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    Are you tired of admins owning 50 block high diamond towers? When they have full diamond armor that they acquired with the few taps of a button? Well here at LegitLand, moderators and admins are under a strict no spawning policy! This has been the deal since June of 2011 when this server went up! Additional information below!

    ================================================================== ==================================================================
    This section will be updated regularly as important information comes.

    7/4/12: Server is running tekkit until 1.3!
    Thats right! Head of Legitland Jfreeze256 has decided to run tekkit until August 1st 2012 when 1.3 is released! You will have to download the launcher first, found HERE, then choose Tekkit for your mod, type the server ip and you're ready to get playing! Have fun!

    6/13/12: Future plans for spawn released!
    The administrators of Legitland have leaked information about the new spawn for the server! It will be significantly larger than the current setup. The spawn will include many helpful, practical buildings. They will serve purpose for both regular players, and new ones; we very well may see some old buildings such as the Contact Place there! Spawn will be designed by Moderator Glowpipe, who has been known to build some of the most elegant buildings on the server. So far, only a handful of players have been confirmed to be helping with the project. They include:

    Glowpipe (Moderator)
    Jfreeze256 (Moderator/Owner)
    3rik16 (Moderator)
    Rampa1ge (Regular player)
    Cpt_wiggles24 (Moderator)

    6/13/12: New map rumors confirmed!
    As of now, Legitland will be resetting its current map for the 1.3 update, but thats not all! The server will be undergoing a huge change when 1.3 comes around. It will transfer from a home computer hosted server, to a dedicated 30-slot server. This shift will be very awkward for current players and may very well upset some since they will be losing they're items. However, this will not be the case! Citizens will be able to stock one single chest full of goodies that they will not want to lose. These items will be transferred onto the new server! This also means that fresh players can begin gathering resources now and still have them when the new server starts!

    ================================================================== ==================================================================


    Things to know


    Jfreeze256 (Server Host)







    ================================================================== ==================================================================

    Server has an official forums!

    Pvp is enabled anywhere outside an official city. Un-privated chests are additional fair game outside cities.

    ================================================================== ==================================================================


    No Hacking or Cheating.

    No Griefing.

    No 1x1 towers.

    No Cobblestone Builds.

    Please Cut Down the Whole Tree! Put "Pudding" at the end of your application

    No Harassing Admins and players alike.

    You cannot build inside towns/cities unless permission is granted to you from the owner of the town/city.

    If you don't log for a time period longer then two weeks, your chests can be claimed, and your buildings may be destroyed. If you do not want this to happen to you, notify an admin if you will be gone for 2+ weeks.

    These are ALL ban-able offenses, so don't break'em! (We will usually give you a second chance and a fair warning)

    ================================================================== ==================================================================


    (We run on Essentials)

    If you are not aware of the commands included in essentials Heres a link!

    Let someone know if you have any questions regarding how to use commands. Don't just ask admins! Everyone on the server would be glad to help you!

    We've also got BuyCraft!

    ================================================================== ==================================================================


    Contact Place:

    Do you need to contact an admin? Well we have been prepared, LegitLand comes fully equipped with a Place of Contact informs you of ways to contact admins!

    N00b Depot:

    Are you a n00b? Do you need supplies that you are just too lazy to get? Well take a trip to the N00B Dep0t! Here we sell beginner supplies at a low/not so low price! We have...

    Wooden tools

    Ye Olde Tradin Post and Sich

    One of the more special buildings located in LegitLand's Espaundre is Ye Olde Tradin Post And Sich. Here you can...

    Buy Day
    Buy Night
    Heal yourself (Hunger as well)
    Hate weather? Love weather? Well you can buy that too!
    Buy Sun
    Buy Rain

    Antique Medallion

    Unobtainable items are sold here for a high price! We have...

    All ores
    Pig spawners
    Stone-slab blocks
    Grass blocks
    Hidden silverfish stone
    Mushroom block

    There's also a ton of other new additions and buildings!

    ================================================================== ==================================================================

    BuyCraft, how does it work?

    BuyCraft is an important aspect of the server because it rewards players for being generous enough to donate. For that 1 or 5 bucks, you get nice things in return.

    Simply type "/buy" in the chat to purchase items. The items will be delivered to you in-game INSTANTLY!!!!
    Currently the only method is PayPal. We could also accept AlertPay and/or OneBip upon request.
    All proceeds go directly to server maintenance. 100%!!!!

    Suggest packages or items you would like to see be sold!
    In the future, we will be able to sell commands as well! Maybe a /secondhome or maybe you'll be able to use /heal once every hour! The possibilities are endless!

    ================================================================== ==================================================================
    But how will thou be allowed within the premises of such magical place? To get into the server is simple:

    In order to whitelist, please fill out this form

    Where you're from:
    Favorite thing about minecraft:
    Least favorite thing about minecraft:
    In Game Name:
    Why you would like to be whitelisted

    ================================================================== ==================================================================

    Some snapshots of the Server!

    Towns and Stuff!

    Other things!

    The Servers Spleef Arena!

    The SnowBall Mayhem Arena!

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    oh wow, this place actually looks pretty cool. I'll check it out!
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    I was really hoping for bow enchantments
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    Im too lazy to decide, so your welcome anyway!
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    Nice vid. I had to read a lot though, try using less text
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    Welcome to the Herd
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    The punch the game in the face button is at the bottom left corner
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    LegitLand is a server that is looking for new players. Everyone is welcome! The Server is up 99.9% of the time! Currently there is about 12 regular players!


    - All admins are under a strict "No Spawning Rule" If they are caught spawning high-value items then they will be stripped of their op op powers
    -Dont freak out if you see an admin doing crazy stuff. We like to mess around and have fun. (We don't mess around too often)
    - The server admins are

    *Jfreeze256 (Owner)
    *3rik16 (Admin)
    *Cpt_Wiggles24 (Recruit)
    *Bazzalisk (Recruit)
    *Gigamess (Recruit)

    Basic Rules:
    -No Griefing if you do it will be undone with a few letters and you will be banned No Exceptions. (See Admin If you were griefed)

    -Don't ask Admins to spawn (We really don't like to cheat ourselves)

    -Please don't leave floating trees everywhere

    -If you don't come back to the server for more than 2 weeks, your stuff will be given away to other players (See admin if you will be gone for more than two weeks but you are planning to come back)

    -No 1x1 towers. They will be destroyed!

    In order to whitelist please answer these simple questions:

    -Where you are from
    -Favorite thing about the game
    -Least favorite thing about the game
    -In game name

    Hope to see you there!

    Server IP:
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    Some people don't allow their mods to be included in compilations
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    Both sound equally alien
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