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    I have the same problem on my server too, this issue annoys me, but bukkit staff will most likley update this soon. Ive used bukkit since 1.1!
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    Minecraft Servers: Getting Bukkit on 1.5

    Hey boys and girls, this is mainly aimed at bukkit hosts and how you can get your bukkit server onto 1.5. As you know Craftbukkit's latest build is only 1.4.7 R1.1, but that doesnt mean you have to wait untill the latest build. With spigot you can use a safe build of bukkit and allow members online. This is completley safe considering it was created by bukkit staff member md_5. You want to go on the home page, then goto downloads and download the latest build. Now replace the jar file with your craftbukkit.jar in your server file/folder. Now restart your server. In the bukkit.yml you will see a setting called "snapshot-protocol", this is enabled false by default, enable it to true. Connect on a 1.5 client and youll be on the server you know and love. You cannot use 1.5 items except for nether quartz slabs, I reccomend using craftbukkit when a 1.5 build of it comes out. Thanks for your time.

    Home Page:

    Download page:
    Proof: Check bukkit version and client version

    PM me if you want to see this on my server for proof

    Thanks for your time

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    Hey Im 3Shawnster, I forgot my password and it wont reset it, like many other people would you reset my account? Thank you
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