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    posted a message on Can't anyone make a Chinese Pack?
    I speak Hebrew, and I have a Hebrew pack on my computer, but I have to type Hebrew in the notepad on my computer and then copy/paste if I want it to show up.
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    posted a message on ShowCraft 1.4.2 Creative Server Need Staff!
    IGN: Don't know what that is
    Servers:Thundercraft, Buildcraft,
    Languages:English; some Hebrew (knows a bit and can read it)
    Proper Puncuation:Can have :P
    Skype:Have it on itouch; have a mic on laptop but not skype
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    posted a message on ShowCraft 1.4.4 ClosedBetaTesting
    Added on to my application; ive gotten op and builder; op on my freind's servers, builder on a server ive been on for 14 months and have had a very complicated, up-and-down relationship (working on getting un-IP banned; I probaly got banned 'cause of one of the staff who didnt like me), the servers ive been on have been very vast in what kind of server and quality, I like servers with good communities and sometimes capture the flag servers, which is why I havent gotten staff on so many servers.
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    posted a message on ShowCraft 1.4.4 ClosedBetaTesting
    Quote from PaulThePirate

    Hello! Server is now available! WHITELIST ADDED. Server IP is
    We are running on OFFICIAL. NOT YET ON BUKKIT!

    About Us
    I'm not sure what ShowCraft is about yet until Bukkit comes out for 1.4. But currently it is a creative mode only Large Biome world.

    At the end of each month I, the Owner, and other Staff Members will come to your creation that you would like to have the world see and we will take a picture or do a video walk through of your project!

    How to Join
    All you have to do to get whitelisted is fill out the form below and enter the IP given at the top of this thread in your Minecraft server browser.
    In game name:3Megan3
    Why you want to be whitelisted:I like creative servers; this seems like a promising one, partly because of the white list (not so many greifers). I would also like to apply for mod, I speak english fluently; im learning french and know a bit of hebrew and can read hebrew fluently.
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