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    IGN: CinnamonPringles

    Age: I will be 15 in 11 days

    Country: USA

    Build Style: I'm not a big builder, I just kinda do mountain buildings most the time.

    Why you want to join the community: I want to join the community, because I am looking for a sanctuary of people who all get along, and enjoy each other's company. I like the tight knit communities better, because it is like you know everyone, and if you ever need help, they're there. I also know a member on this server. I hope to be active, and I hope everyone is.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I consider myself funny, and intelligent. I like to read. Most of my friends are internet friends, but that's okay.I apparently seem older than what I really am.

    My friend that I have on the server is Red, and he referred me.

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    friends IGN:


    Skype name:


    I want to be in the gameshow becuase it would be really fun
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