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    AGamers is a classic creative server open to all players wishing to build, make friends, and have fun!

    Once logging in, players are able to build right on the main world, with no hassle to get to where the rest of the guests are building.

    On the server, there are various rules players must follow. They are as follow:

    1. No disrespecting staff or other player. This is probably the most important rule of all!

    2. Do not advertise other servers. This will result in a stern warn, and maybe a kick.

    3. Please do not grief or modify any other player's builds without the owner's consent. If you do, it WILL be found.

    4. Do not beg for ranks, as admins will not listen to you.

    On AGamers, there are various ranks for players and staff.
    They are as follow:

    Advanced builder

    Administrator Personnel

    Because there are so many ranks, this allows new players to have a easy start to building on the server, without having to create huge builds. As players get higher in ranks, it also allows for a great challenge, and there is always something for everyone to be trying to achieve!

    For more information about the server, feel free to visit us at:

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