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    I am a newbie at storywriting. Please give me all your suggestions oyu have to improve the story =)

    Table of contents:

    Act 1: strange events

    Act 1: strange events

    Hello, my name is Adrian and I'm a high school student. I spent nearly a quarter of my time everyday, playing a game called "minecraft". It got me so addicted as everytime I play the game, I would wonder as what would I do if I was in the game, alone. Never again i would want to have this thought.

    It all started one afternoon. After school, like most people do, I rushed home and played minecraft. There was a new patch and everyone was very excited. New trees! New ores! The patch was scheduled at 3.00pm which was only 5 minutes away. Every minecrafter ran to their seats and started counting down. '5,4,3,2,1... PATCH 1.6!' I exploded with joy as I clicked the 'patch' button. What new adventures awaits? I was eager to find out. However, a strange phenomenon occurred. The screen turned blacked. 'It could not be a bug,', I though to myself. Seconds later, something even more incredible happened. A giant head appeared on the screen. It had a black hat on its head which appeared to be a tad oversized. The head started speaking with a low but clear voice.

    "Welcome, fellow minecrafter. My name is Notch I am here to give you all an announcement. What is about to be told will shock many of you, so listen carefully. As all of you had known, Herobrine is not true. Contrary to beliefs, he is really true. However, he is not as the urban legend speaks. He is a new type of virus, called a Humus. What is a Humus? It is a human that was turned into a virus. Therefore, he had all those senses that normal viruses do not have. He is trapped in the world of minecraft by me. However, its astonishing power to reproduce have led to the formation of a city in the map. "Why not delete the world?" you may ask, but the map is hosted in a location where none knows. I could not enter the world, let alone destroy it. Therefore, I would like to offer a chance for all of you who are watching this short video clip. Press the red button below to accept and the blue button to decline. Thank you for listening to this, I hope you all will join me to eradicate this virus." With that, the screen flickered and went back to normal.

    Two unusual buttons appeared on the toolbar and had a timer of 30 seconds on it. Without much hesitation and thought, I clicked the red button. My CPU ran at such a high speed that the noise could be heard outside. In less than a second, a bright flash of light blinded me and I blacked out.
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    Quote from Mrxcal1b3rx »

    I am a respectable 15 year old male student who likes to indulge in the realms of virtual reality. Being accepted into this server with essentially serve as a medium between the laborious and monotonous reality of real life and the wonders of virtual reality. Associating myself with a community of like minded people will no doubt please me beyond a describable extent, and serve to evoke happiness and companionship. I do value the camaraderie and friendly relationships shared by people on the server, and I would like to be a worthy part in the community. I do hope that you would take my request into consideration, and ultimately accept me into your admirable server. Stated below are the answers to the requirements needed.

    In-game name: theonlyasianguy
    Location and Age: Singapore, 15
    Previous bans: None
    Referral: Jumpysnake
    Reason you should you be accepted: Stated Above
    Additional info: None
    Special Key: {HCT15}

    Yours Sincerely,


    Don't worry, fellow singaporean! I am here as well!

    In-game name: JxTom
    Location and Age: Singapore, 16
    Previous bans: none
    Referral: none
    Reason you should you be accepted: Being a minecrafter for 10 months, I've realised the impact of multiplayers. They allow players to indulge into combined worlds rather than a lonely planet with no one else on it. I want to experience the very essense of how players get together and fight for each other. This had always puzzled me. Players in other servers grief each other, while players in faction gameplay servers grief opponent's villages. This is a totally different mindset from the norm.
    I also want to experience co-ordinated warfares and fightings. The introduction had captured my soul and is forcing me to join the server ASAP in order to display my expertises and get new skills.

    Additional info:
    Special Key: {HCJ5}
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    Mind teleporting to the world's edge (31,999,999) and give us screenies of what you see?
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    It seems like normal minecraft mechanics work there. I noticed the flowing water. However, I did see the absence of mobs. Do mbs spawn there too?

    Sure, remind me to drink water if my body fluids drop by 5%.
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    Quote from blastissimo218 »
    Quote from Avacadolord »

    You know that you could display more than 1 image per post, right?

    Oh, what a party pooper you are.
    Its like Einstein giving us a lecture on space-time fabric while standing and you are there screaming 'you know you can take a seat right?'
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    whoa... Stunning! This is.. So.... Incredible!
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    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): JxTom
    Where are you from?: Singapore GMT+8
    Your age?:16
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Yup.
    Did you vote for us? Yup.
    Extra notes?: nothing much.
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    posted a message on The Logical Cube Is Closed Down.
    IGN: JxTom

    I want to join the server because i like faction gameplay.

    i have read the rules and i accept them and will not break them
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    Is it just me or PMs cannot work?
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    Greatly written. Read your pm.
    EDIT: please send me a pm, i dont know why my pm's cannot go through.
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    Don't make fun of us Asians like that, gun. Look around you. There's lots of Asian forumgoers out here. We Asians aren't interested to post anything, therefore not posting and looking like we are inactive. I once created a Singapore server and the people in my server hit more than 2000.(not all at once).
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    Real Name: Sean
    In game Name: JxTom
    Your age: 16
    Country/Timezone: singapore GMT+8
    Why do you want to play here? Sentences please.: I want to experience having lots of people in a faction rather than 1~2 people in a faction to boost gameplay.
    What do you expect of this server? Again, be verbose.: I expect lagless and hardcore pvp.
    What kind of player are you? A builder? Raider? Griefer? There are no wrong answers!: I am a builder and a hardcore redstone user.
    How did you hear about us?: forums
    We value community here. Will you be active on our forums?: Sure.
    What is our TeamSpeak server address, and will you chill with us on it? voice.hakaslak.com (Port 9987, but that's default so you usually don't need it.)
    Do we allow griefing?: yes
    Do we use LWC here?: no
    Did you vote for us on minestatus?: yes
    How many votes do we have now?: 162+ (last itme i checked)
    Will you help the server by voting every 24 hours? Set an alarm!: sure.
    Do we use Factions here?: yes
    Do you accept that you will die a lot?: sure
    Do you whine or get revenge?: get revenge, durr
    Do you understand this server is 100% funded by players (like you), and needs subcribers?: yes
    Do you understand that we will not give you anything, we won't teleport you, we won't teleport your friends, and you will have to /suicide if you get stuck somewhere?: Yup.
    Do you have friends here?: i will soon =D
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    posted a message on ♛♛EMPIRE-CRAFT♛♛[24/7][80SLOTS][ONLINE]
    In Game Name: JxTom
    Time zone: GMT+8
    What faction: decide later
    Do you accept the rules: sure
    Why you wish to join: Well, I am a great builder and a master of traps (no really, not joking). Having a server to test my skills will be great.

    Oh, and :iapprove:
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