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    posted a message on Look at this game! It looks amazing!
    Can you post a video, I don't want to have to go hunting for one.
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    Violence doesn't necessarily mean gore, it also has to do with the impact of weapon use and how realistic combat is. Fable III was rated MA for having strong sexual references. I've played through the whole main story and most of the sidequests, it definitely deserves an MA rating (and I agree, Fable II was a lot better). As for Skyrim, like I said, it's the impact of weapon use and how realistic combat is. Often as a finishing move you get a sword and stab it straight through an enemy, regardless of the level of gore, that's still pretty violent.
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    posted a message on Worst Game Ever Made?
    Quote from Super_Marimo

    Good joke!

    Superman 64! :rolleyes:

    The official worst game ever.
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    posted a message on When will this Skyrim fad die down?
    Give it a few months.
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    posted a message on Look at this game! It looks amazing!
    Looks okay, but do you actually know what popular means? If you have to explain it to us then it is not more popular than Minecraft.
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    posted a message on What is the best game or game series you've ever played?
    After careful consideration I'd say Gears of War. Amazing tactical shoot outs, high-end graphics, memorable characters, some of the most epic set-pieces I've ever seen in any game, good one-liners and a story that works but doesn't over-complicate itself.

    Though I've also got to mention some other great games.
    Elder Scrolls
    Crash Bandicoot (before they added ridable monsters).

    I'm talking about the game series, not individual games.
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    posted a message on Scary moments in video games?
    Quote from UnknownFox

    Partly a reason why I decided not to get the game lol.
    Note to all game developers, not all games need spiders.

    I didn't actually know they where in the game. Though I've played other games with giant spiders, for a while they absolutely terrify me, but eventually I get used to them, maybe same goes for Skyrim.
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    posted a message on Scary moments in video games?
    Giant frostbite spiders in Skyrim. Nothing in games can scare scare me except tarantulas the size of living rooms (I fear I might not be able to finish the main story because of them).
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    posted a message on Why the heck are teachers using Minecraft in school?!
    Quote from Spare__Change

    I'ts ******** just allowing kids to play games when they should be doing work. It's like trying to convince eating candy and ice cream everyday for the rest of your life is a good idea.

    But playing games is the work. Games can easily be made to be educational there's an entire genre for it. And a game like MC with no story or goal could be used to teach just about anything.
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    posted a message on Notch kinda sucks at making bosses
    Quote from darkozzyman

    Go try making a game like minecraft yourself.

    That's besides the point, when you play an absolute sh*t game do you think "well, i can't do any better, so it's okay"? I certainly don't. If someone sells anything the consumer can complain about the quality regardless of whether they could do any better.

    Quote from Qwertyman365

    You know updates will come right?

    After all Jeb is head of Minecraft now.

    That's no excuse. When Bungie made Halo they didn't make it so; when you finish chapter 1 you get a message saying; chapter 2 will be complete in a month. Xbox Live users may download.
    When you release a game as the 'full version' it has to feel complete, anything released later should be side content with no impact on the main game.
    Example; Shivering Isle DLC for Oblivion. Just a new realm containing some completely new stand-alone quests, items and NPCs which didn't have any impact on the main story or current in-game sidequests (aside from new items possibly making it easier).
    If people complain about game it's no going to get better reviews if it's edited (in fact it may get worse reviews, I've seen it happen before). Notch really should have just given himself longer to finish the game, then it would've gotten much better reviews.
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    posted a message on Xbox/PS3 premium minecraft?
    even if you can use a PC/MAC account XBLA/PSN games cost money to download, so it'd make no difference.
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    posted a message on Do you think the Minecraft Edu mod will benefit education?
    Quote from Teadude0987

    no way in hell,its not discipline enough,and its not fair for other schools and who's gonna pay for all that minecraft? imagine $20 for each computer,and what school has that much computers for each child? I say we have to go old school way,we're goin in too much gadgets,babies on ipads,kids on iphones...

    It's called evolution, look it up.

    As for the topic.
    This is a pretty damn obvious fact that no one seems to understand, teachers aren't just going to give kids a computer with MC on it and let them play for an hour, it's @#$%ing obvious that they're going to be playing on a server (with the teacher most likely playing) doing tasks that the teacher gets them to do. Sure, there might be a few kids who just ignore instructions and play Minecraft normally or grief, but the same problem would be encountered in normal learning.

    I'm hearing a lot of posts saying that games can't be educational, my comment to those people. They're called educational games, many schools use them.
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    posted a message on Why the heck are teachers using Minecraft in school?!
    Quote from TheSinfoolGamer

    The only thing I can't see it useful for is handwriting or religion, but you never know.

    Actually a lot of priests have interpreted Minecraft as being based off the Bible, so you could use it to teach religion.

    Quote from Eamonn

    There are many ups and downs to this who scenario.

    I think that its has more downs than ups because it is going to bring alot of munchkins onto our nice little community forum here and burn it to the ground.

    Firstly, this community is already burnt to the ground and secondly, I think many people would agree that teaching kids valuable life skills is much more important than making it slightly less bearable for internet nerds to chat to each other about stuff that doesn't matter (I'm aware that I'm insulting myself here so don't point that out).

    Quote from mrbaggins

    25% outright refusing to "Play that crap with the **** block graphics"
    60% just playing the game and refusing direction
    15% doing a rush-job of whatever task/questions they are asked, then just playing the game
    <1% who diligently do what is requested in the game to an acceptable level

    Except that 25% has the choice of either playing a game with bad graphics or listening to an excruciatingly boring lecture (my math class jumps at the chance to play Mathletics games during class rather than reading a textbook, but wouldn't play at home if they were payed to do so).
    Does this 60% just pointlessly doodle in their textbook and completely ignore what your saying in a lecture? No? Same would apply when teaching with Minecraft.
    I assume that this 15% would do the same when doing a task in a textbook and then doodle away for half an hour.
    Again, I assume only less than 1% of students would apply their knowledge to completing a task when using a textbook.

    My opinion on using Minecraft (and other games) for teaching is that it should be used, but until scientists create a device that implants knowledge into peoples heads so it stays there forever and makes studying obsolete, there will always be a place for standard lecture and textbook lessons (so MinecraftEdu would be really epic, but should be used alongside standard teaching methods).
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    posted a message on Making Survival Last
    Quote from Kwickgamer

    You are kidding right?
    In order to get many of the decorative blocks ingame, you need a diamond pick, and people who like building big structures often use of cobblestone, and having to use stone pickaxes instead of diamond ones to mine stone is a right pain in the ****.

    People who like building big structures often use creative, that's what it's there for.

    Quote from Neospector

    Are you insane? Half of the fun of survival is constructing the best possible thing you can without the aid of infinitely many items or one-hit blocks.
    I've seen people construct huge castles and bridges legitimately, because it's one of the ways to have fun. Survival isn't just "survive", it's "build to survive".

    Furthermore, if survival really only lasts a few hours, then you seriously aren't trying, like at all. This game is only as fun as you make it. If you make the game last a few hours before you get bored and quit, that's your problem, not the game's. If you seriously can find absolutely nothing to do in your world, then I suggest downloading mods, so you can have infinitely many more things to do in the game.

    My whole point is that if you really can't find anything to do in the near infinite world, with the near infinite possibilities, with the near infinite storylines, construction sites, mysterious ruins, huge cliffs, gigantic canyons, and expansive oceans, then you must have some kind of blockage in your brain causing you to lose all sense of logic.

    Are you insane? The other half the the fun of survival is defending a ramshackle house while trying to find the best possible equipment. I strongly agree with Bigscary, most people play survival to to do what it was made for: survive. Also, adding adding new challenges will only increase the fun of trying to find rare blocks to make gigantic castles with.

    Furthermore, many people would agree that survival does only last a few hours before becoming samey, that isn't his problem. This is one of the games MANY problems (I could name various others, but I wont because it might start a flame war).

    My whole point is that most people really can't find anything to do in a near infinite world made up of all the same things, the same mysterious ruins over and over (so that they aren't the least bit mysterious), huge cliffs and gigantic canyons that aren't at all inspiring and expansive oceans with nothing in them then you have a perfectly healthy brain with perfect logic.

    @Bigscary. Some other stuff to add would be more mobs and biomes, and randomly generated structures, rather than procedurally generated ones (so no 2 structures will be the same).
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    posted a message on Anybody know how to draw anime?
    Unless you're japanese it wont be true anime.
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