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    posted a message on New clan!
    Lets not grammar nazi you =)

    1. Had minecraft for a few months only =(

    2.Didn't understand your question, sorry =(

    3. Becuase this is the first hamachi clan?

    Also, give me your hamachi server's ip and stuff, I really want to play hamachi with other people!

    Here's an image of a server of mine which I did in less than 3 days...
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    posted a message on VANILLA SERVER (SUBMIT INTRO = OBTAIN IP)
    Age: 16
    Location: Asia (don't be racist =)
    InGameName: ACdestinydream
    Why should i let you join?: No hamachi servers are active =(
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    posted a message on Romecraft New Server [Towny 20 Slot PvPvE] (Hamachi needed)
    In Game Name- ACdestinydream
    Age (Don't make up an age, I don't care how old you are)- 16
    What you plan on achieving- I have a great habit of building floating structures =)
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    posted a message on To all the people saying 'It's so cheap buy it yourself"
    Quote from _illusionist »
    if your family is poor and dont have a paypal, here is a good guide to get minecraft

    1. do chores / odd jobs for people
    2. no jobs? just ask for a dollar or two from close friends
    3. Too high of an ego do you? save up by not eating out or anything. it takes almost no time to get $15'ish dollars if you want it relaly bad
    4. give your money to someone you know who has paypal and get them to buy it for you
    5 ???
    6. Profit

    another idea since you're 11

    do something stupid in front of your friends, but say you need a certain amount to do it (dont do anything actually harmful though)

    Also everyone who is saying "OH TEH ARE SUPER POOR, THEY CANT AFFORD A $20 GAME -oh noes-" if they are so poor, why does he have internet or a pc (i know people who cant afford internet, even a computer) he can work some where...any where to get the money, its not that much..he is just lazy

    All you guys need to reflect on yourselves.

    As stated on the OP, the kid have a broken (but repaired by himself) computer given to him by his brother. Next, his parent's salaries are too little to even provide comfortable life for him. He have a very little sum of money left. Ever visited third world countries? You do NOT make money by helping to mow lawns and stuff, its a place where triads and stuff run wild. you expect a 11 year old kid to do these stuff without a care about his life? Try putting yourself in his bloody shoes. This forum is nuts.

    it is every parent's dream to give a child the best. By giving him an internet connection, it is like giving you expensive tuitions every month - it is so freaking expensive. blah blah blah blaah, even if he got that much money, he have totally no way to buy minecraft (unless he took a plane to america). Theres no such thing as debit cards or whatever there. Please, use your brains and think before making these selfless posts.
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    posted a message on DestinyCraft [hamachi][whitelist]
    come on, nobody wana play in this awesome server? =D
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    posted a message on DestinyCraft [hamachi][whitelist]
    Lol, made some huge changes to the server.
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    posted a message on Draton's Survival Multiplayer Server ( Literly Survival )
    Use hamachi and i will join ya =)
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    posted a message on DestinyCraft [hamachi][whitelist]
    :Blue: DESTINYCRAFT :Blue:


    Alright guys, when you see the word 'DestinyCraft', most would have 'building, building and buildings' up in their mind. But fret NOT! This will be a vanilla server (not much add-ons except hMod).

    And here's a picture of what I done for the start base:

    OR a link to see the image better:


    :--+: General Information :--+:

    A vanilla server is an unmodified server, purely on survival.
    All users can /warp. Theres only 6 /warp available. (/warp home, /warp l1~l5)
    /warp l1~l5 is to locate you to a random spot somewhere in a far distance from start base.

    There are 4 types of users available.

    [User] : Users of the server
    [Donator] : Someone who donated to the server
    [Moderator] : The moderators of the server
    [Admin] : The creators of the server

    :SSSS: Rules :SSSS:

    Every server needs rules right? =)
    1. No griefing (durr)
    2. No killing of anyone in the spawn point.
    3. No griefing of other player's buildings. (however, you can loot from them)
    4. To verify that you read the rules, type in 'I love ACdestinydream' when I ask what you like.
    5. Mob spawners and TnTs are banned.

    :Diamond: Whitelist :Diamond:

    In order to be on the whitelist, please answer the following questions:

    Why do you want to be whitelisted:
    What is your time zone (GMT+?):
    What can you bring to the server:
    What do you like:
    Any other information:

    I will give you a pm when you are whitelisted on the hamachi server's user andd sutff.
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    posted a message on New server (Name needed)?/7 (20 slot)
    Quote from Knight_of_Malta »
    Im going to attempt to fix it tomorrow if by some chance i cant im going to atleast get the hamachi server stable

    Oh... Mah... gawd. You dont know how to use hamachi yet you want to host a hamachi server.

    Step 1: Get everyone onto your hamachi server.

    Step 2: Hamachi server's IP = YOUR IP (eg. 5.XX.XX.XX)

    Step 3: Make everyone connect to your server via YOUR IP+:25565 (eg. 5.XX.XX.XX:25565)

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    posted a message on !!!New Server!!! - +Hey0-Cuboid-Flyridgefly-Magic+
    Add me in!

    Name: ACdestinydream
    Age: 16
    what can you bring to this server: creativity and buildings
    would you be interested in pvp: Have fun and kill stuff? Yeah =) and creative pvps too =)
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    posted a message on Lunacraft [24/7, No lags, no mods, hamachi]
    Same thing happened to me too
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