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Hello! I’m AIDoLS. I’ve been playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition for almost 3 years now (as of August of 2018), and I’ve been enjoying it! I am in a couple of groups and servers, including Spectrum Studios. My current device is the 2015 iPad Pro 12.9 in. I enjoy building, and I want to keep getting better at it! While I wouldn't consider myself a noob, I don’t think I’m an expert yet. I’m interested in cars, planes, science, and what-not. I love to draw, make videos, animate, play games, and play simulators. I currently have 2 YouTube channels. One for gaming called AIDoLS, and one for creative videos called The Minkers. Anyway, see you around!


I love video games and simulators. I also am interested in cars, planes, science, animation, drawing, and videos. And essentially anything that’s fun.

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