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    This seed contains all biomes, has many rivers, and nice mountain formations. It has two extreme mountain biomes, a good sized jungle, forest, plains, and taiga, a small swamp, one mushroom biome connected to the land, a nice exposed Nether world, three villages, and five Mineshafts. An all around perfect seed for Survival.

    The seed is -1763857877073745322

    Tu22 Coordinates:

    Stronghold: -50x 29y 222z
    End Portal: -9x 31y 238z
    Library: -20x 20y 253z

    5 Mineshafts:

    -396x 31y 175z
    364x 11y 363z
    56x 31y 54z
    -385x 42y -253z
    -354x 36y 229z

    3 Villages:

    -4x 64y 86z, Blacksmith chest contains 1 gold ingot and 1 saddle
    -146x 73y -84z, Blacksmith chest contains 1 good horse armor, 1 iron sword, 1 iron pants, 4 irons ingots, 2 apples
    118x 70y -141z, Blacksmith chest contains 1 gold horse armor, 2 iron pants, 1 iron helmet, 3 iron ingots, 3 bread

    Mob Spawners:

    Double spawner spider and skeleton: -116x 56y 116z chest contains 1 good horse armor, 1 iron horse armor, 3 name tags, and more.
    Spider: 14x 23y 237z No chests
    Spider: 418x 19y 270z no chests
    Spider: 87x 26y -170z chest constrains 1 name tag, 2 saddles, and more.
    Zombie: 91x 26y -140z chest contains "13" Music Disc and more.
    Zombie: -63x 33y -184z chest contain "13" music disc, 13 gunpowder, 1 iron horse armor, and more.
    Zombie: -17x 56y -167z chest contains 1 enchanted book (Infinity 1), 1 saddle, and more.
    Zombie: -59x 21y 7z chest contain 2 "13" music discs, 2 "cat" music discs, 1 name tag, 1 saddle, and more.
    Skeleton: -335x 31y 203z no chest


    4 pumpkin seeds: 356x 9y 264z
    4 melon seeds: -385x 42y -252z

    • All the diamond coordinates are from tu13-tu22 so a lot of them are inaccurate:

    (2) 181x 3y 252z
    (2) 356x 9y 264z
    (7) 115x 6y 219z
    (3) 89x 16y 213z
    (4) 51x 15y 147z
    (6) 49x 14y151z
    (6) 1x 8y -39z
    (2) 59x 14y -165z
    (5) 71x 12y -243z
    (4) 39x 12y -322z
    (4) -264x 16y 413z
    (1) -138x 13y 361z
    (6) -123x 12y 376z
    (10) 182x 12y -238z
    (8) 88x 12y 244z
    (3) -260x 12y 358z
    (4) -286x 13y 388z
    (5) -9x 15y -189z
    (4) -159x 14y 332z
    (4) 130x 15y -76z
    (1) 84x 12y -25z
    (4) 87x 12y 47z
    (4) 89x 13y 72z
    (2) 280x 12y 347z
    (3) 243x 13y 382z
    (5) 281x 13y 247z
    (4) 283x 12y 251z
    (5) 283x 12y 228z
    (4) 286x 12y 318z
    (5) 283x 12y 189z
    (1) 277x 12y 137z
    (4) 268x 12y 113z
    (2) 294x 12y 129z
    (4) 291x 12y 79z
    (5) 301x 12y 69z
    (1) 288x 13y -15z
    (4) 208x 15y -57z
    (8) 157x 10y 191z

    (1) 20x 31y 249z
    (2) 385x 18y 225z

    Nether World:

    Blaze Spawners: 117x 56y 43z and 103x 56y 56z
    Nether Wart Farms: 114x 55y 125z and 114x 55y 112z
    3 Random Growing Nether Warts: 134x 62y 64z


    Ravine: -59x 68y -376z
    11 Pumpkins: 101x 72y -365z
    Mushroom Biome: 253x 92y 104z
    Mineshaft chest: -385x 42y -250z contains 1 iron horse armor, 4 melon seeds, and more.
    Mineshaft chest: -401x 43y -218z contains 1 saddle and more.

    The seed is -1763857877073745322

    Yes this seed works on all consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4

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