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    What do you do when you like a girl on your server? You Creep-er

    What minecraft mob will slow down your computer? Render-man
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    posted a message on Alpha Players! (Some Early Beta Too)
    Remember the secret Friday updates?
    the Duping in SMP?
    Not being able to kill pigs from spawners?
    When "X's adventures in minecraft" was the only youtube lets play?
    Remember Hey0's server commands not "bukkit"
    when nobody griefed? everyone played legit and for fun not to ruin peoples stuff?
    when EVERYONE lived in a hole in a mountain?
    When you didnt have to worry about "hunger", you ate when you needed health?
    When stone tools were actually valued?
    The OLD terrain generation?
    Spawning on sand... ALWAYS
    When texture packs were un-heard of

    Yeah... I remember, and miss it so much
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    posted a message on Remember your first minecraft days?
    Remember the neon green grass and tree leaves? and the ugly but always used cobblestone. Or the ladders being able to be 1 space apart? Or spawning in a snow world and saying OMG WTF *deletes world* unlike now when you just walk to a new biome... remember the secret friday updates and ALWAYS building your house in the side of a mountain. When pretty much EVERYONE played legit, there was no singleplayer commands or too many items. Yeah, i remember that.. and miss it so much.
    R.I.P Minecraft Alpha <3
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