solution; make a pitfall around your torches and pigs, cows, sheep and chicken will fall in it, ready for slaughter. As far as your farm goes, learn to use fences. You suggested a fence gate, so obviously you know about fences. Use those. Nothing should be able to jump over your fences if you're doing it right. Make sure that there's no grass within your farmland, place torches around it, and nothing will ever spawn and trample your crops again (maybe except you). Spiders have been edited so that they can't trample and destroy crops anymore.

    Electric Fence - "Deal more power than a fence"? What in the Nether are you talking about? A wooden fence deals no power to begin with. If you mean that, on collision, any mob, including you, should take damage and knockback from fences, it'll be a pain in the blocky **** to navigate properly next to those fences without getting shocked. What if a mob pushes you against it? Yea, not happening. And still, no Notchdamned recipes.

    Pistons - They are to be added, as readable on Notch's blog. It will take time, but they will be added.

    Sliding Doors - Okay genius, explain how you will decide which way it'll slide. Also, explain WHERE it'll slide. If it's full of blocks, there's no way it can slide, as there'd be no place to. Nice try though.

    Wardrobe - Eh, you can already change your skin. You'll have to relog anyways to see the changes even if you do so in-game. You would anyways, for others to see it. So might as well just change it the way it is changeable now.

    Shelves - Nobody cares about your golden apple. FYI, you got that idea from a mod. Go get the mod.

    Glass Cups - Errr, okay? But you didn't even specify what Water and Milk DOES when you drink it. Flesh it out, will ya?

    Spear - Suggested to death. Not sure how it works better on animals than monsters, really. If you throw it with X force, the target, be it a pig or a zombiepig, should receive it with the same force and thus get the same amount of damage.

    Fossils - We already have bones... And, nobody stops you from building a dinosaur statue with wool. Use white for the bones, and light gray for some shadows/joints/outlines.

    Copper - lasting longer than iron? You sir need to understand how metals work. We currently have enough minerals. Copper isn't a requirement.

    Copper Tools - If Copper is implemented, this is a no brainer.
    Copper Block - If Copper is implemented, this is also a no brainer.

    Coins - Decoration? How? But yes, it could be used as a currency, as that is what we have used in the past in real life. However, there are already mods out there that do that, I'm sure. Go get those.

    Sponges - Then... don't make underwater houses? They're not required.

    Flower Seeds - I agree. But they should only give these seeds when you till a block of grass that the flower is planted on, or any of the 4 adjacent ones. Either none (75%) or 1 (25%). Still needs to be planted in wet tilled soil. will take some time to grow, but when it does, it can be harvested again.

    Magnets - Could be hard to implement. Not even sure how it would be done...

    Telescope - I believe you mean a Spyglass, sir. And yes, it could be done, but what for? If you're already at render distance far, what is it going to give you, other than a zoomed in view of where you're pointing the thing? Nothing. Not all that useful if you ask me.

    Nether Ores/Items - Nether is still relatively recent. Give Notch some time, or at least come up with ideas, instead of just saying "I want more nether stuff". Come up with precise ideas of what should be added to the Nether.

    Oil - I like the idea of oil, but not yours. "Oil Slab"? What? I believe the term would be oil puddle, or slick. And, what other purposes, aside from furnace fuel, and slippery floors, would this give? Anything? Please figure something out. There is potential with this.

    Hurricanes - There's no wind. And, how in the Nether is a Hurricane supposed to know what time it is? It doesn't care about time, and it doesn't care about your tiny wooden shed. Both are irrelevant to Hurricanes, and trees WILL lose their leaf blocks. Plus, erm, I don't think it would be "hilarious" if it blew a creeper up on your open roof, or through a large window, and let it come into your house. It'd blow up from the inside, and you'd lose a lot of work. Alos, not so hilarious for those who have been victims of hurricanes, and there have been a lot.

    Meteor Showers - Moon-like? Doing only 10x creeper damage? Laughable. Moon-like would destroy a 1000x1000 chunks of terrain, if not more. Say goodbye to whatever you had on those chunks, including any underground mining spot. The only safe haven, would be under the layer of bedrock, or in the Nether.

    Tree & Coral - I dunno about Coral, but I know that we have trees. I don't know this mod. But some life in the water, other than octopi, isn't a bad idea.

    Bananas - Okay, what do you do with those? Eat them? Okay, how much health regen?
    Water Melon - See Bananas
    Orange - See Bananas
    Butter - See Bananas (Also, heart attack, so you LOSE health if you eat it. And, butter is processed, how do you plan to get that from nature?)
    Cheese - See Butter
    Lettuce - See Bananas
    Sandwich - See Bananas
    Pie - See Bananas (Also, where's your recipe? You gave one for the sandwich, but not for this? Do you think they grow on trees or something?)
    Gingerbread man - See Pie
    Chocolate - See Pie (Well, okay, this sort of grows on trees, but it still needs to be processed)
    Spaghetti - See Pie

    Mysterious Stuff & Treasures - There's the Ruins Mod, in which you can even make your own ruins to spawn in your world. Go get it.

    More Music: They ARE rare and hard to find. Get a skeleton to finish off a creeper or find in a dungeon chest. There's no way to craft them. I'd call that rare/hard to find. We don't really need much more, though a bit of variety can't hurt.

    More Farming Stuff like potatoes - Why didn't you add that under "food" you noob? Also, see Bananas.

    Some Mo' Creatures Animals - Why not all of them? This IS a mod that deserves to be added to vanilla minecraft, albeit, slightly tweaked.

    More Achievements - They're said they'd add more as they make more updates. Give it time.

    Notch/Jeb giving you feedback on this - Don't get your hopes up kid.
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    posted a message on New Tame Wolf Ideas
    Quote from Bill003 »
    Just trying to come up with more things for the wolve to do.
    the dog cart idea came about because I'm not really into the minecart aspect yet.

    Well obviously, that's not working out for you. The "trying to come up with more things" part.

    I agree that they should have a drop. Every other mob does, except this one. What gives? I know it's been added only recently, but it must've been planned for a little while. Couldn't he code in something that they'd drop? Wolf Claws/Teeth/Pelts. SOMETHING.

    As for the "dog cart" idea... You're just being selfish. You want that because you don't like the minecarts. Well excuuuuuuuse me, princess. That's how the game is. It's Minecraft, of course there will be minecarts. You don't have to use them if you don't like them, but that doesn't mean that you should force other players to have a duplicate of something just because you don't like the original.

    Plus, that'd just waste Notch & Co's time.
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    posted a message on New Tame Wolf Ideas
    The first idea;

    What would happen if you were to build your house on the surface, and you were 8 blocks above a cavern with monsters in it, yet you can't tell there's a cavern there? Your wolf would constantly growl, and that would get annoying.

    Same thing, but reversed. What if you're in an underground base, 10 blocks from the surface, and night falls? Monsters would spawn up there, and you'll never hear the end of your wolf's growls until morning. It would get annoying FAST.

    Not a good idea after all.

    The second idea;

    We already have mobile chests, in the form of minecarts. And, at least, those won't jump off a cliff, or into lava, if you don't keep an eye on them for 5 seconds.
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    posted a message on Where are our Seige engines and other WMD's?
    Why not ask the same thing of space travel? Surely THAT is the most posted suggestion yet. Anything related to space, that is. So, yes, why are those not in? Tell me that, OP, please, I would like to know your point of view on them.
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    posted a message on Where are our Seige engines and other WMD's?
    Quote from Lex Talionias »
    i was kinda making a point that THIS SUGGESTION HAS BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES.

    i have been playing since alpha, these ****ing catapult suggestions have been about since ****ing alpha. there are so many siege weapon suggestions on this forum i'm pretty sure if i posted one more it would pop up 'congratulations, this it the 1,000,000th time someone has suggested that'.

    So then, you are actually saying that this whole thread is spam? I'm getting an itchy trigger finger. It wants to click my mouse over the report button...
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