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    posted a message on openGL issues
    so i cant get minecraft to run normaly but on a cracked copy it works fine, my intel 945GM dosent support openGL but still on the cracked copy the game works

    i know theres a fix for the openGL issue because I GOT IT TO WORK WITH A CRACKED COPY OF THE GAME, i beleive it works as a crossover to direct 3D or something, i want to know HOW that heppened

    unless you want your reply deleted DO NOT SAY...
    "update graphics drivers" - minecraft works fine, my comp can support it
    "get a new computer" - same reson as the first one, and i dont have the money (its called being poor, try it some time)
    "you need openGL" - no you dont, i got minecraft to work fine with a cracked copy, and my graphics card dose not support openGL
    "error log or it did not happen" - the error log says the same thing it would if you ran it on a system that cant run minecraft
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Taller Worlds, Delicious Foods
    should stalk the realms neather, skylands, and nether like he said, but instead remove the bedrock between the nether and over world so you can dig down to it sense obsidian is bloody hard to get ahold of
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    posted a message on CUSTUM SURVIVAL MAP
    ...thats embarising... i fix it
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    posted a message on Map Tester

    i made this map
    information is on the form link
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    posted a message on [Surv] Time Bomb
    bomb gso off to fast... i was mining out the dock for wood to keep the furnace going and KABOOM!
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    posted a message on looking for maps to test

    download link is in the discription
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    posted a message on CUSTUM SURVIVAL MAP
    this is a long term map that sticks you in a prefabricated bunker fully decked out with supplies, but the outside is infested with zombies and you are not alowd to leave the area you started in E.G. adminium box. there are 2 modes to this

    A.) normal
    spawn in a bunker with supplies boxed into the lcoal area by adminium

    B.) hardcore
    same as normal but the TOP of the box ic covered with adminium to, meaning no day time at all


    no cheating
    no inventory H4X!
    the diagnostics screen is aloud (f3)
    no map editing
    no admin or single player commands
    no god mode
    ect. ect.

    most fun when player on hard
    you are free to build and edit the map as much as you want,


    i might update the hardcore for less supplies but i dont know...

    please. PLEASE. post videos of you playing on the map
    with the video or video series include the fallowing information:
    player names
    multiplayer or single player
    and what map you are playing on (hardcore or normal)
    weather playing ironman mode or not
    if you by chance do use anything to cheat into the map then tell us!



    normal - nighttime to show adminium box

    hardcore - daytime adminium box veiw



    FIXED - dl was broken... i fixed it, theres an actuol save file this time

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