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    So back in the 1.8 days i used to play alot of Tekkit Lite in version 1.4.6. And for a few days ago i wanted to play Tekkit again.

    But then i thord it was a wayyy to old version of minecraft to play in.

    Sooo i took all the mods except the mods that didt get updated anymore.

    But other than that almost every mod form the old modpack in in the new updated 1.12.2 one.

    It comes in a WinRar file with as a bonus PureBdCraft with the custom tekkit textures and a "mods" folder.


    There is 23 mods in the modpack:

    bspkrsCore, Applied Energistics 2, Buildcraft, ChickenChunks, CodeChickenLib, Ender Storage, Energy Converters, Flat Bedrock, Forgelin, Forge Multipart, Industrialcraft 2, Ironchest, Jei, Journeymap, MicdoodleCore, MrTJPCore, ProjectE, ProjectRed Base, ProjectRed Fabrication, ProjectRed Integration, ProjectRed World, TreeCapitator, WR-CBE,

    Hope you have fun with the modpack :D

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