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    Hello, Everyone!

    I am the owner of a new server called TwistedMC. The server is set up and we are working out some glitches. When we have cleared the server of glitches, we will open to the public. But to start, I need YOU!

    To apply for staff please visit our website.


    Best of luck to all applicants!
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    Quote from aidrubaidrub2»

    Hi! Your build team seems amazing and I really want to join!

    IGN: aidrub

    Age: 11

    Skype: Minion_Brother

    Experience: I was on 2 server build teams and I loved every minute until we finished our huge projects I was no longer needed and turned into a normal player

    Builds: I made a huge RP village before and different spawns that I was surprised I could build!

    Building skill (1-10): It depends what I build but I can build most things so out of 10 I'd say 8/9

    How mature are you (1-10): 9 But I do have an occasional laugh!

    Why should you join?: I have some experience with build teams and want to relive it and join yours! It seems very interesting and enjoyable!

    How active can you be (days a week/hours a day): I have school so from 3:00/4:00pm onwards I'm mostly free! And if needed I will be on.

    Anything Else: I'm also good at getting people/teams into a competition so I'd be good as Event Organizer also!

    My first big design down below.

    Dear aidrubaidrub2,

    Thank you for applying! I have read over your application and would like to congratulate you on being ACCEPTED! I will PM you the server IP within a week.

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    What Do We Do?

    At INVASION Build Team We think that you shouldn't have to pay to have an awesome build team. We build outstanding spawns for both small and big servers for free. Also, we will enter build battles in the future. If a money prize is awarded to the winning team, we will split it all evenly. However outside of of build battles, there is not money income.

    Why are we accepting all the sudden?

    Unfortunately, the INVASION Build Team has been down for a while, causing us to loose a lot of members. We are starting fresh with new players. So hopefully your one of the 9 players we are accepting for builders!

    What are the requirements to join?

    In order to become a builder, you need to be able to build fast and efficiently. You need to produce detailed and awesome builds. After all we are placing awesome! Also, you must be over the age of 10 and under the age of 17. You must have Skype. (WE WILL NOT BE VOICE CHATTING).

    How Do I Join?

    Just fill out the application below. feel free to PM me if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!

    Builder (9)






    Building skill (1-10):

    How mature are you (1-10):

    Why should you join?:

    How active can you be (days a week/hours a day):

    Anything Else:

    Event Coordinator (1)





    How do you plan to get us work and to get us into Build Battles:

    Maturity Level (1-10)

    Why should you be the event coordinator for us:

    Anything Else:

    PLEASE WAIT 4-5 Business days for a reply before submitting another application.

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    Role applying for: Admin

    IGN (in-game name): 3000la

    Age: 10

    Gender: female

    Name: lily

    Previous experience: builder/admin on Small City Craft, Head-Mod on my brothers server, Owner on my server, a bunch of other positions on servers called Minecraft server. I have been admin and Head-Admin before

    What makes you different: I have great communications skills and can be extremely helpful. I also have been trusted on lots of other server that shut down due to not enough funds. I have also run my own server so I can understand what it is like a bit more than others.

    Why are you applying for ___: I love to help out. I love when I can make people smile cause I have helped them. Helping is something that I am very passionate about.

    Why should I pick you: I have a lot of experience and I am a hard worker. I can be very active on the server also.

    Skype: 3000la- banana

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    I am starting a new twitch event where basically whenever we get new people to compete, 7 people face off in a build challenge. Each week, there will be a different theme with a different block pallet. You can only use the blocks from the block palate. Each player chooses one block for the block pallete.

    Wanna build?




    YouTube/twitch optional:

    We also need someone to host the server if you are willing to do this please P.M. me.

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    Yes we all have how will we know

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    Quote from i38_Punk»
    IGN: _ccCCSEASCCcc_


    Skype:Tiernan Chun-Crogan | Live Chat Operator | RazeHosting (hopefully it increases chance since I have a job)

    What role: admin

    if builder, pics: I will still show pics http://prntscr.com/7u47xf and http://prntscr.com/7u48kb these are my best builds

    Experience: I am a very experienced staff member because I have been a co-owner once with O0o_o0O and It was a very popular server, I have been head admin on renegademc andon KingsmanPvP, I have been admin on TitanPvP, admin on Durzan Factions, Ghast Uk I have been admin on, Admin on Hunter craft, mod on Exodiax Craft, Helper on ultima mc which Is quite a popular server, builder on exodiax craft (I started off builder then went to mod), as you can see I am a very versatile staff member because I can be many positions but what suites me best is admin

    Why do you want this role:I want to help this new server because it is a hobbie doing kind deeds in my opinion and I want to have a responsibility. I have high experience rates and highly happy feed back when I have been on those server's. I can get donations quickly by making people like this server very quickly (on s1.ultimamc.net we got 2 people to donate $20 each within less than 1 month), I am very familiar with group manager if you use it and I am okay with permissions ex. I am good at keeping an eye on people if they are doing suspicious things and I do not abuse at all.

    Why should you get this role:Because I think my quality's will help your server with donations ( On one server we got 2 people to donate 40$ in less than a month), Purifying the server of hackers and griefers if there are any once I got 20+ people banned on a server I was not staff on, Giving ideas for the server, I can build ok if you need my help ask me for an image of a spawn I built all by myself, suggesting good plug ins, Being a very helpful person to individuals and groups, spreading word about this server, Obeying what ever the owner says because he is always right unless it is a very biased opinion I might to change it ( I am just being honest :D), following the rules I am sure everyone should, I am very responsible with my work, I am very versatile with my staff ranks because I have been helper 3 times, mod 6 times, admin 5, co-owner once and builder once , I am a very positive person, can keep my cool (rage down) and stop arguments, I do not abuse at all, I am true to my word, I am very familiar with the following plugins: Group manager, Permission EX not so for this plugin but I know it, World edit, Core protect

    Anything else: BYE :D


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    Quote from Rocken4Fish»

    I believe my post was avoided or ignored. I'll post it again..

    IGN: Rocken1

    AGE: 14.

    Skype: Will send you information when gained a response, role and server IP if ready.

    What role: Admin. If not, we can negotiate over being Head-Mod.

    Experience: Many, many servers with strong protection brought me into mind to always keep a server in top condition to maintain all those who destroy or ruin someone's gameplay. I have seen many, many servers that lack of moderation of who is doing what on their server. These people are people who rush themselves, and leave everything leading to security and server functionality. Many use "Bukkit" and shove thousands of popular plugins, causing their server to crash. I've learnt from many servers in staff training, "Never leave a spec out. If so, you're server has no depth in experience." A great moderated and secure server, is always a good server. I've saved 2 and a half years of playing Minecraft, so i'll obviously have high intelligence on what to expect on a high level staff member.

    Why do you want this role: It's a big role, you can get that twice. Admin is a very strong role, and must stick to the pole on which you choose. I loved having those "Goodies" as many servers call it, at a budget of: "Free"! While able to enjoy myself and others around me, i must also be able to maintain situations such as people griefing, insulting, annoying, etc.

    Why should you get this role: In my experience, i also explain why i am fit for this role. It seems more efficient to write your ways on why you should earn your rank based on what you write in your experience.

    Anything else: Not much. I'm very well known to having fun, but that doesn't mean i can't! People who disrespect are punished, yes. But they will be forgiven if they give calm and responsive comments. I can tell you more information when accepted. I'll be sure to keep in touch!


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    Quote from Velderome»

    IGN: Velderome

    AGE: 13

    Skype: bryan.hms

    What role: Admin or any higher

    if builder, pics: N/A

    Experience: I have been classified as Helpers, Moderators, and Admins on many servers. I love to help the community whenever there is a problem. Many of the servers I had staff on, shutdown due to lack or funds for ads and plugins to keep the servers running. I have gotten my first staff about four years ago, and I think that it enough time to show that I am very capable of being staff on well run servers like yours. Yes I have had staff on many servers, being mostly every role including: Builder, T-Mod (recruit), Mod (guard) admin, and Co-owner the only thing I have not to be is owner and Developer.

    Why do you want this role:

    I want to become staff on the server because, I love the feeling to help someone in need, or help with bugs, glitches etc. I also love having that superior feeling over others, because they look up to you and respect you. This server is a great environment for daily Minecrafters. If I got accepted on a spot for the Staff Team, my goals would be already passed and I would feel more confident that I made Staff! I would love to be a big part of a community that is well run, the players are friendly and interesting, the server is great, and even mining! I like to solve problems, and persecute those who break the rules. (I would give warnings before actions are brought upon Admins or Owners, or would post on forums the problem I am currently facing with that user). I learn very fast, and I am very smart. I have been staff on servers for four years now, I think I deserve a chance to show what I got! The reason I want to become staff is because I like the feeling of helping people in the server when they need assistance as well I am a friendly and fair person to everyone. When I was a staff on other servers I was on of most known and liked person on the staff team except for the owner of course but other wise was one of the most liked.

    Why should you get this role:

    I should get this role because I would like to help keep the server running and people happy with the server. By this I mean I will be constantly looking at chat to see if anyone needs help or if people are in a argument. I also would like to be staff because I like to make sure everyone on the server gets their fair judgement due towards their doing. By this meaning I will make sure everyone on the server get a fair trial towards their doing no matter what my personal feeling are toward the person or people. These are the reasons I want to be staff. Another reason I wish to become staff is to further my experience with other servers and their communities and how I plan to do that is by following both server rules as well as any additional rules set for staff and helping the community with questions that do arise or even get involved with the community if its being to build with them if that is allowed. I obey orders and don't stoop down to other people's levels and curse at them. Why don't you read my Staff Application, and tell me how mature you think I am. I also have a vast vocabulary knowledge. I have skype with a working microphone also. I think I can always help out members of the community when needed, and I can help out higher ranks with projects and things they need help on. I think you should pick me to be on the Staff Team because, I think I can help out the community in many ways, varying from helping new players, to helping old players! I can help staff and anyone else. I think I can make the community I better environment for everyone, and a more fun server!

    Anything else:

    I am very unique that I can have a lot of fun messing around but still get the job done. I can make the most and best out of any situation that comes my way. I have great communication skills and I am a very understanding person. Hope you like my application and I also hope I fit to the staff team.

    Thank you for reading,

    Best Regards,


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    Quote from Wr3ck3rs»
    IGN: Wr3ck3rs

    AGE: 10

    Skype: braydondebruyn

    What role: Head-Admin

    if builder, pics: (Not chosen)

    Experience: Owner 2 times head-admin 5 head-mod 6 co-owner 6 mod 10 builder 4 , etc

    Why do you want this role:

    Because i am a experienced owner and staff member i am good at vanilla commands and plugins! i will help anyone out if needed!

    Why should you get this role: Because i have never griefed in my whole adventure of minecraft and never will disobey the owner's commands! It will hurt my feelings if i do!

    Anything else: I am a year 5 student and will never be an stupid person that does stupid things!
    -Sincerely Wr3ck3rs-

    Head-Admin is already taken. Sorry

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    Quote from thuanniiieee»


    IGN: Thuanniiieee

    AGE: 14

    Skype: Piggy Junior

    What role: Admin

    Experience: I have been staff on 3 different servers. The first server was staff on was Randomcraft and it had 40 players slots and about 10 people average per day on the server, I was an Admin in that server but sadly it got hacked somehow and someone banned everyone. The second server was JxxckCraft and it had 30 players slots and about 6 people average online per day, and I was also Head-Admin there, but then the owner decided to stop the server. My last server is ObbyCraft, it had 5 - 10 players slots and about 4 players average online per day. I was a Moderator there. But sadly it got DDOS. I started playing MC in 2014, I have played on Dancraft, MCSG, Badlion and Minplex sometimes. I am a decent PvPer and a good Factions player.

    Why do you want this role: I would like to be staff because I want to help people in the server, I really like to help people and make there experience on the server better. Also I can help with building things or creating cool ideas for the server. I also want to be staff because I want to help the server improve in many different ways.

    Why should you get this role: I could help the server by being active a lot to catch hackers,... I can also help building shops/spawn. I can go and invite people to join the server. I also can help people during the time they are on the server by answering questions, showing them where things are. I think that you should accept me active guy I am a really nice person. I had experience in servers before and I got really positive feedback from my staff mates and players. I also think you should accept me because I can do anything you ask me to do. I can control my temper really well. I am ok at plugin knowledge. And I PROMISE i will never abuse my power.


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    Quote from Raudharya»

    IGN : Arya326

    AGE : 13

    SKYPE : Raudharya

    WHAT ROLE : helper

    EXPERIENCE : i dont even have be a staff on server,if i be a helper on this server,i wanna help the guys who dont know how to use command and etc.

    WHY DO YOU WANT THIS ROLE: because,i wanna help people and make people happy when its help :))

    WHY SHOULD YOU GET THIS ROLE : I very like make people laugh or happy.and if the help very helpful,i very happy.when im playing on the other server,and IDK how to use a command, the helpers help how to use the command.And I'm cery happy with that.And now,I wanna like that,make people happy :D

    Anything else : i think i can help this server :))

    DENIED try putting in a little more effort.ecspecially with spelling

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    What role:Admin

    if builder, pics:

    Experience:ive been admin on 2 servers mod on 3 the all died :( i also own my own server

    Why do you want this role:im trying to find a great community with great people and you look like a great one.

    Why should you get this role:im good at building helping people and great with people im also good with commands/plugins

    Anything else:im also a livestreamer and make videos mature1-10 8


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