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    Skeletons shouldn't be so accurate at long ranges.
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    posted a message on Looking for a crater map i once played.
    A few weeks after multiplayer came out i played on a server which was running a huge crater map, the top was all flat grass and the crater curved in on itself to go back under said grass.

    This is the only pic i have of it:

    Anyone have a link for the download of it, or know of where to get it?
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    posted a message on Remember those white blocks? That wooden planks replaced?
    More of a request than a suggestion, but if you've been playing Minecraft for a while you may remember those white breeze blocks. It was around the time of version 0.0.13a they got replaced by the wooden plank tile. I would really love to see these tiles make a return at some point in a future update.

    If you don't know what tile i mean or have never seen them:
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