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    Quote from Black_Drath

    It does not attack undead mobs. Skeletons, wither skeletons, zombies, zombie pigmen and other withers will not be targeted.
    The reason the Wither attacks these mobs is because it seems to get a small health boost whenever it kills something.

    That's what the OP said, it attacks anything alive.
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    Quote from x still alive x


    we need to have a rule against people like this.

    We already have one.

    Interesting to see that this thread was rebuilt...
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    Quote from Delthyn

    There was a thread similar to this a while back, discussing the question of: Is Minecraft technological or magical?
    Both. That's not an opinion, it's a hard fact.

    Undead (skeletons/zombies) are magical.
    That's highly subjective, there've been plenty of scientific explanations for undeath.
    Our mobs are not victims of some kind of Necromorph mutation or whatnot,
    ...you sure about that?
    and skeletons were not created by a "virus."
    They could've been. There's no explanation for anything in Minecraft.
    So from a mob perspective, our game is magical.
    Again, that's highly subjective.
    Likewise, redstone is a magic powder, because IRL, kinetic force (pulling a lever) would not activate an electric circuit.
    Again, highly subjective. Redstone could be advanced technology that humans (Steve) don't understand, they just know they work.
    In addition, potion-making and the enchanting of tools is magical.
    WHAT! Potions aren't magic, 90% of them can be made in real life. I don't have any argument for enchantments, they're definitely magic.
    (Did Luke Skywalker run around with a +2 flaming lightsaber of smiting?)
    Star Wars is a fantasy, not a sci-fi just so you know.
    We are essentially cave-men, who become primitive dark age peasants, who can eventually discover magical ways to gain tech-like advantages, that are magical in nature.
    Early guns were actually invented in Medieval times, so that's not an argument.

    Please note: I'm not saying you're wrong, but most of your arguments are. Fusurugi, has also pretty well summed up my stand-point.
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    Quote from toastytoes108

    You can enchant industrial things, they're just less powerful when you enchant them because it would keep it balanced. Un-enchanted industrial things are better than un-enchanted magical things, but when you enchant magical things they become really good. If you could enchant industrial things as much as you could magical things then it would be un-balanced because industrial things would be twice as good (having both the good parts of industrial and magical).

    You've completely missed the point. My question is: why are magic and industry two different 'paths'? It just doesn't make sense to so rigidly seperate them like people are suggesting, when any logical person would tell you to use them in tandem.
    Also, your statement about enchantments makes no sense, as an unenchanted magical item is an industrial item
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    posted a message on The new and the old Minecraft
    Quote from Inurbelly124

    I wish there was a way we could select and deselect all the things they are adding.

    There is, it's called not using it.
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    Quote from toastytoes108

    I see what your saying IRC HACKER, but the idea is industrial things would be harder to enchant. Here's an example, if you made a handle out of steel/iron then it would be harder to enchant then something like a blaze rod. If you built a industrial thing you couldn't enchant it nearly as well, although you could still enchant it.

    And why couldn't you enchant it? Apart from the dumb logic of "Derr maj1c&syence r oposits" there's no logical reason for it to work that way.
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    Quote from Deonyi

    Lol at the above.

    And yes, ostriches are not native to Australia. Koalas are also quite vicious. You should be careful when walking around at night; drop bears might get you...

    Tasmanian Devils live in temperate forests in... Tasmania!

    Eucalyptus trees? Meh.

    Overall, this is a horribly thought out suggestion. Try to plan and do research before doing anything.

    Why thank you. And to the OP, if you don't understand strine, this post pretty much sums up what I was saying.
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    Quote from creepo103

    I will make part of your list invalid now:
    -Name another game (besides Infiniminer) made before May 13,2009 that involves creating stuff with blocks and gathering resources FREELY (in almost every game,you collect resources,but in Minecraft,you gather them FREELY.)
    -In Minecraft you mine FREELY,choosing where,when,and what to mine.
    -In Minecraft,you farm FREELY,choosing where,when,and what to farm. (Technically,you have a given spot where to farm in your given land. But in PC Minecraft you have a metaphorically infinite world. I know it's not really infinite,but it's pretty much like an infinite world.)
    -At least we have a choice to play on survival,creative,hardcore,and adventure modes.
    -Minecraft is based on Infiniminer and RubyDung are the only two games that gave Notch the idea of Minecraft.PROOF:Click this link!

    But still,I know Notch and Mojang have borrowed some ideas from other sources,but a good amount of Minecraft is original.

    No very little of Minecraft is actually original, don't get me wrong, I love Minecraft, but it's really not that original.
    -Firstly, Infiniminer is another game. You saying 'besides Infiniminer' just makes you look like a whiny fanboy, it's like me saying 'name me another game that's similar to CoD (besides Battlefield, Halo, DOOM, Wolfenstien, Medal of Honour, etc). See it just doesn't work.
    -Mining freely? Again, Infiniminer.
    -Farming freely isn't an argument for originality. It's not a big, advertise-able feature, it's just a by-product of this gameplay type.
    -Gamemodes? Really? At least in Fortresscraft we have a choice to play creative, FPS, spleef, etc. But really, that's not an argument, the two use different gameplay types.
    -Just so you know, Spleef is from Blockland/Tron, not Minecraft.
    -Fortresscraft is based off, Infiniminer, Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress. Argument Invalid.
    -Your statement about Creepers is just hilarious, nearly every action game has a kamikaze enemy-type, Minecraft didn't invent them. Same goes for every mob, I'll prove it.
    -Pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and squid are real animals seen in a tonne of games, so they sure aren't original.
    -Zombies? Oh, where have I seen them? Only... everywhere!
    -Skeletons are in nearly every fantasy.
    -Spiders are in nearly every fantasy.
    -Endermen are just Slenderman clones, as 123guy said.
    -Slimes are taken straight from various other fantasies and horror movies.
    -Plant-based infections (mooshrooms) are seen in plenty of post-apocalyptic and sci-fi games. Halo and Gears of War, for example.
    -Anthropomorphic people? Only in every fantasy and space-opera there is.
    -Fire elementals? Again, everywhere.
    -Ghasts are actually fairly unique.
    -The wither is original in terms of design, but not function.
    -Finding artefacts used to open a portal to another world to kill a great beast? Ever played Oblivion?
    -All the other structures are also taken from Real-life.

    P.S. If you know that Minecraft isn't completely original then why are you defending it?
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    G'day mate! I'm an aussie, an' I can tell you sure aint'.
    Quote from 321QUYSON

    So ive been thinking if notch added an outback biome....
    Struth, mate! Learn ya'self some Minecraft history. Notch aint' the dev anymore.
    Red tinted grass...
    Ya' mean sand, mate?
    Kangeroos,koalas,ostriches,and tasmanian devils,
    Struth, that's a lot a' mobs, and some a' them aint even aussie.
    small shallow ponds,
    Eh, sure, mate.
    cat tails, stone sticking out of the ground,
    Sure, again, mate.
    a new type of tree (the one that contains leaves which koalas eat.forgot the name),
    Them eucalyptus, mate.
    Koalas are passive and drop leaves,
    Nah, mate. Them' drop-bears, they are. An' they sure aint' the li'l shielas you're talkin' about.
    kangeroos will attack if provoken,will also drop leather hide,
    Sure, mate.
    same thing with the ostrich but they drop feathers instead. Ostriches will somewhat jump high(not that high).
    Wot' country ya' talkin' about, mate? Cuz' it sure aint' Australia.
    Tasmanian devil will be aggressive and will drop "jagged teeth" and meat. Jagged teath could be a brewing ingrediant or something else...........
    Wait a bloody minute, they dun' live in the outback. 'Least not the one ya' described.
    uh....yeah i guess thats it. feel free to add more ideas
    How's about'chew learn ya'self some aussie history

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    posted a message on Industrial minecraft vs. Enchanting
    And why exactly should magic and science be opposites? In the majority of fantasies the two are used together, why? Because that makes sense, if you have two methods of doing the same thing then the smart thing to do would be to combine them together. So, you'd use technomancy.
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    posted a message on The new and the old Minecraft
    Quote from edian

    Just a reminder: The suggestion is that they make older version available for download. It doesn't matter how many ways around there is, that's the suggestion.

    And the suggestion is both rule-breaking and redundant. Not to mention the way you laid it out (describing non-existing features as making the game bad) brings down the thread even more than the suggestion itself.
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    Quote from ProjectorGames

    He has a valid, if irrelevant point. 99.9% of what you see, play, and hear *is* unoriginal; it's based on the thousands of years of human culture, and tends to vary from previous incarnations by only a tiny degree (point in case, Minecraft has literally zero original features; that doesn't by any means make it BAD)

    However, he's missed the important point; it's the differences between games that are important, not the similarities.

    I know, that's basically what I was saying (except much more in-depth).
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    posted a message on Whats Your opinion Of Fotresscraft
    Quote from creepo103

    It's completely on-topic my goodness.
    QUOTE FROM MYSELF "Video Games-Creator-"Let's just take 90% of this game,change textures,add a little bit of different gameplay.Okay,we're good"

    Thus saying that the creator of Fortresscraft is unoriginal and I'm also saying that most authors,directors/producers,and cideo game creators have 0 imagination.

    And then again my ending was off-topic. I just went on blabbing about stuff...Let me just edit that out.

    Right... Firstly, Fortresscrafts gameplay is completely different, but also, by your logic every game is a rip-off of something else.
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    Let's take a look at it:

    Akavir: No. Three reasons:
    1- We still haven't seen many of the tamrielic provinces in detail yet. The article uses "we'll see it all in Online" as an argument, but the more the size, the less in-depth you get into the culture of each. That's why we need a main game for each province.
    Meh, I can't really say whether I like the idea of Akavir yet. I'm not going to judge until I've seen what kind of depth TESO has, and if it has little, then I'll agree.

    2- Akavir is big, and if we are to get all of it, it means less culture... You know the rest. Unless only a region is featured.
    Well, that depends on how powerful the 8th gen consoles are. My opinion here is the same as Akavir, only time will tell.

    3- Author says "the planet Nirn". **** that.
    I may be wrong here, but isn't Nirn a planet? I mean, it has a horizon, hemispheres and moons orbiting it.

    New Races: Why not Sload? :)
    That could be cool. I assume they'd have good strength and magic skill? Also, Maormer anyone?

    Cooperative play: I must say, I love co-op games. But it just doesn't work. The whole gameplay would need vast alteration to the point it isn't recognizable as part of the series anymore, and the point of being a series is having connection between the games.
    If done right, co-op in TES would be great, but yeah, the chances of that happening a slim.

    Flying Mounts: Are you ****ing with me. That would be both extremely overpowered*, and remove a large part of the exploration factor. Even if it is limited.
    *please don't say "then don't use it", that's a terrible logical fallacy.
    I definitely agree here.

    New Narrative Style: I like the prospect, but the idiot author proposes an equally idiotic execution. "It was good in Mass Effect"... Whaaaa? Let's make an analogy: Boromir was a great character in Lord of the Rings, but does that make him fit for Game of Thrones? No.
    "Cinematic angles", "romantic partner is more important", "complex friendships"... This goes the same. It works for games like Mass Effect, but in games like this all it does is limit both your character and gameplay. Focusing too much on these aspects would only have the same effects it did in Skyrim, but to a much more massive extent: make it an enjoyable sandbox but a subpar Elder Scrolls RPG.
    I wouldn't mind slightly more complex conversations, but I agree that Mass Effect's style probably wouldn't work.

    Now before I get hated on :) I did say the prospect is good.
    Make events more epic? Of course! Oblivion did that with things like Bruma or The Ultimate Heist (to this day one of the most creative and fun quests in gaming), so amplify it for TESVI.
    Impact on game world and NPCs? Of course! If Bethesda followed Obsidian's example in that, the game would turn out great.
    In all, much potential, but this author really did it badly.
    This, however, is something I've always wanted.

    Spellmaking: yes! Never saw why they removed that in Skyrim. But the author remains an idiot when going to executions, despite having good starting projects.
    Scrap soul gems and charging? Hell no, it both affects lore and series connection. "Altering cosmetically each item"... Adds nothing to the game, really. Would, for example, editable sheep give any value to Minecraft?
    I agree, but I think cosmetic channges could still be kind of cool.

    Build-A-Home: sure. Follow Obsidian's example again. But don't exaggerate: making a Sims-like thing really won't become anything big and just lessens the other, important parts of the game. Adding a few tables or cupboards? Yeah. Making a full-on redesign of each home? Unecessary and unvaluable.
    I wouldn't mind something similar to Hearthfire as day-1 content.

    Out To Sea: If there is a sea available and it can be reasonably be used for transport (and for a price). Example: if the game is set in Summerset, it can be a way of travel, but not if it's in a location similar to Cyrodiil where the sea only leads out of the gameworld. Everything depends on geography.
    That was my thinking. If it's in Summerset Isle or Akavir then yes, otherwise no.

    Realistic Guilds: so, like Oblivion? Where the quests required you to use the skills for the guild? Such as sneak for assassins or, you know, THIEVING for thieves. The system of using your skills in the quest makes it more choosy than Skyrim yet less grindy than Morrowind. Of course since magic and combat are interchangeable and there is no way to make something specific for each, maybe have a "use this spell here" thing but without having the tome just nearby. That angered me in the Winterhold missions.
    Yeah, I also had that problem in Skyrim. Seriously, I don't think I used sneak once in the entire game.

    More Combat Variety: this is an example of what should be focused on instead of the "yay let's make a family" thing. Aproved.
    I've always wanted a larger focus on ranged weapons. I don't mean as in AK-47s or RPGs (no pun intended), but maybe some stuff like spears, throwing knives or darts, kind of like in Morrowind. Anyway, yeah, improved (and less dumbed-down) combat would be good.

    In all, thank you for posting this.
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    Quote from zaser9

    It would have a jack-o-lantern for light because you don't want anyone being able to get glowstone that early.

    But why a jack-o-lantern? Who would go to the bottom of the ocean just to put a pumpkin there?
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