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    This still doesn't address another important flaw in Wolverine's powers (that even mutant healing can't explain). Where do his claws go when he retracts them? His claws are substantially longer than his palms, so unless he has a portal to a pocket dimension inside his hands, his claws should cut his hands off at the wrist.
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    Quote from Riggzon

    I also watched the (pretty bad) movie, but back then I loved it.

    I re watched the first three movies just recently, it was fun being able to enjoy them for nostalgia while still seeing how bad they were (although the soundtrack was great). On another note: I heard rumors of Bionicle coming back in 2015, and also another movie, can anyone say anything on these?
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    I'm with Cyrusofsky, if it were to return it'd have to change radically. No more Inika/Piraka bodies or generic guns, each series would have to be different and set itself apart. Also the story would need some tweaking, by 2010 it was so convoluted that it began to put off newcomers.
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    How old are you?
    - 15
    From 1-10 how mature are you?
    - Around 7 or 8 (assuming a higher number implies greater maturity).
    Do you think you would be dedicated to the server?
    - Relatively. I'd be on now and then, possibly more depending on the circumstances.
    Do you know what world edit it, are you good with it?
    - No and no.
    Why should we let you be a builder on our server? (3+ Sentences, preferably a paragraph or two)
    - Well, I am already worldpainting the world, I think that's a pretty good qualification, but aside from that I am a pretty good builder. I can build quite large and detailed structures without any help from programs or mods. I'm also quite creative so I'll likely be able to make some interesting things out of what I'm supposed to build (I've added plenty of varied landforms to the world already). That said, I might require a lot of information before building; I'm imaginative, but I can't create something from nothing. Hopefully the world itself will give you a good idea of my skill.
    Do you have skype?
    - Yes.
    Would you eventually want to be a player once the server is complete, or do you plan on solely being a builder?
    - I'd like to try being a player, at least. That may change depending on the experience, but since I'm making the map it only makes sense to give it a go.
    Could you provide us with some sort of evidence of your building skill?
    - I'll get back to you.
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    Quote from Random_Guy_32

    This reminds me of this little brat who wrote that he is bisexual, but would never touch a boy, because it is sin.

    He still could be a bisexual, he's just so afraid of hell that he wont indulge. That's still stupid for other reasons, though.
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    I like the idea of a movie set in the TES world, but a movie based on the games' actual plots would likely be terrible; knowing the movie industry they likely wouldn't 'get' the franchise and make a movie based on the game plots, so I'm not sure whether or not I'd want this.
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    The same reason humans like circular pieces of gold, because society dictates that it can be used exchanged for goods and services. Emeralds are what villagers use, and they aren't going to change their entire society just for one angry foreigner. As for finding emeralds, you know you can sell things at villages, right? And the villagers give you emeralds when you do?
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    Quote from Phantom_Zelon

    What the hell is Sonic sez? I think I understand sonic the hedgehog but what?

    At the end of the Sonic cartoon from the 90s there'd be a brief segment of the show dedicated to teaching an obvious moral. These were called 'Sonic Sez' and at the end of each Sonic would say 'that's no good'.
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    Quote from Eth664

    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure the projects dead, we just don't have the people.. The server is down but I can restart it at the blink of an eye. I've also started trying to scrounge up enough money for UnityPro lately, (It's a coding program if you don't know what it means) And taking classes to try and get better at coding. If I get all of this done, I'll pretty much have to abandon the project to spend all of my time trying to get it done. BUT the chances of that are really slim. I'll PM every member of the project the IP and with the new resource pack maybe I can get my friend to compose like an 8 bit cover to it or something... Anyway, I will make sure everyone gets that IP by the end of the day, and Minihill, I would love to help with your map if this fails... Good luck everyone!

    I'm still willing, however, I don't know how to use editing software so I'll need someone else to lay the groundwork.
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    Recently SteamGuard asked for me to authenticate my Steam account (saying I was using a new computer, despite the fact that I wasn't). I never got the email containing the access code. I've asked about it on SteamSupport and now I have two questions.

    1) SteamSupport needs me to show my CD key as proof of purchase. Does one come with downloading Steam, and if so where on my computer can I find it (I own a Toshiba)?

    2) If I create a new Steam account, will I still be able to play my old games? Now, I know I can't continue from my current save on any games, but will I be able to at least restart the games without having to repurchase them?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Quote from Icemanflip37

    That's kind of like Tyranids from WH40k. Tyranids are unintelligent, very weak, but they come in vast numbers. The Tyranids' sole purpose is to devour all biological material in order to reproduce and evolve. They are controlled by the Hive Mind and they fly through space in a huge cloud of xeno-terror, devouring one planet to the next. Alone, a Tyranid is weak creature, who only knows how to run and eat. Together, Tyranids are thousands of weak creatures, who know how to run and eat. They rely on swarm tactics to win. The best strategy to beat them in the tabletop game is just to back up, circle around and shoot lol.

    Actually, the tyranids' closest analogue in Halo is the Flood.
    Much like the tyranids they're an extragalactic alien species who's only goal is to exterminate all sentient life. Also like tyranids, they're controlled by a single synaptic intelligence, they also use their enemies' biomass to create new creatures to fight for them.
    The hunters, though, really aren't similar to tyranids at all outside of that one aspect; think of the eels that make them up like body cells in any sentient creature: on their own they're practically useless but together they form an incredibly complex life form (and again, Necrons are way more badass).
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    Quote from Icemanflip37

    The Spartan's energy swords might be a match for the Space Marine's Chainsword,

    I have to stop you there. Why would the Spartans be using energy swords? I know they can use them but they're covenant weapons; by the same logic why don't we equip the Space Marines with shuriken rifles and fleshborers?

    Quote from Frog81

    Actually... The Hunters would win! Due to just being a ton of eel thingies coupled together that are mostly mindless on their own but... less smart than a human but still sentient when bundled up together like that they could survive the Halo rings!

    And then the Necrons would awake from hibernation and win, having not been killed by the Halo since their not technically alive and have far greater intelligence, technology and military prowess than hunters.

    On topic: Everyone else has already explained why the Space Marines would easily win.
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    Quote from FlameDrake

    I love there banner-
    "Show jesus how much you love him by likeing us on FACEBOOK"
    (Do they seriously think god cares more about people if they like a group on Facebook? Especially when a lot of people don't even like Facebook? XD)

    Quote from TheKlemms

    I find it hilarious when they hate on online communities and then tell people to like them on one.

    I find it hilarious how people can't understand satire. Seriously, it's a joke, it's been explained numerous times on this thread.
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    Quote from TSTwizby

    Kind of a dumb question... is there any way to deactivate cheats on a map, or something similar? I recently made a somewhat large adventure map, using /tp to get around quickly, and realized towards the end that this would be a bit of a problem.

    Don't bother. Often maps will contain minor issues or the player simply can't solve an obstacle, and it helps them a lot to be able to switch to creative to fix it. Don't worry about cheating either, if the map is good then most people would rather have the opportunity to play it as intended.
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    Quote from Kekilrocks123

    Fortresscraft. How has NO ONE said that yet...

    Possibly because its mechanics and aesthetics are substantially different from Minecraft. It certainly has it's similarities, but I'd hardly call it a rip-off; it took from Minecraft in the same way Minecraft took from Infiniminer.
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