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    posted a message on 18+ vanilla hard difficulty realm

    1. IGN: Tom_Surge
    2. Age: 19
    3. Location: USA
    4. What you like doing: Making castles or new redstone structures
    5. Reason for joining: To meet new people!

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    posted a message on Java realm looking for more players

    IGN: Tom_Surge

    Age: 19

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    posted a message on 18+ i need people

    IGN: Tom_Surge

    Age: 19

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    posted a message on 1.16.3 Realm - Hermitcraft inspired - Hard Mode

    Username: Tom_Surge

    Discord: (optional but preferred): Free#4700

    Favorite thing in MC : I like collaborating with others and building cool new structures.

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    posted a message on DankLands | 1.16 Survival | Looking For Staff | Community Based | Jobs | Custom NPCs, Bosses | Anti Grief | Custom Enchants |
    DankLands 1.16 Survival

    Hey everyone! Welcome to DankLands Survival's recruitment post! We've got a good amount of players already but we're looking for more as always! We have lots of custom features on the server for everyone to enjoy! We have our own Discord server and have lots of content there as well. Our community is extremely friendly and welcoming to new players! The best thing is, we have amazing grief protection so your creations won't be harmed by any trolls. We know you're already excited so...

    Here are some of our custom features:

    Advanced Achievements - A new achievements system that rewards players for completing tasks naturally in game.

    Advanced Enchantments - Over 190+ new enchantments and millions of combinations. Completely overhauled enchanting, tinkering and alchemy system.

    Better Sleeping - Night will be skipped if enough players are sleeping at night. Sleeping players will recieve nice buffs for a short duration the next morning.

    Chest/Inv Sort - No more taking time manually sorting chests and inventory. Easy hotkey access to automatically sort items into categories.

    NPCS - Unique NPCS to deliver special quests, items and provide new shops for players to interact with at spawn.

    Custom GUIs - Over 20+ custom, unique GUIs created by us to make plugin use for players much more seamless.

    MVMMO - Players level up by doing normal actions and unlock special abilities naturally to help them become more powerful. Abilities include Tree Feller, Super Pickaxe, Super Swing and more.

    Heavy antigrief measures - Land claiming, permissions/trust systems which are highly customisable per player to each players liking. Any grief that does happen is rolled back extremely easily and efficiently.

    Auction house/Shop GUI - Barter with other players and sell unique items for money and XP in the auction house. Shop system to quickly sell unwanted items and earn money.

    Dynmap - Live server map showing current active claims, real time mob and player locations.

    Elite Mobs - Mobs that scale along with the players skills, armour and weapons. Levelled mobs become much harder, have special abilities. This also adds custom bosses which require a team to take down. Drop unique and interesting loot. Also interacts with the NPCS at spawn naturally.

    Fishing Overhaul - Fishing now has much more interactivity and competitions for people to compete in. Catching special fish and selling them at tiered prices.

    Jobs - Players can take on jobs to earn money on their preferred actions in the server (fishing, mining, hunting etc...) players can level up their jobs to earn more money from these actions.

    Mob Arenas - Endless hoards of enemies to be taken down in amazing custom arenas anywhere from 4-16 players in most arenas.

    LuckyBlocks - Chance of gaining a "lucky block" from mining, when opened has a surprise inside which helps or hurts the player.

    Special Crates - Rewards for doing harder things in the server. Players recieve keys for being the top in the server for certain things at the month. These crates contain powerful items which only a handful of people have.

    Here are some pictures of our spawn & player creations:

    We're eager to have you play on our server. Here are some relevant links for our server:

    Website: danklands.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/MTCHpcA

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    posted a message on The Tempest | Factions | $500 F Top Cash | 1.8 | Hyperion Flawless Cannoning | Custom Plugins | Printer | Looking for Staff |
    The Tempest Factions

    Hello everyone! My server The Tempest is releasing on July 18th 2020. We're looking for staff, faction leaders, and more! We're offering tours of the server and are expecting 500 players on release. There are lots of rewards to claim for players. We encourage users to join and become familiar before the release of the server. If you are a faction leader, you can create a ticket and claim rewards.

    Here are a couple of The Tempest's notable features:

    * 25 Fan Factions
    * 20 Chunk Buffer Limit
    * 4 Worlds (3000 x 3000)
    * 1 Ally
    * Custom Enchants
    * Upgradable Hoes, Tools
    * Gen Buckets
    * Printer
    * Check out our YouTube Trailer:

    We're also looking for YouTubers and Streamers!

    We're offering $ for people to record/stream on The Tempest! If you're interested, please contact Free#4700.


    Website: thetempest.gg
    Store: store.thetempest.gg


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    posted a message on ⚔️BattleClash⚔️ | 1.8-1.15 | $300 PayPal | Skyblock | Minions | Generators | NON P2W |
    BattleClash Skyblock

    BattleClash Skyblock is releasing this Saturday on May 9, 2020. We are currently looking for island leaders, who can claim bundles and compete for $300 in PayPal payouts. These are the unique server features:
    Minions Levels Generators Custom Enchants Jackpot Island Upgrades, settings & permissions Giveaways

    Play on BattleClash and claim your prize!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/CvCTdvd Store: store.battleclash.co
    We are also looking for staff members! Apply and have a shot of becoming a staff member on BattleClash!
    Several famous YouTubers will also be playing on the server!
    Lord Ownage KaydenPlays 7Sins Calamaty dazzer m0dest Myst Snake! WhatIsTheDill
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    posted a message on 100% Survival Realm

    IGN: FreeTheKiwi

    Age: 23

    What can you contribute to our community?: I like to build redstone creations and make castles

    How long have you been playing MC?: since 2011

    How often do you think you'll be playing on the realm?: often, coronavirus has shut down everything

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    posted a message on New vanilla realm up

    Can't wait to play! My IGN is FreeTheKiwi

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    posted a message on 💎Hunters' Land Realm💎 ⛏️Vanilla, Hermitcraft like experience⛏️ long term and active members needed

    To join the realm, leave a reply with:

    -Your Discord name: FreeTheKiwi#4700

    -Why you wanna play: I want to build redstone creations and castles!

    -How long have you been playing minecraft: Since 2011

    -Previous experience with multiplayer minecraft: I've played realms with my friends and we usually beat the game.

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    discord not working. IGN: AnInnocentPengu

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    posted a message on Homulive survival realm looking for respectful and mature players

    Sounds great! IGN: FreeTheKiwi

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    posted a message on Hosting Minecraft 1.15.2 Realm! Starting fresh!

    Discord invalid

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